Summary: Markup additions

  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
Abbreviation PluralsAutomatically format text like CCDs as a plural abbreviation, instead of as a wikiword. ( )Markup
Abc music notationDisplay music scores from abc notation (2006-04-03 )Markup +1
AbcSongadd and edit abc music using existing PmWiki scripts and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (2020-01-20 stable)Markup, Editing, CMS, PHP72, Javascript
AbcTunebookadd and edit abc music using Fox and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor (2016-01-08 stable)Markup Editing CMS Fox PHP55
AccessibilityAccessibility Enhancements (1.0 Active)Markup
ActionMenuDrop-down menu to page actions (Edit, History, Attach...) instead of links. (20170618 Beta)Forms, Markup, Menus, PHP55, PHP72
AddFootnoteInsert markup to create a footnote (2017-11-06 Beta)Editing GUI Layout Links Markup PHP55 PHP72 +2
AddSignatureInsert markup for a stylized signature (20150802 Beta)Editing GUI Links Markup PHP55 +2
AditAffliate advertising management system (1.0 Stable)Markup -1
AdvancedTableDirectivesAdd Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives. (3.2 Working) Markup Tables +1
AMmathjaxAdd markup to embed math using ASCII MATH by MathJax. (20190619 Stable)Markup Math PHP72 +1
ASCIIMathDisplay MathML rendered ascii formula into PmWiki 2.x pages (20190209 Stable)Markup Math PHP55 PHP72
Audio5HTML5 Audio Support for PmWiki (2022-10-30 Stable)Audio, Media, Markup, HTML5, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82 +2
AutoTelA recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers (2022-12-22 Alpha)Links, Markup, Media, Mobile +1
BbcodeBBcode for PmWiki (080326 Release candidate)Markup
Blockquote-Cite-QuoteMarkup for Blockquote, Cite and Quote HTML tags (2017-06-16 new)Markup PHP55 PHP72
BootstrapIconsBootstrapIcons extension for PmWiki (2024-02-21 Beta)Images Markup Extensions PHP83
CalloutPresent something within an iconic bubble or style. (2010-01-02 alpha)Markup Editing Images PHP55 +4
CardsMarkupMarkup suitable for displaying playing card games (e.g., contract bridge) ( 20191121 Stable)Markup PHP72
Carouselsimple Image Carousel, from one-line Markup: auto-populated from contents of a directory (2022-05-06 Active)Images, Media, Layout, Markup
ChartDirectorAdd a bar chart to a page using modifiable data in page markup ( )Markup, Images
ChecklistsEphemeral to-do lists (20220611 Beta)GTD, PIM, Markup, ToDo, PHP81, PmSyntax
ChessMarkupDisplay chessboards in arbitrary positions (20220103 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP80, PmSyntax
Chord ProDisplay ChordPro-formatted song sheets in a wiki page (2022-01-22 Stable)Editing, Layout, Markup, PHP55, PHP72 +1
ClassTagsMarkup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more! (2020.09.26 Stable) Layout, Links, CSS, Markup
CodeHighlightSyntax highlighting for programming languages (2024-03-02 Beta)Extensions Layout Markup PHP83
ConditionalExtensionsA Conditional Markup extension for PmWiki 2.x (20150217 Stable)Markup
ConditionalMarkupSamplesList of default and custom conditional markup definitions (2006-03-02 Stable)Markup Core candidate
ConvertHTMLConvert an HTML page to PmWiki markup (20210207 beta)Administration, Markup, Wiki conversion, PHP55, PHP73, PHP80 +4
ConvertTableConvert table action (1.2 Working)Markup Tables
CountGlyphsA replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup (20170801 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72
CreateColumnsquickly divides up a list of items into separate columns within a table (2010-12-16 )Markup Tables
CreativeCommonsLicenseDisplayDisplay a compliant Creative Commons License description from a wiki page (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
CreoleEnable Creole markup ( (2007-02-15 Stable)Markup WikiConversion
CSSToolTipsToGomarkup for tooltip functionality (2023-05-31.v.0.5 New)Markup CSS +1
CurlyQuotesDisplay Curly Double/Single Quotes and M/N Dashes ( )Markup
$CustomSyntaxDesign notes of PmSyntax and custom markup rules (pmwiki-2.3.32 Beta)Markup, MarkupWriting, PmWikiDeveloper, PmWikiInternals +1
