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Sitemap   (10364 pages)

Cookbook (2304 pages)  List of cookbook recipe categories

Abbreviation Plurals  Automatically format text like CCDs as a plural abbreviation, instead of as a wikiword.
ABC Hover Index  displays a pagelist as an alphabetic hover menu, sorted by title
Abc Music  Display music scores from abc notation
Abc Song  add and edit abc music using existing PmWiki scripts and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor
Abc Tunebook  add and edit abc music using Fox and rendered as score and midi by abcjs javascript abc editor
Accessibility  Accessibility Enhancements
Accordion  lightweight Accordion javascript requiring no framework
Action Log  Maintain a page log of wiki actions
Action Menu  Drop-down menu to page actions (Edit, History, Attach...) instead of links.
Add Delete Line  Create a list where entries can easily be inserted and deleted
Add Delete Line 2  An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again.
Add Delete Line 3  An easy way to add information to a page and delete it again.
Add Footnote  Insert markup to create a footnote
Add Image Type  Add new image type extension
Adding Auth Levels  Adding an auth level and page attribute
Add Link Bookmarklet  How to use PmWiki to bookmark pages
Add Link Tags Bookmarklet  Adding links, selected text and tags from another page to a wiki page
Add Newline  Make wiki text end with a newline character, so the last line won't be marked as changed if text is added at the bottom
Add Page Form  How to add new pages without creating a link first
Add Signature  Insert markup for a stylized signature
Add This Widget  Embed the 'AddThis?' widget to enable easy sharing of webpages on facebook, delicious, twitter, and other social networking sites.
Add Toggle  Add a toggle link
Add To Watchlist  Add or remove a page from your watchlist trail with a single click
Add Url Schemes  How to get PmWiki to recognize additional URL schemes such as irc:, nntp:, etc.
Adit  Affliate advertising management system
Admin By Shell  A collection of ways to assist sysadmin of pmwiki using shell tools
Admin Hints  Hints & suggestions for wiki administrators
Administration  Recipes for Wiki Administration and Administrators
Advanced Table Directives  Add Table capabilities - nested tables, zebra tables, new directives.
Aes Crypt  Provide client-side AES encryption support
Aes Crypt-1  Provide client-side AES encryption support
Ai  Ai is another mysql data query using an original and efficient system of envelop and masks
Ajax Edit Support  Adds a wikipage/attachment/category AJAX browser to Edit pages
All Group Header  How to create a page that appears as a header (or footer) for all pages in all groups
Alternate Naming Scheme  Use other naming schemes for PmWiki pages
Amazon Widgets  This recipe provides markup to display widgets (for Amazon Associates) in a pmwiki environment.
A Mmathjax  Add markup to embed math using ASCII MATH by MathJax?.
Amp Detect  Detect AMP crawler bots so you can serve AMP pages, also to enable or disable recipes
Any Wiki Draw  Java based drawing tool to replace PmWikiDraw? eventually
Ape  Embed videos, maps, documents, and more in wiki pages
Ape-Talk-Archive  Archive with older threads from Ape-Talk
Applet  Use Java Applets in PmWiki pages
ASCII Math  Display MathML? rendered ascii formula into PmWiki 2.x pages
As Spaced Function In UTF-8  How to fix the broken {$Namespaced}, {$Titlespaced}, {$Groupspaced} when the website is in UTF-8
At Links  Alternative linking scheme with @ prefix (@Page)
Attach Delete  An enhancement to the current upload feature to allow the deletion of uploaded files.
Attache  A bundle of attachment joy
Attache-Image Sizer  Resize and manipulate uploaded images
Attach Icons  Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension
Attach Icons 2  Add icon images to Attach file links according to file extension
Attach Image Size  Generate width and height attributes for attached images
Attach Links  Get Attach: links to display by default without the "Attach:" prefix
Attach List  List of all Cookbook group uploaded files
Attachlist Enhanced  How to list missing or orphaned attachments.
Attach List Sort  Sort an attachlist
Attachman  Attachman[ager] shows attaches as a rich sortable table, works also via AJAX
Attach Size  Get file sizes of attached files
Attachtable  Actions to rename, delete & restore deleted attachments, as well as an attachlist replacement to use those actions, show file types and list attachment references.
Audio 5  HTML5? Audio Support for PmWiki
Audit Images  View the images that have been uploaded to your wiki.
