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Summary: Tableless skin for PmWiki based on design by Haran from OSWD.
Version: 2007-11-06
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.0-betas but works with pmwiki-2.1.17
Status: mantained
Maintainer: CarlosAB
Categories: Skins

See Discussion at: Maguila-Talk

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Maguila Skin for PmWiki

This skin was done because I really like Haran's designs that use only css and html but are well formed, structured and minimal.


This skin uses some css techniques listed below:

  1. Sane css typography by Owen briggs - Helps to show typogragraphy concistently across browsers - old and new.
  2. Holy grail by Matthew Levine- Used part of the layout to implement the grids zoomed without breaking anything in most browsers.

This is a tableless skin with six layout sections :

HEADER no included pages here.
 includes Site.ActionBar
 includes Site.SideBar

 Includes Site.PageBar 
 includes Site.RightSideBar 

 includes Site.FootBar

All sections can be turned off with the directives below:

  • (:nosidebars:)
  • (:noright:)
  • (:noleft:)
  • (:noaction:)
  • (:nohead:)
  • (:nofoot:)
  • (:nosearch:)

You can also use actions in links to specify which sections display and font sizes:

There are some options to be used within config.php, to turn options on and off:

  • $EnableSkinOptions - Set to '1' inside maguila.php. If you want to turn off all other skin options, set this to '0'.
  • $EnableSkinTitle - Set to '1' inside maguila.php. Enables color changes for the title from black to white for WikiWords.
  • $EnableNoSections - Set to '1' inside maguila.php. Enables skin directives to control layout by users.
  • $EnableFontOptions - Set to '1' inside maguila.php. Enables changes in font size (no javascript).
  • $EnableActionHighlight - Set to 1' inside maguila.php . Enables highlight (underline) of action links in ActionBar;

All options above can be turned off and overridden inside config.php. For example you can write this in config.php:

$EnableSkinOptions = 0;

And all options will be turned off. You can also turn EnableSkinOptions on and set the other options off one by one.

$EnableSkinOptions = 1;
$EnableSkinTitle = 0; (no change in title colors)
$EnableNoSections = 1; (Sections are still on with this)
$EnableFontOptions = 0; (But font options are off)

and so on.

There is also a page -> Site.SkinConfig , where you can change some of the configurations using PmWiki forms.

Browser Compatibility

The skin was tested with the browsers below.

  • Firefox - Ubuntu
  • Firefox - Ubuntu
  • Konqueror 3.5 - Ubuntu
  • Opera 8 - Suse
  • Opera 9.24 - Ubuntu
  • Epiphany 2.20 - Ubuntu 7.10
  • Wine/MSIE 7, 6, 5.5, 5.5 sp2 and 5 - Suse
  1. Firefox 1.5 - Windows 2000
  2. Firefox - Windows 2000
  3. MSIE 6.0 - Windows 2000
  4. MSIE 5.5 - - Windows 2000
  5. MSIE 5.0 - Windows 2000 - Graceful degradation for this one, mostly the borders in some elements won't show, but the difference is small.
  6. Opera 7 - - Minor problem with browser slide bar.
  7. Opera 8 - - Some minor problems with equal height for main section, it won't show i content is longer than sidebar.
  8. Opera 9.24 - Windows 2000
  9. Safari - windows2000
  1. Firefox - Mac OS X 10.4
  2. Safari 2.0.4 - Mac OS X 10.4
  3. Safari 3

If you get the chance to test with other browsers, please add to the list above.

Here are some screenshots, courtesy of



To add this theme to your PmWiki2 installation, follow these basic steps:

1. Download the theme archive and extract the files it contains.

2. Move the directory 'maguila' to the pub/skins directory provided by PmWiki on your server.

2a. For PHP 5.5 or newer, and 7.2 or newer, get maguila-php72.phpΔ, rename it to maguila.php and replace the existing file with it.

3. Add the following to your local configuration file (config.php).

    $Skin = 'maguila';

4. Look at ownership and permission of files if you have any trouble.

Release Notes

2007-11-06 - First release




This is to test wikistyles.

User notes +3: If you use, used or reviewed "Maguila", you can add your name. These statistics appear in the Skins listings and will help newcomers browsing through the wiki.

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