Summary: Embed PDF files in a wiki page using Scribd
Version: 2010-10-27
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How can I embed PDF files in a wiki page? How can I embed files using Scribd in a wiki page?


Scribd supports embedding PDF documents from on a wiki page. Your pdfs can be uploaded to the Scribd website, and then embedded on your page. For more info on Scribd's viewer, visit


To install, include Scribd.phpΔ in config.php:


The most basic syntax is:

(:Scribd id=... key=...:)

Additional arguments are also available...

(:Scribd id=... key=... width=... height=... view=... page=...:)

Scribd args:

  • id - required - code located after "document_id="
  • key - required - code located after "key-"
  • width - default: 600
  • height - default: 100%
  • page - default: 1
  • view - default: scroll - scroll, book, slideshow, or tiled
  • custom_logo_image_url - add your own logo to the top - requires a full url


In addition, Replace-On-Edit Patterns ($ROEPatterns) have been created for this recipe, so that visitors can simply copy-and-paste the embed code directly from the Scribd website, click save or save-and-edit, and have the code automatically converted to the appropriate PmWiki markup. If this is undesired, an admin can disable this in config.php by setting $ScribdROEenabled to false.

Release notes

See also

  • GoogleViewer - Google's PDF viewer - pretty lo-res
  • Flash - embedding other Flash players from other sites onto webpage



See Scribd-Talk - your comments are welcome here!

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