Auth-SMF  Integrate SMF Simple Machines Forum with PmWiki and use SMF user management for Pmwiki authentication
Auth CAS  Central Authentication Service(CAS) based authentication
Auth DNS  Password-less authentication based on the visitor's IP address or (dynamic) hostname
Authenticated As Conditional  A different way of performing authentication than PmWiki's "default"
Authenticated Attach  Lets the user view an Attachment only if they have the appropriate password
Author Contribution  Automatically Produce an "Author Contributions" page for each author.
Authorcontribution-Old Version  Author Contribution, old version
Auth Php BB 2  Use phpBB2 user authentication for PmWiki page edit protection and author name
Auth Phpbb 2 Sso  Single Sign On for PmWiki and phpBB2
Auth Php BB 3  Use phpBB3 user authentication for PmWiki
Auth Php BB Users And Groups  Use phpBB3 user authentication and groups for PmWiki
Auth Profile  Like AuthUser, but designed to store login information in profile pages
Auth Pun BB  Use FluxBB? user authentication for PmWiki
Auth Table  List Attributes of all pages in a wiki
Auth User  PmWiki built-in user authentication system using user names and passwords
Auth User Bb Press  Ability to Authenticate against a MySQL? BBPress? user database.
Auth User CMS Like  Restricts access to PageActions? by role
Auth User Cookie  Persistent login for AuthUser
Auth User Dbase  Enables user authentication via database, whether from another application, or standalone
Auth User Federated  OpenID? and OAuth? authentication extension for AuthUser
Auth User Open Id  Implement single sign-on and Identity mechanism based on OpenID? protocol.
Auth User Saml  SAML authentication extension for AuthUser
Auth User Signup  Allow users to sign up themselves (with email verification) for authuser accounts
Auth User V Bulletin  Allows PmWiki to use vBulletin for a user login/password base, and to borrow PmWiki groups from vBulletin.
Auth User Via Microsoft LDAP  Configure AuthUser with Microsoft AD LDAP
Auto Create Category  Automatically creates category pages for all tags in the page text
Auto Create Pages  Automatically create pages based on the name of the current page.
Auto Group Pages  How to create a number of pages for a new group automatically
Auto Link   automatically displays any specified word, phrase or name as a link, throughout the entire site
Automatic Change Summary  Automatic change summaries
Automatic Links  How to automatically create Crosslinks for use in, e.g., a glossary
Automatic Page Refresh  How to create pages that refresh automatically.
Auto Play  Unobtrusive embedding of video players from simple links
Auto Restore  Automatically restore pages after a set time interval
Auto Save  Autosave pages in the background while editing
Auto Tel  A recipe to automatically detect and markup telephone numbers
Auto Thumber  Automatically resize uploaded images using ImageMagick?
Auto TOC  Unobtrusive Automatic Table of Contents links
Aux Select  Dropdown widget that persists its selected value between pages
B 3  Easy to install and use wiki blogging system
Background Images  How to add background images to divisions, tables & cells
Backlinks  List pages with links to a target
Backup HTML Zip  Export your wiki to static HTML then optionally compress/zip it
Backup Pages  Automatically back up the wiki.d directory to a .zip file
Backup With Rsync  How to backup a PmWiki installation with the program `rsync`.
Bad Behavior  Protect PmWiki with Bad Behavior 2.2.x
Bar Code  Easily create barcodes inside wiki pages
B Bcode  Page redirects to Bbcode.
Bbcode  BBcode? for PmWiki
Beautifier  Perform syntax highlighting for source code displayed on wiki pages
Bible Gateway  Provide search, reference replacement, and verse-of-the-day capabilities using BibleGateway?.com
Bibtex Ref  Integrate bibtex bibliography into PmWiki site, display, manipulate and easily cite references
Block Crawler  Redirect web crawlers to different pages
Block Group Creation  How can I only permit writing to existing groups?
Blocklist  Obsolete recipe, please see PmWiki.Blocklist
Blocklist 2  Block vandals and spammers by IP or phrase.
Blocklist 3  Block vandals or spammers by IP, word, phrase, or regular expressions.
