Summary: Compresses PmWiki's html output.
Version: 20110417
Prerequisites: pmwiki 2.2
Status: mantained
Maintainer: CarlosAB
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After some more tests I have discovered problems in the cache mecanism, so please, look for other cache recipes like FastCache for now. HtmlCompress now provides ONLY compression of html output (plus in page javascript and css) from version 20110417 and forward.

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I compress PmWiki's html output?


HtmlCompress compresses PmWiki's html output, and can be used in conjunction with JsCompress and CssCompress for higher compression.


Just unzip the htmlcompress zip file and place the script inside the cookbook folder. Edit your config.php file to include_once the recipe, like this:


or, if you are using a farm:



HtmlCompress does the basic compression so you can use Apache's mod_deflate to serve pages with even more compression.

See Coding horror for an explanation on why to prefer mod_deflate instead of mod_gzip.



The recipe expects well formed html, css and javascript in every page and will not fix errors.

Change log / Release notes

htmlcompress-20110417Δ - Removed the cache feature and a new implementation is planned for the future. HtmlCompress will do only compression of html for now. Also removed the action=htmlcompress and compression will be provided only on browsing activity.
htmlcompress-20110416Δ - first release.

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See discussion at HtmlCompress-Talk?

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