DailymotionMarkup for embedding DailyMotion videos (20210415 Stable)Video Media Markup PHP55 PHP72
DeactivateParagraphTagPrevent the automatic insertion of a <p> tag by the markup engine (20220423 Beta)Markup, Layout
DebugMessagesCapture recipe debug messages for display by the messages directive (2024-01-14 In use)Markup PmWiki Developer
DefaultTableAttributesHow to change the default attributes for tables created using PmWiki.Tables (2004-11-30 )Markup, Editing
DetectBrowserdetect what browser your visitor is using (2009-12-29 )MarkupExpressions Markup
DiceDice roller for PmWiki (2011-06-29 stable)Markup
DisplayHtmlMarkup to display the html resulting of pmwiki syntax. (20150720 Stable)Markup PHP55 PmWikiDeveloper
DomTTUse divs as tooltips (20180420 Stable)Markup PHP72 +1
DreamWidthUserLinkDisplaying styled dreamwidth user and community links (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
EasyHttpRequestsQuickly and easily retrieve variables from a URL (HTTP Requests) (1.0 Insecure)Markup
EditMXAllow Markup Expressions to be used in the editing of a page (20230823 Alpha)Markup MarkupExpressions PHP82 +1
EditThisPageLinkshort markup for a link to 'edit this page' (2071121 )Markup Editing PHP72
EmbedFacebookUse Facebook API to embed Facebook content into PmWiki (2022-02-22 Beta)Markup PHP74
EmbedTweeta recipe to embed live tweets from using Twitter's oembed API facility (2012/07/04 stable)Twitter, Markup, SocialNetworking +1
EnableHTMLHow to include HTML markup in wiki pages ( )Forms, Markup +2
EscapedMarkupAllow a selection of markup rules to be performed for otherwise escaped text (2012-09-25 Functional)Markup
ExpandingMenuA sidebar menu that supports nested lists where the nested items are displayed only if the user is in that group ( )Menus, Layout, Markup, PHP72
EZDatemake displaying the date, time, and PHP timestamp inside the wiki easy (1.5 Working)Markup PHP72
EZLocaleDatemake displaying the date and/or time with a non-English language inside the wiki easy (1.4 Working)Markup
FancyLaTeXLogoHow to make a fancy LaTeX logo (as it appears in typeset documents) (2012-09-19 Stable)Markup
FeralFormattedEntry(:ffe:)...(:ffeend:) directive to output text via a template. (2007-04-18 Initial, apparently working.)Markup
FilterableSearch box for long lists and tables (2024-04-14 Beta)Extensions Markup Searching
FixmeMarkupImplement "FIXME" markup in PmWiki. (2020-03-19 Stable)Markup
FlipboxFlippable checkboxes and checklists (20190908 Beta)GTD, PIM, Editing, Markup, Ajax, ToDo, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP82 +7
FlowplayerFlowplayer recipe (2015-08-12 Beta)Media, Markup
FontAwesomeInclude and use Font Awesome Icons (20210119 beta)CSS Includes Markup Images PHP72 PHP74 +4
FootnotesSimple footnote markup (2022-07-17 Stable)Markup PHP55 HTML5 PHP72 PHP80 WikipediaSuite +7
FootnotesExtendedA footnote recipe with extended referencing possibilities (2023-11-04 stable, maintained)Markup +1
FormulaLightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (20220104 Beta)Markup Math Google PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 PmSyntax +1
FoxEditadd edit links for editing page sections and PTVs with Fox (2017-06-16 stable)Forms Markup Fox Editing CMS PHP55 PHP72
FoxHoneyPotAdds honeypot trap for bots to Fox forms (2024-04-15 New)Fox Security Forms Markup
FractionsPlusAdds simple markup to write fractions. (2021-11-12 Maintained)Markup Math
FriendlyAuthorLinksDisplays author page titles as link text for all automatic author links. (2017-12-28 Needs review)Links Markup
GoogleVoiceEmbed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage (2010-08-26 )Google Mobile Markup
GpxStatA recipe to display statistics about a GPX file (2024-01-20 Beta)Maps Markup Includes +1
GrepUse regular expressions to control what to include from a page (20171103 beta)Includes, Markup, PHP55, PHP72 +2
GroupTitlesCreate group titles for groups, analagous to page titles with the (:title:) directive (2008-5-21 stable)Markup