Blocklist Helper Scripts  Use the output available from Blocklist2 to build a better blocklist
Blockquote-Cite-Quote  Markup for Blockquote, Cite and Quote HTML tags
Blog  List of recipes in Blog category
Blog Calendar  small calendar for blogs showing highlighted links to date-named blog pages
Bloge  A bundle of blogging
Bloge-Feeds  Blog-like Atom & RSS feeds
Bloge-Linkback  Automatically send and receive Pingbacks and Trackbacks
Bloge-Ping  Notify search engines when a page is modified
Bloge-Short Url  Get short URLs? on your own site
Bloge-Tags  Use page keywords and categories as tags
Bloge-Url Approve  Approve links one at a time
Blog It  Provides a complete blogging system, using in-built PmWiki features -- additional features are supported through existing cookbooks.
Blog It RSS  BlogItRSS? - Easily create RSS feeds for your blog.
Blog Parser  A simple parser for RSS feeds from content blocks based on kind-of-blog
Blog Simple  Experimental blog bundle using pagelists
Blog Simple 2  Simple blog bundle, revision of BlogSimple?
Blog With Page List  How to build a blog system with pagelists
Bold Lists  recipe and tips to make bold numbers and letters in ordered lists
Bookmarklet  Make bookmarklet links, make browser toolbar buttons
Bootstrap Icons  BootstrapIcons? extension for PmWiki
Break Page  Breaks pages into sections with inserted markers and displays one section at a time
Break Page List  display a pagelist in smaller slices and display navigation links
Build Forms  Create an HTML form with Wiki markup, save values in a file, and pass values to a user defined function (obsolete)
Bulk Replace  Change the content of many pages at a time
Bundle  A (proposed) community-supported bundle of commonly used cookbook recipes
Bundle 4 Blog  How to use PmWiki as a blogging engine.
Buton Link  How To Link Another Page Using a Gui button
Cached Number Of Articles  Count pages in wiki
Caddy  How to set up Caddy for a working PmWiki installation, including a working CleanURLs? configuration
Calculate Availability  The recipe adds markup for calculating availability
Callout  Present something within an iconic bubble or style.
Callout Customization  How to create custom callouts using the Callout recipe
Captcha  Use captchas to prevent automated systems from modifying pages
Captchas  Uses captchas to protect certain actions from spambots
Cards Markup  Markup suitable for displaying playing card games (e.g., contract bridge)
Carousel  simple Image Carousel, from one-line Markup: auto-populated from contents of a directory
Cascade Var  Populates PageTextVariables by looking through a sequence of pages
Case Correction  Makes PmWiki intelligently case-insensitive
Categories  Cookbook categories
Change Time Format  Change the format or timezone of dates and times
Chart Director  Add a bar chart to a page using modifiable data in page markup
Checklists  Ephemeral to-do lists
Chess Markup  Display chessboards in arbitrary positions
Choice Color Changer  Provide a way of setting persistent skin color and theme choices when using the Choice skin.
Chord Pro  Display ChordPro?-formatted song sheets in a wiki page
Chord Pro-Chord Sheets  ChordPro chord sheet documentation and examples
Chord Pro-Format  ChordPro Basics and text format
Chord Pro-Markup  ChordPro markup supported by this recipe
Chord Pro-Sandbox  Test and try out ChordPro
Class Tags  Markup for Edit-Mode to give a block of content a named class, for use with CSS, JS, or to add content-folding, and lots more!
Clean Up  Purge deleted pages and attachments from the server directories
Clean Urls  Enable URLs? that are shorter (without .php) and/or look like paths to wiki pages.
Clean Urls-archive  How to make clean urls (Old version)
Clipboard  Include content on another page
Cluster  Group-clustering recipe.
Clustermaps  An image based summary of the visitors to your site.
CMS  List of all recipes in the CMS category
CMS Bundle  Some scripts that add features useful for a CMS-type installation.
CMS Bundle Add Link  An AddLink? Bookmarklet recipe: (:AddLink?:)
CMS Like  Make PmWiki behave as a CMS by showing only the actions the current user is allowed to perform
CMS Mode  Make your wiki look and act like a normal website for non-author visitors.
Code Highlight  Syntax highlighting for programming languages
Code Mirror  An enhanced page editor for PmWiki
Color Notes  Display yellow (or other color) "sticky" notes.
