Txtdb (Csv based database)

Summary:Txtdb (A simple csv based database)
Version: 2.2.1-alpha-2-20230215
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.122+, PHP 5.6.40+

Questions answered by this recipe

  • A simple csv based database, capable of being queried using sql.

Txtdb (A simple csv based database)

Txtdb-sample1(Form based queries) | Txtdb-sample2(Wiki directive based queries) | Txtdb-sample3(Data output as List) | Txtdb-sample4(Data output as List) | Txtdb-sample5(Data output as Pmwiki PageVars) | Txtdb-sample6(Data output as Pmwiki PageVars)


  • To create simple wiki based database.
  • This package is presently experimental and in alpha state.


Some of the potential uses of Txtdb

  1. Site wide or group wide database can be created.
  2. Page wise database can be set.
  3. Txtdb's can be used to explain terms in any other language. Thus helping in creating a multilanguage page.
  4. Txtdb page can be shared among users or easily copied on to a new/different website/page.
  5. SQL style query can be done using Txtdb.

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See also


  1. Original Author of "txtdb lib": c-worker.ch


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Package/AppsMinimumLast test
Php5 >= 5.6.408.0.19+
BrowserMost browsers built after 2014
with JavaScript support + CSS2+


Txtdb help/manual



February 15, 2023
TxtDb version 2.2.1-alpha-2
 -- Added class simpletable to table output.

January 16, 2023
TxtDb version 2.2.1-alpha-1
 -- Make compatible with php 7.2x.
 -- Make compatible with php 8.0.x.
 -- Minor bug fix.
 -- Code clean.

April 07, 2016
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-7
 -- Make compatible with php 5.5x.
 -- Minor bugs fixes.

February 12, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-6
 -- Output as 'sessionvar'.
 -- Output as raw 'array'.
 -- Output as raw 'serialize'.
 -- Call/Moved txtdb lib call from within markup's function call.
 -- Renamed option 'OutputId' to 'id'.
 -- Renamed option 'OutputClass' to class.

February 02, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-5
 -- Improved transpose behaviour.
 -- Transpose available in pagevars.
 -- Two different ouputs from same id txtdbDraw call(But different OutputId).
 -- Included sample_table.txt for reference.

January 31, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-4
 -- Minor correction in markups.
 -- Support for multiline data in pmwiki's simple table format
 -- OutputId and OutputClass for txtdbDraw.
 -- Added 'List' output type.
 -- Added behaviour 'transpose' for table and list output.
 -- Improved form support.

January 21, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-3
 -- Fixed, now allows both Pmwiki simple-table and txtdb table format to display together.
 -- Added, Output from query can be used as Pmwiki PageVariables.
 -- Improved code logic.

January 19, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-2
 -- Added wikitable output option for (:txtdbDraw:) directive.
 -- Added options to read PmWiki 'simple table' as a database table.

January 12, 2010
TxtDb version 2.2.0-alpha-1
 -- Initial Release.
 -- Version num start made to coincide with Current PmWiki version.


  • V.Krishn


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