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When listing a page here, do provide a brief description of the page's purpose/problem.
Either list the page here for others to create, or create a good starting stub.
Create a place-holder page with no real content on it, it will get overlooked and frustrate people who come upon it.
Good stubs provide enough information to be useful to someone landing on the page. If you feel the stub needs a review, move it to the Pages To Review list below.

Pages To Review

List any page here for which you would like someone else to review.
If you find the page nice and complete, simply remove it from this list.
If you feel the page still needs a lot of work, move it to the Pages To Improve list below.

Pages To Improve

  • WikiStyleExamples: Are references such as "...continues to use...", and version 2.0 truly accurate? I suggest rewrite/reword accordingly ---JohnHerbert

Pages To Rename

Pages To Delete

John Ranking might remove these pages when a new "basic" description is ready (see discussion in the mailing list 2009-02):

If it seems obvious that this page needs to be deleted, go ahead, delete it. If you are not sure, ask on the mailing list or add your opinion here to help build a consensus.

Pages to add to the Distribution

Not all pages in the PmWiki group are bundled with the software. These are pages that are destinations of broken links in the distributed documentation.

Referenced by PmWiki.Glossary and PmWiki.WikiFarms. Probably should be added.
Referenced by PmWiki.WikiFarms. Probably should be converted to a recipe.

General Site Fixes

Definitive definitions

  • Duplicate definitions on many pages for example ...
    • An admirable undertaking on streamlining the documentation.
      Has there been consideration for dealing with the many pages that exist duplicating definitions for functions, markups etc.? I sometimes find it almost impossible to search reliably for a defintion I know is in here, but can't find, or find info that I'm sure has been superceded on another page I've consulted previously.
      Perhaps there could be a common category created that could be applied to such pages, where they could be grouped for review and deletion of the duplicate/obsolete content as required.
      Ideally, there should ultimately only be one current, valid definition for each function/variable/markup etc. in a common location.
      Not an overnight task, but an ongoing one for those who are interested. --Des May 11, 2006, at 07:02 PM
      • Part of the problem lies with identifying the scope and purpose of the documentation. Documentation can be along the lines of dictionary and reference material or tutorials and how-to. Much of the documentation on PmWiki strives to serve the needs of a tutorial, but ends up having to carry the burden of also providing definitions along the way. My preference would be to separate the two by creating a separate body of reference material documenting every markup and function and freeing up the tutorial style documentation to provide examples and refer to the reference material for the (changing) definitions.
  • Aside from the issue of duplicate definitions is the fact that there are functions and markups that have been added and identified (in ChangeLog) but are not defined in the distributed documentation. Those need to be added as well. Examples include (add to this list)
    • (:markup:)

See Also:

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PITS.00045ToDoPossibility to comment pages
PITS.00194Suspendeduse ...Code samples break numbered lists
PITS.00220Discussionadded reference to PageHist recipeAbility to view the wiki as-of a particular date (or tag)
PITS.00294Suspended -- needs votesAdd rel attribs to wikitrail links
PITS.00319SuspendedAdd a page version/status attribute
PITS.00425CoreCandidate, awaiting feedback / votesvote (+1)Words like DVDs and CDs are mistaken for WikiWord links
PITS.00477Confirmed, ToDoIndeed!Reminding Pm to Document Functions . . .
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PITS.01137Openfix skins linkKey PmWiki Features on the front page
PITS.01173OpenMoved back part of Talk page not belongs to this PITSAdd a configuration to disable/replace rendering of style attribute
PITS.01176OpenbumpSuggesting to remove '!' as exclusion character
PITS.01187Openanswer Petkoaccess keys 'ak_em' and 'ak_strong' don't work in Internet Explorer
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PITS.01220DiscussionclarifyingGroup homepages not resolved correctly when group only supplied
PITS.01232Open"nested" keywordAuthUser: groups included in other groups
PITS.01233Opennote about licenses, xref to Maintenance pageCleanup the Cookbook
PITS.01244Openbumpmodify include to work as documented
PITS.01265Confirmedfixed link (-3)New homepage and default skin ideas
PITS.01267Openclarification or original rpt.Site.PageActions login/logout problem
PITS.01290OpenskinsPagelists to handle internal intermap links
PITS.01296OpenLink brackets should not be removed when link has text
PITS.01299OpenwordingAllow "Results of search" message to be disabled from searchresults directive
PITS.01301SuspendedSuspendedInclude statements are missing $FarmD variable
PITS.01311OpenText of footnote fails to display on page.
PITS.01344Openadd an alternative syntax suggestion, change example (+1009)Add pagelist iterator
PITS.01364OpenHave a separate page for PmForm templates.
PITS.01399OpenImproved pre-configured Desktop Only bundleStandalone Installation Error
PITS.01408Openadded for 2.2.99ROSPatterns not applied to Preview
PITS.01412Discussionword level diff integrated developer platform
PITS.01425Opennoted time and result of last measurementImprove the OOTB security of PmWiki
PITS.01429Openset $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl in config.phpUrlScheme building condition never match $_SERVER['HTTPS'] == 'on'
PITS.01430OpenTroubleshootingerror after editing
PITS.01446Openreply: not so simpleNew default InterMap prefixes
PITS.01447Openalready in docs/sample-config.phpFeedback on new installation and suggestions (+704)SimpleTables thead/tbody tags
PITS.01455Openlink to the instructions you followed (+89)
PITS.01492OpenI think I fixed these cases (+518)Many documentation links need fixed
PITS.01497In Progress#121212 (+97)Dark color theme
PITS.01501Openvote (+1)make release software tree "no-need-to-touch"
PITS.01504Discussion (+89)PHP requirements
PITS.01508Discussionmnemonic (+627)names cookbook and recipe are silly

addition and update of documentation

Category /
Authentication  PmWiki allows other forms of user-based authentication besides its central data-based authentication system
Cookbook /
EditMore  Provides desirable Site.EditForm additions for title, keywords, description, tags (categories), and notes (so far!). (Functional)
EditTitle  Provide a separate edit field for the page title. (Works for me)
PmWiki /
MarkupCharacters  A list of special characters used in PmWiki markup
SearchImprovements  Search improvements discussion
PmWikiDe /
SearchImprovements  Gedanken/Disskussion zur Verbesserung/Beschleunigung der Suche nach Stichwörtern
PmWikiFr /
PmWikiJa /
Site /
AllRecentChangesPerAuthor  All pages changed by Author
Test /
DocumentationXref  Cross reference from pages in the 2.2.0-beta31 distribution, starting with pages listed in "### Page locations" of XLPageTemplate