Columns  Create columns out of lists without using table markup
Comment 4 Comment  adds the possibility to comment on comments to commentboxstyled
Comment Box  Adds a simple form to post comments
Comment Box Plus  Simple styled form to post comments, plus comment counter
Comment Db  Comment recipe - with pagination and RSS feed
Comment Page Link  How to create a comment page
Comments  Comment addon - comments in separate files
Comments Split  A simple way to have publically-editable comments section at the bottom of your pages
Compact Page List  How to make a compact pagelist
Compare Database Recipes  Comparison of Database Recipes for PmWiki
Compare Forms Recipes  Comparison of various form recipes
Compare Versions  Determine if two versions of the same file are the same or how they differ
Complex Recipes  Guidelines for people who want to share complex cookbook recipes with other PmWiki user
Compressed Page Store  Save wiki pages/files in compressed (gzip) format
Compressed Uploads  Modify scripts/upload.php to work with bzip2 archives
Conditional Extensions  A Conditional Markup extension for PmWiki 2.x
Conditional Markup Samples  List of default and custom conditional markup definitions
Config Php  config.php tips and tricks
Confirm Edit Not Saved  Ask users to confirm if they are leaving the edit page without saving
Content  API to create external pages dependent upon text in a wiki page.
Content Type  How to change PmWiki's default charset or Content-type
Controlling Web Robots  How to control web robots or bots trying to scan files
Convert HTML  Convert an HTML page to PmWiki markup
Convert Php Wiki  Convert PhpWiki? pages to PmWiki
Convert Table  Convert table action
Convert TABLE  How to convert HTML pages with tables full of data into advanced tables
Convert Tiki Wiki  Convert TikiWiki? pages into PmWiki format
Convert Use Mod  Convert UseMod? pages to PmWiki
Cookbook  List of cookbook recipe categories
Cookbook Basics  Explains what the cookbook and its recipes are.
Cookbook Licenses  A go-to for cookbook authors and wiki authors about how recipes and Cookbook entries are licensed.
Cookbook Page List  List of all cookbook pages
Copying International UR Ls  Some hints and tricks to copy URLs? with international (UTF-8) characters
Copy Paste Calendar  Adds a calendar to your wiki pages without installing any additional scripts
Count Glyphs  A replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup
Create Columns  quickly divides up a list of items into separate columns within a table
Creative Commons License Display  Display a compliant Creative Commons License description from a wiki page
Credits Block  Create a "last edited by" block that includes everybody who had a hand in developing a page
Creole  Enable Creole markup (
Crypt Plus  Additional password hashing algorithms for AuthUser and HtpasswdForm
CSS  List of CSS-related recipes
Css Compress  Css Compressor for recipes and skins
CSS In Wiki Pages  Apply CSS styles via wiki pages
CSS Popups  How to make popups with CSS
CSS Tool Tips To Go  markup for tooltip functionality
CSV Action  Adds a ?action=csv capability to pmwiki to output tables as a CSV
CSV Include  Include a CSV file as a table in your wiki page
CSV Template  Allow representing the same CSV data in different locations using templates.
Curly Quotes  Display Curly Double/Single Quotes and M/N Dashes
Current Visitors  Display the number of current visitors
Custom Attr Form  How to customise the prompt on the attributes page (?action=attr)
Custom Auth Form  How to customise the authentication form (login form)
Custom Bullets  Enable custom bullets to distinguish document types
Custom Pagelist Sort Order Functions  Custom functions for creating custom page sort orders with pagelists
Custom Recent Changes  How to create RecentChanges pages for selected groups
Custom Redirects  This recipe modifies the behavior of PmWiki's redirect markup
Custom Syntax  Design notes of PmSyntax and custom markup rules
Dailymotion  Markup for embedding DailyMotion? videos
Dark Color Scheme  How to use the core dark/night theme or add one to your skin
Dash-Pagenames  URLs? and page names with dashes for word spacing, UTF-8 friendly
Database Standard  Working towards a standard for database integration to PmWiki
Data Plates  Automatically generate templates for displaying, editing, and searching database queries.
Data Query  Retrieve records and query results from any database supported by ADOdb? (such as MySQL?) and portray them as wiki pages, allowing them to be processed by other wiki functions such as pagelists, includes, page text variables, and ZAP.
Data Sections  Create formated lists of PTVs stored between anchor blocks on another page.
Datepicker  Adds a datepicker button (use it with a date input field)
Dcal  a calendar recipe
DDMU  Redirects to DragDropMultiUpload.
