Summary: Provide client-side AES encryption support
Version: 0.1
Maintainer: FrankM
Discussion: AesCrypt-Talk
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Categories: Security

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Client-side AES encryption implemented in Javascript provides a method of (en|de)crypting data with out the plain text data or passwords ever landing on the remote server..


Based on DesCrypt and Chris Veness' AES implementation in JavaScript

Extract the file :aescrypt-0.1.tgzΔ into pmwiki. It should contain the files:

  • pmwiki/cookbook/aescrypt.php
  • pmwiki/pub/aescrypt/aes.js
  • pmwiki/pub/guiedit/aescrypt.png

Add a form name of "EditForm" to the form by editing line 290 of scripts/form.php from:

 ':html' => "<form action='{\$PageUrl}?action=edit' method='post'


 ':html' => "<form name='EditForm' action='{\$PageUrl}?action=edit' method='post'

And add the line:
include_once('cookbook/aescrypt.php'); to pmwiki/local/config.php

This will add an button to edit-toolbar. Set up your edit text like this:

  Some text.
  More text. (:aescrypt:) [= Encrypt this text =]
  And this (:aescrypt:) [= Encrypt this as well =]

And then before pressing "Save" or "Preview" press button. This will prompt for a password and then change the markup to (:aescrypted:). You may now click "Save". In standard viewing your encrypted text will show as a link that, when clicked, prompts for a decrypt password.


  • Only tested under Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.10 and Epiphany 2.30 on `Ubuntu Linux [ok]
  • and no promises that your data wont be forever lost.

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See discussion at AesCrypt-Talk

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