Summary: Running Pmwiki on Mageia Linux
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Questions answered by this recipe

- How easy is to install Pmwiki on Mageia Linux?
- It is VERY easy.

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Running Pmwiki on Mageia Linux

Standalone Installation (Offline Use Only)


Standalone Installation (Offline Use Only)

Tested and Confirmed!

You need root privileges

+ Install php

(by installing the package " task-lamp-php ")

+ Use the Mageia Control Center (mcc) to start the http daemon...

Mageia Control Center --> System --> Manage System Services --> httpd

+ Confirm that Apache works by simply visiting the following address, with your web browser...

-You should get a page, saying...
It works!

+ As Root (or while having root privileges (see: sudo, kdesu, su, etc)) install pmwiki in...

- Important note:
Your wiki, and it's files and folders
need to have root Permissions, to work,
except for the "uploads" folder
(you can use a system link for that one).

+ Finally, if you did everything right, you should be able to visit your local standalone wiki,
and edit it's pages, as a simple user, by opening the following address with your web browser...

The above configuration was tested for offline use ONLY.
That is... in your ...
-> Mageia Control Center --> Security --> Personal Firewall

... if nothing is checked (especially "Web server"), then you are PROBABLY alright.




You may also want to add the "apache user" in your user's team.
(Installing from a Live Mageia,
will probably have set your user account
to belong in the "live team", by default.
This can fix some "Access forbidden!", "error 403",
or other user rights problems.

Go to

   Mageia Control Center --> System --> Manage System Users




   | | Filter System Users

Choose (tab)


Double click on the "apache" user.
Choose (tab)



   |x| live
   |x| new_default_team   (if you have set your user's account 
                               to belong to a new_default_team)

Exit Users Management.
Restart the httd deamon (as explained above).



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