Deactivate Paragraph Tag  Prevent the automatic insertion of a <p> tag by the markup engine
Debugging For Cookbook Authors  Share tips and tricks with other authors about PmWiki specific debugging
Debug Messages  Capture recipe debug messages for display by the messages directive
Decimal Outline Lists And Headings  Decimal Outline Lists and Headings
Default Table Attributes  How to change the default attributes for tables created using PmWiki.Tables
Delete Page  Use a "delete" action and a separate password for deleting pages
Delicious  Insert a user's links or tags into PmWiki
Delicious Playtagger  Embed mp3's with the playtagger
Delta Bytes Recent Changes  Display the number of bytes (characters) added or deleted to a page in RecentChanges.
De Ob Mail  Unobtrusive e-mail link (de)obfuscator
Des Crypt  Provide client-side DES and 3DES encryption support
Detect Browser  detect what browser your visitor is using
Detect Mobile  PHP API to determine whether the browser is a mobile device.
Detect Mobile Free  Function to determine whether the current browser is a mobile device.
Dice  Dice roller for PmWiki
Dict Index  Enable page listings using a "dictionary index" format via fmt=dictindex
Diff Delay  In page histories, display vertical spacing proportional to the time between the edits.
Directory And File Permissions  Explains which directories and files need to be readable, writable, and servable by the webserver.
Dir List  Local/LAN directory listings and downloads.
Discussion Tab  Provide a skin with a "discussion" tab and "article" tab, etc.
Display Html  Markup to display the html resulting of pmwiki syntax.
Display WRL  This recipe enables to display WRL files with the flux plugin
Divisions Explained  Explanation of (:div:) and >>..<< markup for creating page sections (divisions)
DN Sauth  Authentication by (dynamic) DNS or IP address
Doc 2 Pmwiki  Convert Word documents to PmWiki pages
Dom TT  Use divs as tooltips
Do The Right Thing  Link shortcuts to custom searches for your browser
Dots In Links  How to enable dots in wiki links
Download Manager  How can I know how many times a file was downloaded from my wiki?
DQ Report  Enhance the functionality that DataQuery? offers to build a complete database frontend
Drag Drop Multi Upload  Allow authors to upload files by simply dropping them into the wiki page
Dream Width User Link  Displaying styled dreamwidth user and community links
Dropcaps  Make the first letter of a text big.
Dynamic Trails  Dynamic WikiTrails with pagelist
Dynamic Wiki Trails  Define dynamic URL trails
Dyn Trail Menu  Create a dynamic (expanding) menu based on a trail page
Easy Gallery  Creates an easy image gallery
Easy Http Requests  Quickly and easily retrieve variables from a URL (HTTP Requests)
Edit-Restricted Profile  Authors can only edit their own pages in the Profiles group.
Edit Attributes  Edit a page's title, description and other attributes using separate EditForm fields
Edit Crypt  Allow server-side encryption/decryption of pages while editing
Edit Data Pages  Bring the wiki's View and Edit commands to ZAP data pages
Edit Form Custom Fields  Add "Title", "Creation Date", etc. custom input fields to the edit form of PmWiki. This enables mentioning the title of a page in a separate input field rather than in the (:title ...:) markup. Also enables changing the value of a page's 'ctime'. Can be customized to include more fields.
Edit Form Samples  Provide administrators and authors with examples and instructions for replacing or customizing their site's Site.EditForm.
Edit Function Helper  A function to easily place, remove or substitute functions on EditFunctions? array
Edit Help  Easier editing with automatic detection and insertion of some wiki markups
Editing  Editing enhancements
Edit More  Provides desirable Site.EditForm additions for title, keywords, description, tags (categories), and notes (so far!).
Edit MX  Allow Markup Expressions to be used in the editing of a page
Edit On Dbl Click  Enable edit on double-clicking a page
Edit Pos Fix  Memorize both the last scroll position and cursor position when editing.
Edit Templates  Specify a wiki page or pages to use as a template when a new page is created.
Edit Templates Menu  Allow authors a choice among several pre-filled templates for new pages
Edit This Page Link  short markup for a link to 'edit this page'
Edit Title  Provide a separate edit field for the page title.
Edit Toolbar  A shiny new set of icons, replacing and extending those on the standard edit toolbar.
