Summary: Create and maintain additional infos for Trailpages within the Trailindexpage
Version: 1
Prerequisites: I used AllGroupHeader recipe, but it works with GroupFooters too
Status: experimental
Maintainer: xian?
Categories: WikiTrails

Questions answered by this recipe

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  • How can I add additional information below the trails-arrows.
  • How can I create them at one place, best within the trail-index-page.


Use GroupFooters, PTV and pagelist for easy commenting trailpages

The idea is to let a pagelist in the GroupFooter check the pagesname if it is stored in any Trailindex within a TrailsGroup. If so to output the trail-arrows and to readout a PTV from the found Trailindex, which keeps the additional comment to the page, belonging to the intention of this trail.

Setup a TrailIndex

TrailIndexPages are stored in group called TrailsGroup. To every listitem of the trail add a PTV in the form "GroupPage" without any dot. (I'll discuss this later on.) This will be the comments below the trail-arrows.

 (:title A Testtrail:) 
 * [[GroupA.Page1]]
 :GroupAPage1: comment on Page1 //a PTV named like the $FullName without dot
 * [[GroupB.Page1]]
 :GroupBPage1: comment on Page1 (B)
 * [[GroupC.Page2]]
 :GroupCPage2: comment on Page2


In the footersection lets say of GroupB.Page1 should appear sth. like this automatically

GroupA.Page1<<A Testtrail>>GroupC.Page2

comment on Page1 (B)

Setup the GroupFooter or the AllGroupFooter

I set up the Site.AllGroupFooter, like it is described in the AllGroupHeader-recipe. But it works within a GroupFooter too. Put this in the GroupFooter

(:pagelist group=TrailsGroup name=-RecentChanges fmt=#commentedtrail:)

So you resolve all the Pages within the TrailsGroup, except the RecentChanges, which is a IndexPage too, but not needed.

Setup the Pagelistformat

The fmt=#commentedtrail points to a pagelisttemplate in the Site.LocalTemplates. So put the following there.

I used something like this

 (:if ontrail {=$FullName} {*$FullName}:)
 >>frame center font-size=smaller<<
 <<|[[{=$FullName}| +]]|>>



Keep in mind {=$FullName} is a TrailIndex-Page resolved from the pageslist, but {*$FullName} is the actual Page which holds the GroupFooter.

Well, thats it. If the page, that I'm on is ontrail of a TrailsGroup-Page (resolved by pagelist), the trailmarkup is set and the comment-PTV is read out and displayed.


Well, I'm a little unhappy. At one hand trails definitely work with a definition-list, so you can setup a trail in the form

 :[[GroupA.Page1]]: some info to page 1 in A
 :[[GroupB.Page1]]: some info to page 1 in B
 :[[GroupC.Page2]]: some info to page 2 in C

That would be the hit, BUT i've found no way, to resolve a PTV called [[GroupA.Page1]]. This is the only reason of the strange setup of PTV like described above. So maybe there are ideas, how to readout a ptv which is a link at the same time.

You can do this within a group (or otherwise according to the $PagePathFmt) with WikiWords. (i.e. if you have WikiWords enabled, MyPageName will get turned into a link, and will still be usable as a PTV name, e.g. :MyPageName: Some info about that page.) —Said Achmiz January 03, 2018, at 12:05 PM

At last, I dont know anything about performance within a huge wiki.

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xian? January 02, 2010, at 04:52 PM a first description

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How to shrink the pagelistouput.

settin up the pagelist to looking up IndexPages that link to the calling page like (:pagelist group=TrailsGroup link={*$FullName} name=-RecentChanges fmt=#commentedtrail:) would reduce the results to process within the Footer. But there is still need to check if the page is ontrail.

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