Summary: How to convert other wiki markups for PmWiki
Maintainer: Schlaefer
Categories: WikiConversion


How to convert other wiki markups for PmWiki. This cookbook does not interpret other markups, it is a framework to translate them to PmWiki markup instantly.


  • download wikimarkupconversion.phpΔ and put it into your cookbook folder
  • include include("cookbook/wikimarkupconversion.php"); in your config.php
  • choose your wikilanguage in config.php with $WikiMarkupExtensions = array("wikitype1","wikitype2",...);. At the moment there is only one wikitype MediaWiki
  • Write the alien wikimarkup in an edit field and hit preview or save for immediate conversion.

Notes and Comments

  • I can remember that there was a feature plan in PmWiki devel for markups from other wikis. But i can't find anything through search and because i need some functionality i wrote this little script.
  • You can try this script [[|here]] (dead link)
  • You can easely add another conversion. There are two arrays for each wikitype
    • Simple -> for easy conversion via regex
    • Functions -> for complex conversions which need a subfunction

SteveAgl April 10, 2005, at 08:52 AM : I tried to write a regex for another conversion for mediawiki but without succes. Maybe you can help me. I wanna connvert the follwing example:

 ;Title : a long sentence


 '''Title'''/n->a long sentence

Any help? Thanks in advance.

I changed it to the PmWiki syntax: :'''Title''':a long sentence.

  • SteveAgl April 11, 2005, at 10:57 AM Thanks, i addedd a couple of reg to html like tags section but not sure if it's a mediawiki standard
    "#<strong>(.*?)</strong>#" => "$1", "#<code>(.*?)</code>#" => "$1",

Anonymous Coward, September 29, 2005, at 10:22 AM : I've got a bunch of JSPWiki pages to convert, I might give this a try. If anyone has worked in that direction I would appreciate it posted here, even if unfinished

Anonymous Coward, September 29, 2005, at 10:23 AM : A cleaner option would be import from some common denominator, like a wiki interchange format. After all, the semantics are the same for basic markup

Known limitations/bugs

  • no way to outcomment other markups with [@ or [=

current wikitypes contain


  • Headings ==,=== ...
  • [http:... name],[http:...]
  • <small>, <tt>, <br>, <pre>, <!--, <nowiki>
  • __TOC__, [Bild/Image:name], <--
  • simple tables {| format | text to PmWiki/AdvancedTables (:table:)
  • definition lists ; Definition list : list of definitions

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