Summary: Enable youtube-like keyboard and mouse control of HTML5 video and audio.
Version: 20160804
Prerequisites: None
Maintainer: LSMeng
License: GPL3+
Categories: Video Audio HTML5 Media
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Discussion: Html5AVCtrl-Talk?

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Demo available at Jsfiddle:

This recipe enables youtube-like keyboard and mouse control of HTML5 video and audio. Click on the control panel or the poster image to gain control over a video or audio. Click to toggle play/pause; double click to toggle fullscreen. Press space to toggle play/pause. Press left/right keys to go backward/forward 5 seconds. Press up/dn to change volume. Press number keys for a quick jump. Press f to toggle fullscreen.

For enabling HTML5 video and/or audio, please visit HTML5Extensions. This recipe is pure javascript, so it works with all the HTML5 video and audio plugins.


  • Download html5avctrl.zipΔ
  • Place the "html5avctrl" dir in your "Pmwiki/pub" directory.
  • Add to "local/config.php" the following lines:
    if ($action == 'browse' || $_REQUEST['preview'])
      $HTMLHeaderFmt['html5avctrl'] =
       "<script type='text/javascript' src='$PubDirUrl/html5avctrl/html5avctrl.js'></script>";

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  • 20160804 - first release.


  • Recipe written and maintained by LSMeng.

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See discussion at Html5AVCtrl-Talk?.

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