Summary: How to make PmWiki have random titles in the browser title bar
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How can I make my Wiki have random titles in the browser title bar?

A simple PHP hack, my dear Watson!

Inspired by a FireFox plugin that amusingly changes the browser title every time one starts the browser, to names such as "StormUnicorn" and "IcePanda", I decided to see if I could do something similar for my Wiki.

This plugin takes a selection of titles (ie, for $WikiTitle, which is displayed in the browser bar) from a wiki page, Main.RandomTitle and chooses one at random each time a page is loaded or reloaded.

Example: http://54wiki.aenertia.net <== Dead Link 8/25/11

Notes and Comments

  • This recipe was last tested on PmWiki version: 2.0beta37
  • This recipe requires at least PmWiki version: ? I suspect it will work with most recent versions.
  • I am a php newbie! Use this at your own risk!



And place it in the cookbook directory.

Create a page in your wiki, Main.RandomTitle. Fill it with titles, starting every title with two asterisks (**).

Open up config.php in an editor.

Comment out this line by placing ##'s in front of it:

$WikiTitle = "My Wiki";

So it now reads:

## $WikiTitle = "My Wiki";

Now add this line:


Save config.php.

See if it works!

Future Developments

  • Option to have a new random title on each session, rather than each page load/reload
  • Option to have a new random title once a day, rather than every load/reload

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