Summary: Use Processing applet in PmWiki Pages
Version: 20150815
Prerequisites: pmwiki-2
Status: Stable
Maintainer: AntonyTemplier
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How to embed a processing applet ( in PmWiki page

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I used to display my processing applets with the Applet Cookbook but thing went wrong on recent macos X since new java version 1.6. This cookbook provide a markup to embed processing applet in PmWiki page. It is processing specifique: not java generic but more simple than Applet.


Download processing.phpΔ and put it in your cookbook directory.

Then, in your config.php: include_once($FarmD.'/cookbook/processing.php');



Put your applet files into a subdirectory in the pub/applets directory.

(:processing codebase="" code="" archive="" width="" height="":)

  • codebase : the name of subdirectory where are located applet files.
  • code : Entry point class.
  • archive : The applet jar archive name.
  • width & height : dimensions in pixel of the applet


You have to create the default folder pub/applets as default location for your applets. It 's the same location used in Applet cookbook as convenience. The variable $ProcessingRootCodebase can be used in your config.php to change this default location.

CREDITS: It is originally based on how Processing v1.51 make his own index.html and on Applet source code.

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20150815 : Use of markup_e() function -> php 5.5 compatible 2011-10-11 : Initial public release

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