Summary: Obsolete, superceded, and deprecated recipes

  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.
AddDeleteLine2An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again. (2.0.3 stable)Blog, Editing, Forms, Obsolete
As Spaced function in UTF-8How to fix the broken {$Namespaced}, {$Titlespaced}, {$Groupspaced} when the website is in UTF-8 ( )Obsolete
AuthenticatedAsConditionalA different way of performing authentication than PmWiki's "default" ( deprecated)Obsolete, Security
AuthenticatedAttachLets the user view an Attachment only if they have the appropriate password ( Obsolete)Uploads, Security, Obsolete,
AuthTableList Attributes of all pages in a wiki (1.2 Stable)Obsolete
AutoCreateCategoryAutomatically creates category pages for all tags in the page text (0.9 2008-11-27 BETA)Administration, Obsolete
BeautifierPerform syntax highlighting for source code displayed on wiki pages ( )Layout Obsolete
BeeblebroxNetGilaBased on gila by haran, for a more modern version of this skin, see Skins.Maguila ( )
BitterLemonTableless, left side-bar skin based on IGIENISTA DENTALE template by Arcsin. (20090419 )Skins Obsolete
BlocklistObsolete recipe, please see PmWiki.Blocklist ( obsolete)Administration, Security, Obsolete
Blocklist2Block vandals and spammers by IP or phrase. (2006-04-20 Deprecated)Obsolete
Blocklist3Block vandals or spammers by IP, word, phrase, or regular expressions. (2006-04-28 3.0 beta)Obsolete
BlocklistHelperScriptsUse the output available from Blocklist2 to build a better blocklist ( )Obsolete
BuildFormsCreate an HTML form with Wiki markup, save values in a file, and pass values to a user defined function (obsolete) ( 0.8 (16 May 2005) )Forms Obsolete
ClustermapsAn image based summary of the visitors to your site. (20090920 )Obsolete
CustomRedirectsThis recipe modifies the behavior of PmWiki's redirect markup (v1.0.0 Obsolete)Obsolete
FASTMembershipSelf registration add-on for AuthUser (1.1 (Thanks Ben) Deprecated)Authentication Obsolete
FormGuideSystemFlexible, extensible, parameter-driven system to support the use of form pages ( )Forms Obsolete
FrenchA version of the French translation converted to UTF-8 ( )International, UTF-8, i18n, Obsolete
LayoutEditModifiedModify the Edit page ( )Obsolete
LinkTitlesAdd "title" attributes to all links (20101221 Beta)Markup, Usability, Links, Obsolete
MergeMetaTagsA way to merge multiple meta tags into single entries (0.1 (23 January 2006) )Obsolete
Mini with UltralightboxObsolete, Mini comes now bundled with Ultralightbox (20110816 beta)Obsolete
NewPageFormAdds a new page using a form (1.0.9 Not working with PmWiki 2.2)Forms, Obsolete
NoSpacePreHow to get rid of the leading spaces with indented "pre" blocks ( )Obsolete
NotebookAn effective way to organize your notes, a simple modification of default skin, with the use of HorizontalMenu and InfoBox ( )
Notebook2Based on Notebook skin, with the use of phplayersmenu-3.2.0, for dropdown menus, deprecated ( )
NumberOfArticlesReport the number of articles in a wiki (0.3 - 18 September 2006 )Administration, Includes, Obsolete
ObfuscateEmailPrevent email addresses from being harvested from your site (1.0 do not use, does not protect)!Links, !Security, !Administration !Spam Obsolete
OutlineListsDeprecated, see WikiStylesPlus ( Stable)Obsolete -- see WikiStylesPlus
PagelistCountGet pagelist to return a count of pages (deprecated) (2007-07-19 Obsolete -- added to core in 2.2.0-beta51)Obsolete
PageListTemplatesRecipe deprecated, see PmWiki.PageLists ( )
PageVariableExtensionsFunctional extensions to page variables (20061029 Obsolete)Obsolete PageVariables
PmWiki2PDFGenerate a PDF; back up all wiki pages in PDF format (2005-10-10 )Obsolete,
PreviewTopHow to place the page preview above the edit box (Jun-06-2004 )Layout Obsolete
ProposedRecipeStructureChangeIdeas about improving the Cookbook (page kept for historical reasons) ( )
ProtectEmailEmail obfuscation ($Rev: 49 $ )!Security !Links !Spam Obsolete
PukkaFloatA skin carefully designed to work for everyone, deprecated in favour of Lens ( )
RemovingLeftContentRemoving left or right part of the layout ( )Obsolete
RssImprovedHow to get better RSS compatibility & support; how to create podcasts or audioblogs ( Deprecated)Obsolete
ShowHideAdds toggle buttons and links to show/hide sections and objects. Superseded by Toggle. (2009-02-16 deprecated)Layout Obsolete
SignalWhenMarkupTells you whether your markup is evaluated within (:markup:) code (2019-01-26 stable)Markup, PHP55, PHP72, Obsolete +1
SkinChangechange skin via query or cookie setting (pmwiki-2.3.25 Stable)Skins Layout PHP72 Obsolete +9
SpacedWikiWordsSpace out WikiWords? in the page presentation without requiring FreeLink? mark-up ( )Obsolete
Multiline textareasHow to create textareas pre-filled with content ( )Forms Obsolete
TrackbackSimple trackback feature (2007-04-21 )Obsolete
UserAuthUser-based authorization (0.70, 25 January 2006 Obsolete)Administration, Security Obsolete
XesAuthUserDbaseStand-Alone version of AuthUserDbase (0.2 deprecated)Security Obsolete
How to create ZAPForumStep by step instructions for creating a forum using ZAP. ( discontinued)DeleteCandidate,Obsolete
  • Note: The last column counts the number of users who left comments on the *-Users page dedicated to the recipe.