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AttachImageSize  Generate width and height attributes for attached images
Audio5  HTML5 Audio Support for PmWiki (Stable)
Captcha  Use captchas to prevent automated systems from modifying pages (Stable)
ChessMarkup  Display chessboards in arbitrary positions (Stable)
CodeMirror  An enhanced page editor for PmWiki (Stable)
ConvertHTML  Convert an HTML page to PmWiki markup (beta)
ConvertHTML-Talk  Talk Page for ConvertHTML recipe
EX  Simple "edit section" for wiki pages (experimental)
Footnotes  Simple footnote markup (Stable)
Formula  Lightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (Beta)
HttpVariables  Access http variables in the page, such as Get variables, Post data, and Cookies. (Feature Complete)
IncludeSection  Include a section from the first available among a list of pages
LazyLoading  Instruct browsers to only load pictures when they would be visible on the screen (Beta)
MarkupExprPlus  Extends {(...)} expression markups (Stable)
Maxi  An image viewer with inline zoom, suitable for large drawings or panoramas (Experimental)
Maxi2  Inline picture zoom for modern browsers and touch-screen devices (Experimental)
MermaidJs  diagrams and visualizations for PmWiki (Beta)
Mini  Simple, lightweight, un-bloated gallery with thumbnail generator
PmSyntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form (Experimental)
PrintGroup  Export WikiGroup pages to one large HTML file, and/or to PDF (Experimental)
SectionEdit  Split a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section (Stable)
ThumbList  A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki
Toggle  Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page (stable)
TrueLatex  Enables interpretation and rendering of real LaTeX markups in PmWiki. Support for XeLaTex included in v1.8. (Working perfectly. Very simple to use, customizable and comes with lots of options.)
Video5  HTML5 Video Support for PmWiki (Stable)