Summary: Embed mp3's with the playtagger
Version: 2012-04-04
Prerequisites: none
Status: stable
Maintainer: overtones99
Categories: Media, Audio

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How can I embed mp3's on a webpage using the [semi-defunct] playtagger?


The Delicious playtagger [originally maintained by] was and still is a very simple way to embed mp3's into a webpage so that they're instantly playable. This code as been updated so that the playtagger will still work, even though Delicious no longer supports it.

*Please note that the playtagger still works!*
At some point in 2011, the Delicious playtagger stopped working, likely due to Yahoo's purge of the social bookmarking company, Since then some folks have come along and rolled their own version of the very handy playtagger.

By adding this recipe and the accompanying files to your PmWiki installation, any regular link to an mp3 will automatically appear with a blue play-/stop-button preceding it. These buttons can also be re-designed to your liking using a program like Gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop, or Illustrator.

This recipe involves javascript that then accesses a Flash .swf audio player.

Working Example / Demo


Note: For those who may have been using the first version of this recipe (prior to 2012-04-04), you will need to clear out any old playtagger files (except any custom play and stop buttons you made), and then install the following files.

1. download playtagger_mod.zipΔ, then unzip and move the playtagger_mod directory to /pmwiki/pub/

		-> play.gif
		-> stop.gif
		-> playtagger.swf

2. add the playtagger.modified.phpΔ recipe to /pmwiki/cookbook/

3. the following code should then be included in your PmWiki config.php:

	$PubDirUrl = "http://YOURDOMAIN.COM/pmwiki/pub";

After adding this code, any link to an mp3 will automatically appear with a blue-play-button preceding it. Any of the following bits of code will be transformed:  (an mp3 from an external site)
     Attach:recording.mp3  (an mp3 uploaded to your group)
     [[Attach:recording.mp3 | link to my mp3]]  (again, but with text link)


Special thanks to Improbulus ( who's original code wrested the playtagger from the cold dying grip of

... And thanks to Barrett Golding (BG) who fixed Improbulus's code in 2011:

Release Notes

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See discussion at DeliciousPlaytagger-Talk

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