Summary: Display a 360 photo using Google VR View
Version: 0.1
Status: Working
Maintainer: Utopiah
License: CC0
Categories: Media
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How can I embed 360 photos (equirectangular images) on my wiki?

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Display a 360 photo using Google VR View.


  1. download and unzip Google VR view (zip) in your pub path getting /pub/vrview/ accessible
  2. add at the end of your config.php the following code
        "Keep(PSS('<iframe class=vrview360 width=100% height=300px allowfullscreen frameborder=0 src=\"$PubDirUrl/vrview/index.html?image=$1\"></iframe>'))"


  • change the width and height according to your needs
  • use the vrview360 CSS class to change them later on if need be



  • first draft, optional parameters would be nice
  • could also use directly three.js or Aframe but seems overkill when only to display 360 photos
  • pretty resizeable, you can easily use the content inside a table to display multiple 360 photos
  • if you decide to attach the images make sure the upload limitation limit is high enough, 360 photos tend to be quite large

Change log / Release notes

  • including the path in order to better support attachment rather than solely /pub content

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See discussion at VRView360-Talk?

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