Summary: Create thermometers or columns showing goals and current values
Version: 2009-01-29
Prerequisites: pmwiki 2, GD library
Status: stable
Categories: Images
Download: goalmeter.phpΔ
Discussion: GoalMeter-Talk

Current: $ 330

Questions answered by this recipe

I like to add a fundraising thermometer on a page.
I like to display bar graph images.


Show a thermometer or column with goal and current values. Install goalmeter.phpΔ the usual way by copying file to cookbook/ direcory and adding to a local configuration file:


For PHP 5.5 or 7.2 or newer please get goalmeter-php72.phpΔ instead.

Then use in a page the markup (:goalmeter current=... goal=... :) to display a standard thermometer image. The values to use for current= and goal= can be a combination of a number and other characters, for instance £ 3000, $10.000, 500 units.

To customise the image you can add lots of parameters. You can have multiple goalmeters on one page. Set height=... for custom height. Image width will be calculated automatically, but you can also set it with width=.... You can set fontsize, bar thickness and colors for filled and empty space and bulb. The background color is transparent by default, and other colors can have a alpha transparency number added. You can turn the thermometer bulb off with nobulb=1, which results in a column display. Text and scale colors can be changed. Standard padding can be changed.

  Default settings:
    'current' => '0',    # current value
    'goal'    => '100',  # goal value
    'max'     => '',     # max value as alternative to goal, goal will not be displayed
    'height'  => '360',  # outer height
    'width'   => '',     # outer width, default automatic calculation
    'bar'     => '3',    # bar thickness 1 ... 5
    'font'    => '4',    # font size 1 ... 5
    'bg'      => 'ffffffff',# background color (transparent)
    'fill'    => 'FF0000',  # main fill and border color
    'topfill' => 'FFFFCC',  # top fill color
    'bulbfill'=> '',        # bulb fill color (defaults to main fill color)
    'scale'   => '666666',  # scale color
    'value'   => '000000',  # value text color
    'percent' => 'FFFFFF',  # percent text color
    'border'  => '',    # outer border color     
    'nobulb'  => '',    # set to 1 for column only display
    'noscale' => '',    # set to 1 for no scale display
    'padding' => '8',   # img padding
    'rpad'    => '40',  # right hand extra padding
    'base' => '',       # pagename of base page to check for page modifications 

The resulting image(s) are stored in a cache directory with unique filenames as png images. The markup directive only constructs images fresh if the page is updated. Make sure to force a page refresh after changing any parameters in the markup, to force the new image file to be loaded.

set a base pagename if values are extracted from PTVs from another page (the base page). This will ensure that the goalmeter image is regenerated if a page change occurs on that page (which might be an updated value for the PTV used).

You can see a demo here: http://softflow.co.uk/design/Test/GoalMeter


The server needs to have the php GD library installed, which supports image functions. See www.php.net/gd

Release Notes

  • 2009-01-29: added base= optional parameter, to specify a base pagename, for modification time check. Default check is for current page, and image updates are no longer triggered by latest wiki-wide page changes, which should decrease php system demands. Image ids are now generated automatically.
  • 2007-04-25: Added $pagename to filename of image files, to support goalmeters on different pages.
  • 2007-04-24: Added noscale=1 parameter to suppress display of scale. Added max= parameter as alternative to goal= , max= will set goal value, but not display this value.
  • 2006-11-10: Initial release. Script based on thermometer script by Wendell Brown, Thank you!

If the recipe has multiple releases, then release notes can be placed here. Note that it's often easier for people to work with "release dates" instead of "version numbers".


See Discussion at GoalMeter-Talk

Simon Brown 16/Nov/06 I added this recipe but I get an error message; Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagefontwidth() in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\pmwiki\cookbook\goalmeter.php on line 66

When I try to preview or save. I am using Wiki 2.2.0.beta2 with the triad skin Any ideas?

I think your server does not have the GD graphic library installed. Probably not part of your local default php installation. See www.php.net/gd. ~HansB

Currently, the recipe uses $LastModTime which forces a regeneration of the pictures if any page on the whole wiki is modified. May I suggest that it regenerates them only if the embedding page itself is changed? It will use less server resources. Also, an automatic id could be added with static $id=0; $id++; which should be simpler/easier for authors. --Petko January 29, 2009, at 01:14 AM

Recipe now updated. No more use of $LastModTime. By default only changes to current page will trigger image regeneration. For the case the markup is using a parameter witha PTV from another page, a base=pagename parameter can be set, so the image will regenerate on changes to that page. I did not introduce a global var to enable wiki-wide mod time checking. I also followed your suggestion and generate the id automatically, thanks! - HansB January 29, 2009, at 01:35 PM

See Also

  • PHPImages The script which inspired me to write this recipe.
  • Progress Bar - A recipe for displaying simple horizontal percentage indicator. Doesn't require graphics library - uses only CSS.



(:goalmeter goal=2000 current=460:)
(:goalmeter current='0 units' goal='400 units' height=300 fill=ff3300 topfill=ccff00 font=2:) 
(:goalmeter goal=1234 current=567:)
(:goalmeter font=2 fill=bbffbb goal=200 current=174:)
(:goalmeter current=25% goal=100% font=2 bar=2 height=250 width=80 fill=0066ff topfill=ddeeff66  bulbfill=0000ff border=0000ff bg=ffffff7f:) 
(:goalmeter current=150km goal=1000km fill=71A3A4 topfill=92ABBF80 scale=71A3A4 value=000033 percent=000033 nobulb=1 bar=5 font=6:)

Current: 460 Current: 0 units Current: 567 Current: 174 Current: 25% Current: 150km

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