Summary: Minimise the size of the PmWiki installed files
Version: 2.2.0 beta
Maintainer: from mailing list
Categories: Install

Questions answered by this recipe

Which files can I delete from PmWiki to make it smaller. I know it doesn't take much space but I would like it to take a little less ;)


Instructions to remove some PmWiki installation files to reduce the PmWiki footprint.

You can safely remove

  • the PmWiki.* files from the wikilib.d/ folder, this will save a lot of space (approx 804KB)
  • the Main.* files from the wikilib.d/ folder

Be sure to keep all of the Site.* files there, however.

You can also remove the docs/ folder (48KB).

Together, these two items bring the installed size down to 636KB. If you want an even smaller footprint:

  • if you're not using the GUIEdit buttons, you can remove the pub/guiedit/ folder (124KB) and scripts/guiedit.php (3KB)
  • if you're not doing RSS feeds, you can remove scripts/feeds.php (18KB)
  • if you don't need utf-8 support, you can remove xlpage-utf-8.php (14KB)

You can remove

  • scripts/transition.php (9KB)
  • scripts/compat1x.php (8KB)
  • scripts/authuser.php (7KB)
  • scripts/notify.php (7KB)

That gets PmWiki down to 436KB. After that we're removing really small items:

  • scripts/urlapprove.php (5KB)
  • scripts/mailposts.php (4KB) # this shouldn't be here anyway
  • scripts/wikiwords.php (2KB)
  • scripts/creole.php (2KB)
  • scripts/httpauth.php (2KB)

With all of the above removed, thanks 408KB. Removing anything else after this is rapidly reaching a point of diminishing returns. :-)


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