Summary: How to list missing or orphaned attachments.
Version: 0.4.4 2005-11-11
Prerequisites: Probably requires at least PmWiki version: 2 beta 14; last tested on PmWiki version: 2 beta 26
Status: Inactive possibly broken, see AttachlistEnhanced-Talk page
Maintainer: Schlaefer
Categories: Uploads

Questions answered by this recipe

How to list missing or orphaned attachments?



  • (:attachlist find=orphaned <-ImagesAutoResizing>:)
  • (:attachlist find=missing:)


  • For PmWiki 1 updater (see also PITS 00088): the script ignores entries in RecentUploads and AllRecentUploads
  • Attachlist only shows fields for the current group or page
  • known bugs
  • much room for improvements
    • option for sorting
    • option for show referencing pages
    • speed
  • specify group=namewithwildcards or page=namewithwildcards

See Also

  • Attachlist page directive
  • Attachtable Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references.

Usage example

(:attachlist find=orphaned -ImagesAutoResizing:)