Summary: Redirect web crawlers to different pages
Prerequisites: Last tested on PmWiki version: 2.0beta-54
Status: missing script
Maintainer: Daniel Scheibler
Discussion: BlockCrawler-Talk?


Could I show web crawlers like Googlebot, MSN Bot and others show different pages?


You want to protect several pages to crawl by web bots?

This script will detect the markup (:blockcrawler:) and if a web crawler want to spider your website he will automaticly redirect to a special page in group BlockCrawler. In this way your content will be protected by indexing of (well-known) search engines.

block_crawler.zipΔ unpacks into cookbook/block_crawler.php, wikilib.d/BlockCrawler.HomePage and several special pages in wikilib.d/BlockCrawler.*

add the following line to config.php

  • BlockCrawler/HomePage is the configuration file with following syntax:
    • crawler name -> wiki page in group BlockCrawler to show -> optional comments
  • There are three configuration variables
    • SDV($BlockCrawlerGroup, 'BlockCrawler'); - name of BlockCrawler group
    • SDV($BlockCrawlerConfigPage, 'HomePage'); - name of BlockCrawler config page
    • SDV($BlockCrawlerConfigItemize, true); - config page is bullet list or not


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