Ben Wilson is a recovering software engineer who is presently (Summer 2006) in his final seven months of law school. My passion is open source programming and sharing information.

Want to reach me? Then reverse [net dot dausha at ameen] or [com dot gmail at dausha] for my email address (we really need an anti-spam obfuscator).

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I cleaned out all old comments. I had answered them. BenWilson May 07, 2006, at 05:23 PM

  • This is just to flag that I've popped off a couple of mails, with the revised multi-marker script attached, so hope one of them makes it to you Des
  • Just curious and wondered if either of the mails I sent made it to you, as I didn't get a confirmation that either made the trip ok.

Hi Ben, it looks like we had the same idea. Take a look ExportDOCCarlosAB