Emacs Pm Wiki Mode  Allow the use of Emacs for editing wiki pages in a PmWiki
E Mail Form  Provide a web form that sends email to fixed email addresses
Embedded Gallery  How to embed the Menalto Gallery
Embed Facebook  Use Facebook API to embed Facebook content into PmWiki
Embed More  Useful Trick for adding anything you can do with a web-page to your wiki-pages (Forms, SQL-lookup, Multi-Media, IP-camera... whatever you can think of)
Embed Open Street Map  Easy, lightweight and unobtrusive embedding of simple maps in wiki pages
Embed Tweet  a recipe to embed live tweets from using Twitter's oembed API facility
Enable HTML  How to include HTML markup in wiki pages
Enable Tabs  Enable Tabs in the main edit text area
Encode Post  Base64 encode/decode fields in posted forms as a workaround for mod_security
Enhanced Web Feeds  Enhances native PM Wiki Feed support.
E Protect  Email obfuscation via ROT13?
EPUB Creation  Assembles wiki page collections into an EPUB e-book file
Escaped Markup  Allow a selection of markup rules to be performed for otherwise escaped text
Etherpad Inclusion  This recipe describes a way how to include data stored in collaborative documents in Etherpad-Lite via IncludeXML? into PmWiki.
EX  Simple "edit section" for wiki pages
Excel Paste  Copy and paste spreadsheet tables (e.g., from Excel) into pages
Excerpts  Shows fragment of page around given word(s).
Expanding Menu  A sidebar menu that supports nested lists where the nested items are displayed only if the user is in that group
Expanding Menu 2  Provides markup to create an (automatically) expanding menu
Expanding Menus  How to create a sidebar menu which expands to show sublevel (group) items using conditional markup only
Expire Diff  How to remove a page's history
Export DOC  Export PmWiki pages to word ".doc" .
Export HTML  Export PmWiki pages as "static" HTML pages
Export HTML Wiki  Create a wiki using static HTML pages as front end for visitors
Extension Design  How to create extensions compatible with ExtensionHub
Extension Hub  Configuration panel for extensions
Extensions  Recipes compatible with ExtensionHub, see ExtensionDesign.
External Links  Configure external links to open in a new window, have a "tooltip title", or use other CSS classes
External Links 2  Add an icon to external links and make them automatically open in a new window
External Links Favicons  Display favicons before links to external websites
Extern Auth  Use authentication mechanisms external to PmWiki
Extract Text  Redirects to TextExtract
Extra Words In Title Tag  This is a really simple recipe for adding extra words to the title tag in the head.
EZ Date  make displaying the date, time, and PHP timestamp inside the wiki easy
EZ Locale Date  make displaying the date and/or time with a non-English language inside the wiki easy
EZ Locale Time  Redirects to EZDate
EZ Time  Redirects to EZDate
EZ Time Stamp  Redirects to EZDate
Facebook Like Button  Facebook like-button social plugin recipe
Facebook Link Into  "Like" your wiki pages into Facebook.
Failed Login Function  Protect your wiki from brute-force login attempts
Fancy La Te X Logo  How to make a fancy LaTeX? logo (as it appears in typeset documents)
FAQ Toggle List  Adding toggle buttons to a definition list
Farm Apache Configuration  An attempt to secure a Pmwiki Farm with apache configuration
Farm Security  Some things to know about PmWiki.WikiFarm security.
Farm Setup By Example  An alternative introduction to creating a WikiFarm
Farm Side Bar  Share a sidebar among several fields in a farm
Fast Cache  Caches complete wiki pages for very fast retrieval
FAST Membership  Self registration add-on for AuthUser
Fast Search  how to improve the speed of searches and categories on large sites with slow machines
Faux Trail  Enable page listings to have a "trail-like" format via fmt=fauxtrail
Favicon  Add a Favicon to your website
FCK Editor  How to implement FCKEdit? in PmWiki
Feed Links  Add HTML-header links to enable autodiscovery of RSS/Atom feeds.
Feral Formatted Entry  (:ffe:)...(:ffeend:) directive to output text via a template.
Feral Simple Calendar  A small simple calendar suitable for a rightbar, or header/footer or anywhere you wish.
File Attach List  Adds a Ajax list of quickly attachable files to the edit page
File List  Tabulated filelist markup as alternative to (:attachlist:), for a simple, easy readable look.
Files Notify  Notifications of files that change in a directory tree on the server.
Fill Template  Combines a template page with a data page to present PmWiki content
Film Script  Enable film script markup
Filterable  Search box for long lists and tables
Find In Page  Instant search in the current page, with highlighting.