HandyTableOfContentsHandy Client-side Table of Contents (2023-03-20 stable)TOC, Markup, PHP5, PHP72 +3
HgProduce Hierarchical groups like effects on your site (2007-03-07 Stable)Markup | Links | Hierarchy | PageNaming
HideSearchBarhide the search bar at the top of a skin with (:nosearch:) (2009-10-15 )Skins PageDirectives Markup +1
Highlight Text (HTML5 <mark> tag)Use HTML5 <mark> tag to highlight text. (2016-09-01 Beta)Markup, HTML5, PHP55, PHP72
HlinksCreate hierarchical pages (2020-04-27 beta)Markup | Links | Hierarchy | PageNaming
HTML5AudioPlay HTML5 Audio (20160205 working)Audio Markup HTML5 Media +1
HTML5Extensionsresources to use new HTML5 elements ( new)Markup HTML5 PHP55
HTML5VideoShow HTML5 Video (20151004 working)Video Markup HTML5 PHP55 Media +4
ImportTabTableimport and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly. (2010-04-14 stable)Tables Editing Markup PHP55 PHP72
InCategoryCustom conditional markup to determine if a page is in a category (20220606 Experimental)Links, Markup, PHP81 +1
IncludeSectionInclude a section from the first available among a list of pages (20220516 )Includes, Markup, PHP55, PHP72, PHP80 +1
InputStarInput control shaped like a group of 5 stars. (2024-04-06a Beta)Extensions Markup Forms
InternationalPTVsAllow international characters in the names of PageTextVariables (20191121 experimental)International, PageVariables, Markup, PHP55 +1
JavaScriptEmbed (static) JavaScript into wiki pages (2006-07-17 Stable)Markup PmWiki Developer
JavaScript-EditableHow to include JavaScript markup in wiki pages (20190619 )Markup +1
JsMathAdd markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages using TeX. (20160803 Obsolete - use MathJax)Markup Math PHP72 +3
JumpBoxA pull down menu that can be used for navigation (2018-06-07 )Forms | Markup | Menus | PHP55 | PHP72
LaTeXMathMLTranslating LaTeX math notation dynamically to Presentation MathML (2007-10-04 Stable)Markup Math
LibChartCreating charts in PmWiki (0.1 Alpha?)Markup, Markup changes
LicensesMarkup to display licensing info on pages (20180415 Stable)Markup PHP72 +1
LinguisticGlossesAdds markup for entering glossed text (2012-12-08 Beta)Markup
LinkCSSToolTiplink markup with css popup tooltip text including styling, variables, includes, menus (2020-07-26 stable)Links Markup Menus PHP55 PHP72 +1
LinkTelActive telephone links in wiki pages (20170618 beta)Links, Markup, Media, Mobile, PHP55, PHP72
LinkTitlesAdd "title" attributes to all links (20101221 Beta)Markup, Usability, Links, Obsolete
LinuxTexEnable TeX markup ( )Markup, Publishing, Math
ListResumeResume numbered lists interrupted by other markup (20180312 Experimental)Layout Markup PHP72 +1
LiteralWhiteSpacePreserve white spaces, tabs and extra lines (2024-04-12 beta)Markup Editing +3
LuaExecuteLets Lua scripts dynamically generate parts of your wiki page (1.0.2, 2017-12-13 Beta)Markup Math
MarkdownA replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup (0.2 Beta)Markup
MarkdownMarkupExtensionUse Markdown markup with PmWiki (2021-11-12 stable)Markup PHP72 -1
MarkdownOutputPresents a wiki page in Markdown format instead of HTML (2023-10-10 beta)Markup, Layout, SystemTools, WikiConversion
MarkupExpressionSamplescustom markup expression samples (2007-12-08 )Markup MarkupExpressions
MarkupExpressionsExtensionsAdds math, threads, captcha, group counter, random number, attr reader, CSV formatter, server variables, source reader, etc. (2007-04-19 Stable)Markup | Page Variables | Markup Expressions
MarkupExprPlusExtends {(...)} expression markups (2023-02-24 Stable)Markup, Page Variables Markup Expressions PHP55 PHP72 PHP80 +8
MarkupExtensionsAdds a range of character, start of line, and link markup extensions (2.1.1 (2014-02-13, compatible with php 5.5, requires php 5.3 or above) Stable)Markup PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +4
MarkupToUnstyledConverts PmWiki markup into unstyled text (2009-03-01 working)Markup PHP72
MathJaxAdd markup to embed math using TeX syntax. (2019-03-28 Stable)Markup Math +2 -1
