Summary: Unobtrusive WikiStyle-based toggle-next element
Version: pmwiki-2.3.34
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.124, recent browser with JavaScript
Status: Beta
Maintainer: Petko
License: GPLv2+
Categories: Layout
Users: +1 (view / edit)
Discussion: ToggleNext-Talk

As of February 2020 there is a discussion on the mailing list and this feature may be removed in future PmWiki versions (in that case it should be made available as a recipe). See the block markup (:details:) for a JavaScript-free implementation for recent browsers.

Unobtrusive WikiStyle-based toggle-next element. A function similar to UnToggle although implemented differently was included in the PmWiki core in version 2.2.124.

The feature is enabled below, click on the individual headings to open each section, or click here to open/close all sections.


Installation & configuration

Usage in a wiki page



Change log / Release notes

Added to the core for 2.2.124. See PmWiki:ChangeLog for any changes.

See also

  • PmWiki:BlockMarkup for the (:details summary="...":) markup that does not require JavaScript to work but is not yet widely supported.


Written and maintained by Petko, inspired by UnToggle but implemented differently.


See discussion at ToggleNext-Talk

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