The recipes in this category are for the most part fairly usable with Cookbook:PmSyntax, either by having mostly standard markups, or a $CustomSyntax configuration.

Cookbook /
Ape  Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages (Stable)
Checklists  Ephemeral to-do lists (Beta)
ChessMarkup  Display chessboards in arbitrary positions (Stable)
CustomSyntax  Design notes of PmSyntax and custom markup rules
Formula  Lightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (Beta)
PagePmSyntax  Highlight a full PmWiki source page (Experimental)
PmSyntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (Experimental)
ThumbList  A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki
Test /
PmSyntax  Tests for a PmWiki syntax highlighter