MathtexAdd markup to display and embed several lines of mathematical formulas in wiki pages (2008-10-11 testing)Markup Math
MediaCategoriesAssembles all Categories in a page, alphabetizes, and appends to bottom of page--in the style similar to MediaWiki. (2.2.5 (2018-01-08) Stable as of 2.1.5)ChickenRecipies | Frog Recipes
MermaidJsdiagrams and visualizations for PmWiki (2021-12-06 Beta)Markup Images PHP55 PHP72 PHP80
MessagesReplacementA drop in replacement for the PmWiki (:messages:) directive (2022-01-22 beta)PHP74 PmWiki Developer Markup
MimeTeXAdd markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages (2007-02-16 Stable)Markup Math +2
Music NotationDisplay music scores from various ascii notations (abc, abctab, asciitab, tab) (1.3 2008-03-07 Stable)Markup
NestedIfProvide nested if / nested conditionals (2008-04-24B Deprecated (now in core))Conditional Markup
NestedMarkupsAllows nested (:markup ...:) ... (:markupend:) (2017-10-25 Beta)Markup PHP72
NZTopoUse to display an excerpt from a New Zealand topographic map in a PmWiki website (2022-02-22 Production)Markup Images Includes PHP74 Maps +1
PageTableOfContentsAdds a clickable table of contents to a page (2017-11-08 Stable)Markup, TOC, PHP55, PHP72 +7 -1
PHPExecuteLets you execute PHP-Code in any page. (0.9 2008-12-07 BETA)Administration Markup
PHPScriptAsWikiMarkupSourcelet PHP scripts generate parts of you wiki page content (1.4b stable)Markup +1
PopulationCounterProduces a linear estimate of a number, for example the population of an area, when given two data points and their corresponding times. (1.0 )Markup
PowerToolsmarkup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random (2022-11-01 stable)Markup Administration Markup Expressions PageVariables WikiTrails Menus PHP55 PHP72 +7
Precode - general utility block markup for displaying codesGeneral utility block markup for displaying codes with syntax highlighting (2.2.1-20230213 Active/Stable)Markup layout PHP55 PHP72 PHP74
ProgressBarCreate visual percentage indicators with (:progress xxx:) markup. (20191121 beta)Markup PHP72
PTVLinkTextUse a page text variable for link text, when available (2019-07-10 works so far)Links, Markup, PHP55, PHP72
QuickPageTableOfContentsAdds a dropdown clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing (1.12, September 4, 2006 Stable)Markup, TOC, Layout
QuickReplaceQuickly define replacement texts in wiki pages, and use them as markup or during page save. (2006-10-27 Testing)Markup MarkupWriting
RegularExpressionsSome basic info about PHP regular expressions. ( )Markup, MarkupWriting, PmWiki Developer
RequestExtends conditional markup to test parameters in the URL, to allow pages to pass parameters via their URL links (2010-05-12 Beta)Markup PHP55 +1
ReverseHeadingsReverse !'s so that more !'s are larger headings (20170618 Stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72 +1
ROEPatternsReplace On Edit (1.2 Working)Markup
Replace on save and Replace on editHow to use $ROSPatterns and $ROEPatterns? (N/A )Markup, PHP55
SDMLEmbed UML Sequence Diagrams in your wiki pages (1.0 beta)Markup
SearchQueryVariableNew {$SearchQuery} variable and what you can do with it. (1.0 beta)Markup Searching
SerialPageNamesMarkup expressions to create serial page names (2008-05-25 stable)Markup Forms Fox PHP55 PHP72
ServerInfoMarkup - Display $_SERVER Super-Global results from current Server (2022-06-10 Stable)PmWikiDeveloper, MarkupWriting, Markup, SystemTools, PHP
ShortCutsMarkupGives easy access to creating some types of custom markup. (1.0 Working)Markup, MarkupWriting, PageVariables, Navigation, Links +1
SignalWhenMarkupTells you whether your markup is evaluated within (:markup:) code (2019-01-26 stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72, Obsolete +1
SimpleChemSimple markup for chemical formulas in PmWiki 2.x pages (20081108 Experimental)Markup
SimpleJsMathNotes on modifying the jsMath for a skin (not a complete recipe) ( )Markup Math
SimpleRecipeTemplateA Simple Recipe Template to provide a framework for PmWiki recipes (2022-06-11 Always beta)Markup PHP74 PmWiki Developer Markup Writing
