Summary: helper for recipe UserAdmin
Version: 2015-09-20


This page is a placeholder for version maintenance -- see UserAdmin.


Only Version and potentially a few technical notes (specific to this sub-recipe) reside here on this page. For all "normal" UserAdmin information and documentation see that page.

If you have questions or ideas or discussion, please do not create a talk page for this sub-recipe but instead use UserAdmin-Talk or the mailing list.

Why Keep this page?

By maintaining this separate page a release of 1 sub-recipe doesn't require a release of all related recipes and features such as SiteAnalyzer and RecipeCheck are still functional.

More detail: UserAdmin includes 3 ways of storing user data: UserAdmin-dbase, UserAdmin-authuser, and UserAdmin-profiles. Often updates are made to 1 or the other independent of the other modules.

Change log / Release notes

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