Summary: Add a Favicon to your website
Version: Any
Prerequisites: Requires modification of skin template
Status: Mature
Discussion: Favicon-Talk
Categories: Layout

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How do I add a Favicon to my PmWiki?

Adding a Favicon to PmWiki.

Add the following line to the pmwiki.tmpl template between the <head> and </head> lines. The template can be found in the /pub/skins/yourskin/ directory

<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

Alternatively, you can use $HTMLHeaderFmt to place these statements in config.php instead of editing the templates.

Create a favicon.ico from a graphic. To create a Favicon from an graphic or picture try http://htmlkit.com/services/favicon/ .

Place the favicon.ico to the base directory of your website (often /public_html/).

If you wish to place your Favicon in another directory change the href= in the lines above to href="/pathto/favicon.ico" and place the Favicon in that directory.

The image type may be changed to use another image type, viz type="image/png"

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See discussion at Favicon-Talk

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