SimpleviewerSimpleviewer recipe (1.0 Beta)Media, Markup
SimplifiedAdvancedTableDirectivesSimplify Advanced Directive Syntax (2.5 working but still testing)Markup Tables
SmartQuotesTurns straight quotes into smart quotes (2017-12-30 Maintained)Markup
SortableTablesCreate tables which can be sorted instantly by javascript (2017-06-17 stable)Markup Tables PHP55 PHP72 +5
SourceCodeHorizontalLinesAllow horizontal lines made of dashes ("-------") in PMWiki page source code (1.3 Working)Markup Tables
SubgroupMarkupAdd one level of subpage using [[,subpage]] markup (2019-04-26 Stable (was SubpageMarkup))Markup, Links, Hierarchy, Page Naming, PHP72 +1
TableOfContentsPortionInserts a portion of external table of contents into the page (2006-12-05 Alpha)Markup, Menus
TablesPlusA simpler yet more flexible markup for tables. (1.0 First & only release April, 2007)Markup Tables
TaggerEasy tagging into multiple category groups. (2017-06-21 stable)Links, Markup, CMS, PHP55, PHP72 +1
TextallionTextallion markup for PmWiki (24 dec 2011 Active)Markup
TextExtractsearch, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression. (2023-02-16 stable)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Markup Expressions PHP55 PHP72 PHP81 +5
TitleMarkupsetting a page title with the first title markup, subsequent titles (from included pages etc.) are ignored (2008-01-27 )Administration Markup
ToggleEditeasier addition of toggle-markup. (2014-07-01 beta)Editing Markup
TrueLatexEnables interpretation and rendering of real LaTeX markups in PmWiki. Support for XeLaTex included in v1.8. (20211011 Working perfectly. Very simple to use, customizable and comes with lots of options.)Editing Markup Changes Markup Math PHP72 PHP80
Txt2tagsTxt2tags markup for PmWiki (05 feb 2016 Active)Markup +1
Underline Text (HTML5 <u> tag)Use HTML5 <u> tag to underline text. (2016-09-02 Beta)Markup, PHP55, PHP72
Video5HTML5 Video Support for PmWiki (2022-10-30 Stable)Video, Media, Markup, HTML5, PHP74, PHP80, PHP82 +1
VideoAttachHandles Attach: videos, provides a video directive and optional support for popular Video Upload sites. (2017-07-25 Beta)Video Markup HTML5 PHP55 Media
VotingAdd a form to record "votes" on a page ( )Voting Markup Forms
WikiBoxAllow posting to and reading from PmWiki via email (2008-08-17 Alpha)System Tools Markup Administration +4
WikiHostCode for your Config.php file to simplify updates/templating/migration regardless of http or https (2020-10-14 )Markup, System tools, Administration
WikiRootAdd Markup to insert the root path to your Wiki allowing, for example, something like a relative address for images or files in your Wiki. (2020-10-14 )Markup, System tools, Administration
WikiShWiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools (2015-06-06 Beta)Markup Searching Includes SystemTools Administration Files Security Markup Expressions Forms +3
WikiSmileysAdd graphical smileys to the markup ( )Images, Markup, Editing
WikiStylesPlusLots of useful Wikistyles (rollovers, code blocks, notes, warnings, outlines) (2007-05-23 )Markup PHP72 +8 -1
Worse (is better)Simple WYSIWYG editing for PmWiki (20231213 experimental)WYSIWYG, Editing, Markup, Uploads, HTML5, Ajax, PHP55, PHP72, PHP74, PHP82 +1
WPCategoriesMimic Wikipedia's categories behaviour -- group category-referencing links in a neat box by the bottom of a page + automatically create category-listing pages. (2007-10-07 - v1.6 Stable (tested in pmwiki-2.2.0-beta63 - 2.0beta55))Markup, Links, WikipediaSuite -1
ZAP Form ProcessorThe ZAP forms processor handles data and file management, page insertions (forums, blogs), email & newsletters, e-commerce, and more. ( Stable (relies on latest Beta version of PmWiki))Forms | Markup | CMS | File Management | Editing | Page Variables | Email | Shopping Cart
ZCodeExtract and highlight source code files from 7z, TAR, ZIP, or RAR archives (20170812a Experimental)Programming, Layout, Markup, Includes, PmWikiDeveloper +1
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.