Summary: Display of selected PmWiki Information in a wiki page
Version: 2024-05-03
Prerequisites: ExtensionHub; PmWiki 2.3.34; PHP 8.3
Status: Stable
Maintainer: simon
Licence: GPL3#
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Discussion: PmWikiInfo-Talk?

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I view some internal PmWiki information in a wiki page without having to enable the diag action.


This recipe provides markup for a directive to select and display a number of internal PmWiki variables.

The directive is used as:

(:pmwikiinfo optional parameters:)

and described below.

Extension Installation

This extension requires ExtensionHub.

  • download PmWikiInfo-2024-05-03.zipΔ
  • copy to the /extensions/ directory as
  • optionally, but recommended, extract (unzip) the compressed extension folder to the pmwiki/extensions directory
    • ensure the extension's directory name is /PmWikiInfo/; file and folder names are case sensitive on Windows and non-Windows systems.


Place the directive, as described below, in your PmWiki page. Parameters are case-insensitive. For example:

(:pmwikiinfo vars recipeinfo:)

If no parameters are supplied this directive will display the directives it accepts. Access to some variables requires admin login.

Attach:Attach:pmwikiinfo-output.png Δ|PmWiki Info output (truncated) You can use this recipe to display some internal PmWiki arrays and variables. These include:

and using the parameter

  • vars

a number of internal PmWiki variables including: $Author, $AuthorGroup, $CategoryGroup, $CookiePrefix, $DefaultGroup, $DefaultName, $DefaultPage, $GroupFooterFmt, $GroupHeaderFmt, $HandleImageTplFmt, $PageListSortComp, $Skin, $SiteAdminGroup, $SiteGroup, $UploadDir, $UploadDirQuota, $UploadMaxSize, $UploadPrefixFmt, $UploadPrefixQuota, $UploadUrlFmt, $Version


Configuration is carried out through the ExtensionHub configuration page. Currently the only configuration available is to toggle the debug flag to display diagnostic messages.


There is no internationalisation for this recipe (yet).

Change log / Release notes

2024-05-02 convert to extension 2022-12-30 Refactor from Simple Recipe Template

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Special thanks to Petko and the PmWiki documenters.


See discussion at PmWikiInfo-Talk?

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