Summary: Enables the usage of a subset of LaTeX syntax as an alternative markup (except Math).
Version: 0.1 (initial pre-alpha test release)
Prerequisites: none
Status: working (but with very limited features)
Maintainer: JoseGeraldo
Discussion: LatexMarkup-Talk?

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Can I use LaTeX-marked documents as PmWiki pages?


I wanted to be able to use the same source document to serve my webpages and to print. It is known that LaTeX can generate excellent printout quality, while HTML printing is, to say it gently, poor. However, reading onscreen the output of a LaTeX document is painful because TeX produces paper-oriented documents.

This recipe, which I am still developing, makes it possible to use a limited subset of LaTeX as an alternative markup. The wikipage source, marked in LaTeX, can be copied and pasted into a LaTeX editor so that you can print it neatly.

Supported Markup

Conventions shared by both LaTeX and PmWiki are supported natively: line breaks and paragraph separation.

So far I have implemented the conversion of the following LaTeX markup:

  • \emph{},
  • some font formatting styles (\textit{}, \texttt{}, \textbf{})
  • itemize lists,
  • definition lists,
  • enumerate lists,
  • sectioning commands (\part, \chapter, \section, \subsection, \paragraph, \subparagraph),
  • \url,
  • quotation and quote,
  • figure insertion (\includegraphics inside a picture environment) is possible, but the paths used by both systems are different and I have not figured yet how to solve the issue.


  • By version 0.3 it should be possible to use all font-formatting markup using html entities,
  • By version 0.6 it should be possible to use \footnote, \marginpar and insert CSS styles to produce specific effects. The abstract environment could be used to generated a page summary in the header. All special chars correctly escaped so that they work both ways.
  • By version 0.9 it should be possible to map all LaTeX character entities into HTML entities. Specific LaTeX markup rendered as comments or ignored by HTML output.
  • Version 1.0 should allow the use of any arbitrary LaTeX document (minus formulae) as a wiki document. Preamble ignored.


The usual way: copy latexmarkup.phpΔ to your Cookbook dir and include it in the local config. No additional software is needed.


None yet.

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Initial, pre-Alpha, testing release. Help wanted.

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See Discussion at LatexMarkup-Talk?

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