Summary: Keeps track of page text changes in page attribute "jjsEditRev"
Version: 1.0
Maintainer: jjs
Discussion: JJSEditRev-Talk?

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Saving a page will always update the PageRev attribute. How can I have a revision count that is only updated when the page text has changed?

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JJSPageRev inserts a hook function in $EditFunctions that checks if the text of a page has changed before it is saved. If so, it updates the value of a page attribute named "jjsEditRev".


Download Attach:jjseditrev1_0.php Δ, save it in your cookbook directory.

add to local/config.php:

include_once($FarmD . '/cookbook/jjseditref1_0.php');


This is not of much value per se. But combined with JJSApprovePage and JjsCMS it allows for fine grained publishing control.

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  • 2006-03-18 Initial release

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See discussion at JJSEditRev-Talk?

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