Summary: How to limit the creation of new pages in your wiki group
Version: 2007-02-27
Categories: Administration

Questions answered by this recipe

Can I limit, block or constrain adding or creating new pages in wiki groups?

Can I prevent users from creating new pages?


The following code added to config.php will disallow creation of new pages in any group with a name beginning with "TODO".

array_unshift($EditFunctions, 'CreateDisallowed');

function CreateDisallowed($pagename, $page, $new) {
   global $EnableCreatePages, $EnablePost, $MessagesFmt;
   if (IsEnabled($EnableCreatePages, 1)) return;
   if (PageExists($pagename)) return;
   Redirect('Main.PageCreationError'); #or some other page,
# or use next two code lines instead of the Redirect above
#   $EnablePost = 0;
#   $MessagesFmt[] = 'Creation of new page blocked';

if (preg_match('/^TODO/', $pagename))
   $EnableCreatePages = 0; 

To disallow new page creation for a specific group, you could either put all the code except the line

 if (preg_match('/^TODO/', $pagename))

into the group's local php file: local/GroupName.php,

or replace

if (preg_match('/^TODO/', $pagename))
   $EnableCreatePages = 0; 


$group = PageVar($pagename, '$Group');
if($group=='GroupName') $EnableCreatePages = 0; 

How do I require a password to create a new page, but allow edits to existing pages to proceed without a password


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