Fixme Markup  Implement "FIXME" markup in PmWiki.
Fix Short Sessions  How to fix short sessions so you aren't prompted frequently for a password
Fix URL  Encode special characters in link addresses
Flash  Embedding Flash movies; plus recipes for embedding Flash from specific sites like YouTube?, Vimeo, GoogleVideo?, Flickr,, and more...
Flash Media Player  Embed flash media players in your pages
Flickr  How to integrate Flickr into a PmWiki page
Flickr Album  Display images dynamically from Flickr
Flickr Gallery  Create thumbnail galleries linked to flickr.
Flipbox  Flippable checkboxes and checklists
Flowplayer  Flowplayer recipe
FLV Player  Embedding of Flash video (.flv) files into wiki pages the easy way.
Font Awesome  Include and use Font Awesome Icons
Font Sizer  Add buttons for instant font (text) resizing, preferrences are stored
Footer-standard  Used by Skins:Lens skin
Footnotes  Simple footnote markup
Footnotes Extended  A footnote recipe with extended referencing possibilities
Formatting Tables  Formatting and styling for tables
Form Extensions  adds fieldset, legend, and label tags to PmWiki forms
Form Guide System  Flexible, extensible, parameter-driven system to support the use of form pages
Forms  Form creating, configuring and processing
Forms Plus  Form extensions adding new HTML5? input types
Formula  Lightweight rendering of mathematical formulas in wiki pages
Form Validation  How to validate forms within wiki pages
Fortune  Insert a fortune cookie into a wiki page
Forum  Provide a simple forum
Fox  Form processor to add, replace, copy, delete content plus upload files and send email notifications using templates and Input markup
Fox Auth User Comment Box  Posting comments for logged in users only, using Fox
Fox Blog  How to build a blog with Fox
Fox Calculator  A simple calculator using a Fox form and calc markup expression
Fox Cat  Using forms and fox to structure category and cross-group linking
Fox Comment Box  Adding a comment form using Fox
Fox Contacts  Create personal or business Contacts pages and lists with Fox
Fox Count  Dynamically display the number of words or characters entered or remaining in an input or a textarea input element.
Fox CSV  Display csv tables automatically or via templates; filtering, sorting, editing csv data.
Fox Delete  add delete links for deleting lines or sections with Fox
Fox Edit  add edit links for editing page sections and PTVs? with Fox
Fox Entry Mask Pages  use Fox forms as entry masks to store page data instead of wiki mark-up editing
Fox Forum  How to build a simple forum with Fox
Fox Honey Pot  Adds honeypot trap for bots to Fox forms
Fox Notify  add email notifications and mailing capability to Fox forms
Fox Page Management  creating new pages, new groups and copying pages with Fox forms
Fox PTV Convert  Display and convert hidden PTVs? on multiple pages
Fox Section  Make it possible to click on a button to duplicate a form section or to display a section depending on the value of a select input.
Fox Shoutbox Alternative  An alternative Shoutbox
Fox Simple Todo List  An example of how to use Fox to setup a simple 'todo list'.
Fox Text Replace  replace text strings on multiple pages
Fox Validation Examples  examples for using Fox input validation
Fox Voting  examples of using Fox for voting, polling and making choices
Fpl By Days  fmt=bydays for pagelists; A custom format for YYYYMMDDHHMM format page names.
FPL Template  Alternative FPLTemplate() function with hooks for developers for more flexible pagelist output
Fractions Plus  Adds simple markup to write fractions.
Free Mind  Embed mind maps in PmWiki pages
French  A version of the French translation converted to UTF-8
Friendly Author Links  Displays author page titles as link text for all automatic author links.
Functions  Brief description of some of PmWiki's internal functions available to cookbook recipe authors and custom markup developers
Fuse Edit  Merge the latest successive minor edits in page histories
Galleria  Convert lists of images into a panel of clickable thumbnails, or a scrollable carousel of clickable thumbnails, without requiring a page reload.
Gcal PKHG  A partly transformation of the gcal calendar of the dokuwiki for the PmWiki
Generate PDF  Generate PDF versions of pages (?action=pdf)
Geobox  Create links to various map sites from provided gps coordinates.
