Summary: Utilizing the Moo.fx javascript library and the Litebox code to create an image gallery effect
Prerequisites: install moo.fx library, add necessary .js calls to the head of your .tmpl file.
Status: Beginning / Planning / Idea stage
Discussion: LiteBox-Talk?

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How can I pop open an image using the free open source litebox code within PmWiki?


Instead of turning on HTML, is it possible to create a special PmWiki tag that will create the code for the litebox effect automatically? The basics of the javascript are, an image link thumbnail links to the actual referenced image. By clicking this link, the image pops up in a new layer effect and darkens the site behind it. This works because of the moo.fx javascript library, but it's based on HTML.

View the Litebox site and code here:


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See discussion at LiteBox-Talk?

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