Summary: Embed widgets
Version: 2007-05-12
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2
Status: Stable
Maintainer: JonHaupt
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I embed Widgets such as radio, quilts, and charts in PmWiki?


This recipe enables you to embed widgets in PmWiki.

This recipe allows you to incorporate widgets into your PmWiki installation.

To install, place lastfm.phpΔ in your cookbook directory, then add the following to config.php or another local configuration file:


You can embed radio players, playlist players, quilts, or charts.

For more information, see:

The recipe enables the (:lastfm:) markup. You add arguments to customize the widget.

Here are the arguments:

  type (chart, radio, playlist, quilt)
  color/colour (red, blue, black, grey)
  chart (recent, topartists, toptracks, weeklyartists, weeklytracks)
  quilt (album, artist)
  orient (horizontal, vertical)
  size (small, medium, large for quilts; regular, mini for radios)
  autostart ( 1 for an autostarting radio )

If you just put in a username and nothing else, you will get, by default, a red medium-sized chart of recent tracks played.


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2007-05-12: Initial release.

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