This is a page where we can keep tabs on things that need to be done to maintain the Cookbook.

See Also PITS.01233 - Cleanup the Cookbook


To mark a recipe as obsolete, place it into the [[!Obsolete]] category. See Cookbook.Obsolete for all recipes marked obsolete.

Obsolete candidates

The following recipes may be obsolete.

Some are appear to be concepts, requests, or placeholders

  • [none listed]

Some are broken and require time and attention

  • [none listed]

Shouldn't the above rather be marked as eg. [[!Maintenance]] with more info in the page's own comments section? —Eemeli Aro August 04, 2009, at 02:20 AM

Maintenance candidates

The following recipes are flagged as requiring maintenance.



No Summary: line

The following recipes are lacking "Summary:" descriptions:

No License: line

The following recipes are lacking "License:" descriptions. (See CookbookLicenses for more infomation).

No >>recipeinfo<< section

These recipes are lacking "recipeinfo" descriptions: