Summary: Embeds the CBC Radio 3 Media Player
Version: 1?
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Status: Done?
Maintainer: Whoever wants to
Categories: Media Audio


Embeds the CBC Radio 3 Media Player into a PMWiki page

This recipe, radio3.phpΔ allows the embedding of the CBC Radio 3 Player into a site. There are four ways to do this:

(:radio3mini username:) 
(:radio3full username:) 
(:radio3miniauto username:) 
(:radio3fullauto username:)

They're pretty self-explanatory. The mini ones embed the mini player, full ones the full player. If one of the two auto ones are used, the player will start playing automatically, otherwise it won't.


I basically just hacked up the YouTube recipe page. It used to be there (youtube.php), but doesn't seem to be anymore. Mine could probably just as easily be conglomerated. This wasn't particularly complicated; simply a hack to get my page to do what I want. I'm basically washing my hands of it at this point, but thought I'd share in case anyone else wanted the same.

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Andrew Crowe (crowe @ geeklectic dot com)

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