Summary: Step by step procedure for creating a chat using ZAP.
Prerequisites: PmWiki, ZAP
Maintainer: BenoitDutilleul?

Questions answered by this recipe

How to create a PmWiki chat based on the ZAP recipe?


There are 3 simple steps to have your chat running.

Step 1: implement the form which will enable users to post their messages:

(:zapform name=chat:)
||border=0 align=center width=100%
||[-'''Your name:'''-] ||
||(:input text Member size=13 {$AuthId}:) ||
||[-'''Your message:'''-] ||
||(:input textarea Remark rows=3 cols=20:) ||
(:zap datapage="Chat.+" chat:)
(:zap time="{#t +}" snipcom:)
(:zap savedata="Member,Remark,time" chat:)
(:zap authlist="datapage" chat:)
|| border=0 align=center width=100%
|| (:input submit value="Shout your message":) ||

This form stores the author name, its message and the date and hour he/she posted the message as variables in a page of the Chat group.

Step 2: display the messages posted with the pagelist function:

(:pagelist group="Chat" fmt="#chat" -RecentChanges count=3:)

This command will list :

  • The 3 last entries (count=3),
  • In the group Chat (group="Chat"),
  • Excluding the page RecentChanges (-RecentChanges) which isn't a chat message,
  • According to the template #chat (fmt="#chat").

Step 3: define the format "chat" in your own pmwiki installation. Templates are defined in the Site.LocalTemplates page.

Here is my template I use but you can adapt it easily to your own needs.

(:table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width=100%:)
(:cellnr:)'''[-{=$:Member} shouted:-]'''
(:if auth admin:)
(:cellnr align=right:)[-[[{=$FullName}|Edit]] this comment -]


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