Summary: Confine all users to one group, named other than Main
Version: 9 June 2005
Prerequisites: Last tested on PmWiki version: 2b37
Maintainer: jmi
Categories: Administration


You want your users to remain in only one group. It is easy if you keep the 'Main' group, but what if you wish to change the name of the default group ? This page tries to list everything you need to completely get rid of all links to other groups.


  • You have to redefine the following variables in config.php:
    • $DefaultGroup = Yourgroup
    • $AuthorGroup = Yourgroup
    • $PageNotFound = Yourgroup.PageNotFound (which you eventually have to create)
  • Open /wikidlib/PmWiki.EditQuickReference and change [[PmWiki/TextFormattingRules]] - [[PmWiki/TipsForEditing]] with [[Yourgroup/TextFormattingRules]] - [[Yourgroup/TipsForEditing]]
  • Create a PmWiki.XLPage and add the line : 'Main/SearchWiki' => 'Yourgroup/SearchWiki'
  • If you have problems with the sidebar, open the skin template file (.tmpl in /pub/skin/) and change $Group.SideBar with $Yourgroup.SideBar, then go edit your new Yourgroup.SideBar page.
  • Do not forget to specify that the wikilinks must not contain any dot !

Notes and Comments

I Hope I didn't forget anything ! - works well on my wiki :)

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jmi June 09, 2005, at 09:25 AM


See discussion at OneGroupForAll-Talk?

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