Summary: easier addition of toggle-markup.
Version: 2014-07-01
Status: beta
License: MIT
Maintainer: MichaelPaulukonis
Categories: Editing Markup
Users: (view? / edit)
Discussion: ToggleEdit-Talk?

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I easily add toggle markup when editing pages? How can I add a toggle-button to the edit-gui-buttons?

pmToggleEdit adds a button to the edit-bar for easier addition of toggle-markup.

Requires the PmWiki Cookbook recipe Toggle to be enabled.

Basic usage

  1. edit page
  2. highlight region
  3. click the button that looks like a window-shade:

Output will look something like:

(:toggle id="tog1252880238887" show="Show message" init=hide button=1:)
(:div1252880238887 id="tog1252880238887" style="border:1px solid #999; padding:5px;":)
toggle this text

(:toggle id="tog1252880238887" show="Show message" init=hide button=1:)

toggle this text

By default, the text is hidden, and the show message is simply "Show message". A simple border-style has also been included. To ensure that divs can be safely toggled, the (:divn:)...(:divnend:) markup has been used. A unique id and div-number is assigned using on the JavaScript Date.getTime() function.


Download pm-toggle-edit-2014-07-01.zipΔ

  1. Install Toggle
  2. copy folders to your root - files will go into pub and cookbook
    1. button-template-22x22.gif is included for reference, but not needed for operation
  3. add the following line to you config.php
    1. include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/toggleedit.php");
  • Don't forget to enable javascript in your browser!

TODO - further development

The use of css for styling would be preferable to the hard-coded style currently included.

At least putting the default style into a more-readily-edited config variable, instead of the less-accessible javascript-file.

Known Issues

ToggleEdit works with image-based GUI buttons. If you use an icon-based gui-button recipe, ToggleEdit will not work by default.

Button template

I've found it useful to keep a blank 22x22 button template lying around for adding new entries. It's included in pm-toggle-edit.zipΔ, but looks like

Hrm. Pretty boring, yeah? Use your imagination, and start filling it up.

See more buttons and ideas at Cookbook:GuiEdit

Source code

See Also

AddToggle - similar recipe

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