Summary: Organise file uploads in Group and/or Group/Page subdirectories
Version: 2009-08-29
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.x
Status: beta
Categories: Uploads
Discussion: UploadPlus-Talk
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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I organise uploaded files in different ways for different groups or pages?


Enhanced upload script adding capacity to organise uploads on a per group or per page basis

This script allows uploads to be organised by Group and by Group/Name/ subfolders as required for different groups, by setting an array $UploadPrefix, instead of using $UploadPrefixFmt, eg.'Special' group uploads organised in subfolders per page:

$UploadPrefix['Special'] = '/$Group/$Name';


Copy uploadplus.phpΔ to cookbook folder and add to config.php:


Make sure uploads are enabled by setting $EnableUpload = 1;.


Uploadplus works in addition to the PmWiki upload.php script.
The admin can add $UploadPrefix array elements to define upload file prefixes for groups or pages as needed. The array key needs to be a group name or a full page name (with a dot separator like Group.Name). $UploadPrefix['default'] is used for the sitewide default prefix. The upload prefix is always added to the uploads directory (set by $UploadDir, default is 'uploads'), before the file name.

  • $UploadPrefix['Special'] = '/$Group/$Name'; - Files attached to pages in the Special group will be stored in one subdirectory per page.
  • $UploadPrefix['Test.ABC'] = '/Test/ABC001'; - Files attached to Test.ABC will be stored in subdirectory Test/ABC001.
  • $UploadPrefix['default'] = '/$Group/$Name'; - All file attachments will be stored in Group/ Page/ subdirectories of the uploads directory (default is one subdirectory per group).


Release Notes

  • 2009-08-29Δ: minor bugfix
  • 2009-08-28: implemented Eemeli Aro's simplified version.

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See Also

  • File List - Tabulated filelist markup as alternative to (:attachlist:), for a simple, easy readable look.


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