Summary: An alternative Shoutbox
Version: v0.2
Prerequisites: Pmwiki 2.x, Fox
Status: Tested
Maintainer: Forceflow
Categories:Forms Fox

Questions answered by this recipe

  • How do I implement a basic shoutbox on my wiki, which allows user communication ?


Fox forms shoutbox


The solution on Shoutbox is nice, but I added some improvements due to problems I encountered whilst implementing it on a personal wiki:

  • Input checking: Checks whether or not sensible (non-spaces) input was given
  • Link to author profile: Adds a link to the author profile to the message
  • Success/Fail messages
  • Summary message in recentchanges


Copy the following code on a page which you will provide to your users for entering shoutbox content. (The Sidebar, for example). You can change ShoutBox to a name of a page you'd like to post shouts to. Be sure that the Fox security settings were configured properly.

(:include ShoutBox lines=8:)

(:if ! equal {$Author} "":)
(:fox shoutbox put=top target=ShoutBox foxsuccess='Posted succesfully !':)
(:foxcheck shout regex='\w' msg='No sensible input':)
(:input hidden author value='{$Author}' :) 
(:input hidden csum value='posted shoutbox message':)
%center%(:input text class=shoutbox shout size=20:)
%center%(:input submit post Submit:)
%right%[[ShoutBox | more]]
(:foxtemplate "'''[[Profiles/{$$author}]]''': {$$shout} - [-''{(ftime fmt="%d/%m %H:%M")}''-] [[<<]]":)
(:foxend shoutbox:)
'-%red%(:foxmessage shoutbox list=check:)%%-'
'-%green%(:foxmessage shoutbox list=nocheck:)%%-'

Screenshot (using Monobook theme)

[(approve links) edit diff]

Release Notes

  • 12/06/08
    • Initial release.
    • Added summary message to show up in Recent Changes
  • 11/05/09
    • Textfield fixes (thanks DaveG)
    • added screenshot

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