Summary: Automatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file
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Is there an easy way to automatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file?


The backup_pages.phpΔ script adds an "?action=backup" which can be used to backup the wiki.d directory and subdirectory too. You can configure the directory to save backups, the backup format and, at the end of creation of backup file, show a link to download it.

The wiki.d directory only contains the text of the contents, which in many cases is not enough. See BackupAndRestore for a more complete list of files recommended for manual backups, and, eventually, an automated way to do it. -- Susan

Backup directory might be created by hand and given 777 rights.

The variable redefining the backup directory should be set before the script inclusion.

It is better that this script is set only for a dedicated page, and so, the include set in a file associated to this page like


This file may content something like :

<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();

$RecentChangesFmt = "";
$BackupDir = '/mybackupdirectory/';


The script save only files which are in the /wiki.d/ directory. You should save the content of the /files/ directory apart.

There is an alternative version which backs up all directories with custom content

This backup page can be read protected though ?action=backup is still possible on a read protected page. A cryptic name for the page and directory can help protection.

  • I tried adding $HandleAuth['backup'] ='attr'; To both config.php and my Site.Backup.php customisation, but it had no effect. Pwiki 2.2.0 beta33 Any Ideas why this shouldn't work? Francis

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 If ($DateFormat = 1 ) {

in the script with:

 If ($DateFormat == 1 ) {

This will solve the Date-Bug, that you are just able to use the american time format.


SteveAgl - Script author

PRZ - Standard Cookbook format and addition info on how to use the recipe


See discussion at BackupPages-Talk