Hyperlinks, tags, and categories have so many interesting and useful uses in a wiki...

Cookbook /
Accordion  lightweight Accordion javascript requiring no framework (stable)
AddFootnote  Insert markup to create a footnote (Beta)
AddLinkBookmarklet  How to use PmWiki to bookmark pages
AddLinkTagsBookmarklet  Adding links, selected text and tags from another page to a wiki page (Maintained)
AddPageForm  How to add new pages without creating a link first
AddSignature  Insert markup for a stylized signature (Beta)
AddToggle  Add a toggle link (Beta)
AddToWatchlist  Add or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click (beta)
AlternateNamingScheme  Use other naming schemes for PmWiki pages
Ape  Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages (Stable)
AtLinks  Alternative linking scheme with @ prefix (@Page) (Stable)
AutoLink   automatically displays any specified word, phrase or name as a link, throughout the entire site
AutomaticLinks  How to automatically create Crosslinks for use in, e.g., a glossary
AutoPlay  Unobtrusive embedding of video players from simple links (Superseded by Ape)
AutoTel  A recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers (Alpha)
AutoTOC  Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links (stable)
Backlinks  List pages with links to a target (Documentation)
BlogCalendar  small calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages (stable)
Bloge-Linkback  Automatically send and receive Pingbacks and Trackbacks (beta)
Bloge-ShortUrl  Get short URLs on your own site (beta)
Bloge-Tags  Use page keywords and categories as tags (beta)
Bloge-Tags-Talk  Talk Page for the Bloge-Tags recipe
Bloge-UrlApprove  Approve links one at a time (beta)
Bookmarklet  Make bookmarklet links, make browser toolbar buttons (working)
ButonLink  How To Link Another Page Using a Gui button
CaseCorrection  Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive (beta)
ClassTags  Markup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more! (Stable)
Cluster  Group-clustering recipe. (beta)
CopyingInternationalURLs  Some hints and tricks to copy URLs with international (UTF-8) characters
CSSPopups  How to make popups with CSS
Dash-Pagenames  URLs and page names with dashes for word spacing, UTF-8 friendly (new)
DeObMail  Unobtrusive e-mail link (de)obfuscator (Beta)
DirList  Local/LAN directory listings and downloads. (beta)
DoTheRightThing  Link shortcuts to custom searches for your browser (beta)
DotsInLinks  How to enable dots in wiki links (Experimental)
DynamicTrails  Dynamic WikiTrails with pagelist (experimental)
EmbedOpenStreetMap  Easy, lightweight and unobtrusive embedding of simple maps in wiki pages (Superseded by Ape)
ExternalLinks  Configure external links to open in a new window, have a "tooltip title", or use other CSS classes (Stable)
ExternalLinks2  Add an icon to external links and make them automatically open in a new window
ExternalLinksFavicons  Display favicons before links to external websites (Beta)
FreeMind  Embed mind maps in PmWiki pages (experimental)
FriendlyAuthorLinks  Displays author page titles as link text for all automatic author links. (Needs review)
GetRidOfMain  How to get rid of "Main" group, i.e. all pages in "Main" are accessible and accessed directly in the wiki root
GlossaryPlus  Glossary Plus (Beta)
GooglePlusOne  A recipe to enable the use of Google Plus One widgets in your PmWiki pages (RC)
GooGlURL  Provides PHP variable and Page Variable that contains the shortened URL for the current page. (Works)
Hg  Produce Hierarchical groups like effects on your site (Stable)
Hlinks  Create hierarchical pages (beta)
HrefPageDirective  How to get the href address to a particular wiki link
InCategory  Custom conditional markup to determine if a page is in a category (Experimental)
ISO8859MakePageNamePatterns  How to convert ISO 8859 character input for page names to unaccented ASCII equivalents
LazyWebLinks  Cause markup text beginning with "www." to be automatically converted into a link to an external site
LinkCSSToolTip  link markup with css popup tooltip text including styling, variables, includes, menus (stable)
LinkIcons  Add icons to your links according to their extensions.
LinkPageCreateFmtTooltip  How to add a tooltip for a link to a non-existent page
LinkPageExistsFmtTooltip  How to add tooltips to links (Stable)
LinkTel  Active telephone links in wiki pages (beta)
LinkTitles  Add "title" attributes to all links (Beta)
ListCategories  use categories as tags (stable)
Multilink  How to create multilinks
NewGroupWarning  Display a warning when a user is creating a page in a non-existing wiki group.
PageAction  Change the page actions on a page-by-page basis (new)
PageHistorySource  Disable markup in page history (obsolete - see InlineDiff)
PageListMultiTargets  Enable multiple pages and wildcards in PageList (Experimental)
Parmset  Provide access to the current requests in the URL as a page variable (Beta)
PopupIFrame  create a modal popup iframe with dynamic content (stable)
PopupWindow  create popup windows (stable)
PPDonate  Create links to accept donations via PayPal (Beta)
PTVLinkText  Use a page text variable for link text, when available (works so far)
RandomImageFromAListOfPictures  Posting a random image from a number of pictures
RecentChangesExcerpt  How to display a list of last n RecentChanges
RedirectIntermap  Allows redirects to intermap and external locations & implements silent 301 redirects (beta)
RedirectMap  create short urls for redirects using mapping similar to intermap (stable)
RedirectSilent  Redirect pages without messages and without modifying links (obsolete)
RelativeLinks  How to create links using relative urls instead of absolute urls
RemoveQuestionMark  How to remove question mark beside links for non-existent pages
Router  Router allows a website's url structure to be different from PmWiki's group/page structure. (beta)
SEO  A set of best practices to Search Engine Optimization
ShareButtons  Social media sharing buttons without tracking or JavaScript (Experimental)
ShortCutsMarkup  Gives easy access to creating some types of custom markup. (Working)
ShortURLs  shorten URLs using, including a markup expression and a function for further coding
SubgroupMarkup  Add one level of subpage using [[,subpage]] markup (Stable (was SubpageMarkup))
Tagger  Easy tagging into multiple category groups. (stable)
Tags  How to have tags (like Flickr)
TalkPages  Talk pages, as enabled on (Stable)
Toggle  Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page (stable)
Toggler  add text/code folding, from image or text (show or hide page content) (active)
TraceTrail  Trail history of the last (default=5) visited wiki pages (Stable)
UnToggle  An unobtrusive show/hide toggle switch. (Beta)
UnToggle-Talk  Talk Page for UnToggle recipe
WatchLists  Track the most recent changes to a list of pages (Stable)
WikiSVN  Handle TortoiseSVN (Subversion) via pmWiki (Complete (Utility works for users for Windows only. pmWiki can be installed on any supported OS))
WPCategories  Mimic Wikipedia's categories behaviour -- group category-referencing links in a neat box by the bottom of a page + automatically create category-listing pages. (Stable (tested in pmwiki-2.2.0-beta63 - 2.0beta55))
01218  Add tags to pages -- alternate method of organizing pages (Closed - cookbook recipes exist)
PmWiki /
Categories-Talk  Discussion of Categories
Test /