Summary: A discussion of pre-bundled wikis
Categories: Bundles


This page is to discuss possible pre-bundled wikis.

Table of Successfully Used Bundle Candidates

This table (still under development) will tell us which recipes are used frequently. New users will be able to see which recipes work well together to serve a need; frequently-used recipes may become core candidates.

CMSAuthUser, Skin with hidden Login link, variation on AuthUserCMSLike, CommentBoxPlus, EMailform-s, Author forced to user name, CleanUrls, WebFeeds (protected)Sandy
farmshared but unservable home wiki, custom $UrlLinkFmt, custom page variables, custom author required message, author forced to $_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'], "source" and "diff" require edit rights, Gui buttons, ref count, notify, pagelist protect, one shared Group, Windoze simultaneous edit fix, allow commas in upload names, recent changes by author, custom meta-refresh markup, farmmap to shared images directory, Gemini default skinNeilHerber
public wikiraised upload size limits, CommentBoxPlus, custom include file markup, ActionLog, AddLink Bookmarklet, custom unset($RecentChangesFmt ...NeilHerber
private wikiActionLog, Apache BA with AuthUser, Author forced to user nameNeilHerber
Fiction archivecustom page variables, custom pagelist templates, Bonny, CleanUrls, AuthUser, IncludeUpload, Tagger, Cluster, MarkupExtensions, FauxTrail, NewGroupBox, NewPageBoxPlus, PageTableOfContents, HandyTableOfContents, DeleteAction, RenamePageKathryn Andersen
private wikicustom page variables, custom pagelist templates, Bonny, CleanUrls, IncludeUpload, Tagger, Cluster, MarkupExtensions, FauxTrail, NewPageBoxPlus, PageTableOfContents, HandyTableOfContents, Marklets, PmCal, DeleteAction, RenamePageKathryn Andersen
private wikiown skin, AuthUser, PmCalS.L. Casteel
Business SiteAttachtable, AuthUser, BreakPageList, CleanUrls, Fox, FoxEdit, FoxDelete, FoxNotify, HtpasswdForm, ImageMap, ISO8859MakePageNamePatterns, MarkupExprPlus, MultiLanguageViews PowerTools, Tagger, ThumbList, TitleMarkup, UploadPlus, custom skinHansB
Small Business SiteCleanUrls, EProtect, FlashMediaPlayer, Fox, FoxEdit, FoxDelete, FoxNotify, IncludeUrl, NewPageBoxPlus,ThumbList, customised Triad skin,WikiStylesPlusHansB
university departmentAttachIcons, Attachtable, AuthorContribution, AuthUser, AutoSave, AutoThumber, CaseCorrection, ConvertHTML, CSSInWikiPages, custom user name mapping, DynamicPageActions, EditAttributes, FastCache, MovePage, MultiUpload, OpenSearch, PageDiffSize, RecentUploadsLog, Sisterly, Sitemapper, SourceBlock, SysDiff, Tabulate, custom skins, custom database access modules, custom user management moduleEemeli Aro
formform,input,form validation,form processornext