Geo Tagging  Geotagging support within PmWiki using GeoRSS? and KML compliant output options
Get Geocode  Create a small form on a page to enter an address and get a geocode for google maps
Get Rid Of Main  How to get rid of "Main" group, i.e. all pages in "Main" are accessible and accessed directly in the wiki root
Getting Things Done  Using the GTD system with PmWiki
Gist Embed  Embed Gists in a wikipage.
Gists  Markup to allow easy embedding of syntax-highlighted github gists
Global Operations  How to apply an operation to every page of a wiki
Glossary Plus  Glossary Plus
G Map  Easy Google Maps integration
Goal Meter  Create thermometers or columns showing goals and current values
Google Adsense  How to add Google AdSense? data to your wiki
Google Analytics  Add Google Analytics tracking code to wiki pages
Google Blog Ping  Google Blog Search Ping - Support for Google's weblog search ping service
Google Calendar  Embeds a Google Calendar in a PmWiki page
Google Chart  Include Charts generated by Google Chart API
Google CSE  Adds markup for a Google Custom Search Engine
Google Map API  Adds Google Map API to PmWiki pages.
Google Map AP Iv 3  This is a trimmed down and modified Google Maps API based on Ben Wilson's original GoogleMapAPI.
Google Maps  How to add an interactive Google map into PmWiki
Google Maps Interface  Interface to the Google Maps web application
Google Plus One  A recipe to enable the use of Google Plus One widgets in your PmWiki pages
Google Search  Add a searchbox for site and websearch using google
Google Site Map  Create an XML sitemap in the root of the website which is suitable for submission to Google (and other) search engines.
Google Sitemaps  How to submit a complete list of web pages to google
Google Viewer  Embed PDF, PPT, DOC, and TIFF files in a wiki page using Google Viewer
Google Voice  Embed the Google Voice Widget on a webpage
Google Wave  Include Google Waves into PmWiki 2.x pages
Google Web Fonts  Support for Google Web Fonts in a secure way and for all users
Goo Gl URL  Provides PHP variable and Page Variable that contains the shortened URL for the current page.
Gpx Stat  A recipe to display statistics about a GPX file
Graph Viz Sitemap  Provide a GraphViz? format for sitemap
Green Glass  A multi-layered semi-transparent skin
Grep  Use regular expressions to control what to include from a page
Grep RC  Search the RecentChanges entries similarly to a pagelist
Grid Works  GridWorks? - general utility css grid markup for wiki pages
Group Home Page Change  How to rename the group's starting page, i.e., be different than the default "HomePage".
Group Title  Define a title for an entire WikiGroup?
Group Titles  Create group titles for groups, analagous to page titles with the (:title:) directive
GTD-TLM  An experimental JavaScript? GTD task/todo list manager
Guestbook  Provide a simple guestbook.
Gui Buttons  add guibuttons to any textarea edit box
Gui Edit  Add graphical editing buttons, as in's site
Gui Edit Date Button  javascript calendar to insert a date
Gui Edit Resize  Allows resizing of the Edit text box, for convenience.
GUI Edit Snippets  Easily define text blocks/snippets and insert them in the wiki page with a button
Halo Scan  Another commenting recipe, leveraging the power of the HaloScan? service.
Handle I Cal  Add-on for wikicalendars to export/import events to/from ical-files
Handle MS Word  Converts page to MS Word format.
Handle Source In Skin  Redirect action=source to display the unformatted markup within your skin
Handle Unknown Markups  How to suppress unknown markup, instead of having it display
Handy Table Of Contents  Handy Client-side Table of Contents
Headline Image  Display the title attribute of an image directly on the image without editing the image.
Hg  Produce Hierarchical groups like effects on your site
Hg Urls  Rewrites hyphens "-" to slashes "/" in URLs?.
Hide Diff  Hide specific edits from page histories
Hide Search Bar  hide the search bar at the top of a skin with (:nosearch:)
Hierarchical Groups  Information about Hierarchical Groups
Highlight Text  Use HTML5? <mark> tag to highlight text.
Highslide  A recipe that enables you to use the Highslide JS application in your wiki.
Hlinks  Create hierarchical pages
Horizontal Menu  Horizontal drop-down style menus
Horizontal Vertical Menu  Generate multilevel horizontal and vertical menus
How To Make A Tabbed Skin  How to make a tabbed skin
Href Page Directive  How to get the href address to a particular wiki link
HTML 5 Audio  Play HTML5? Audio
Html 5 AV Ctrl  Enable youtube-like keyboard and mouse control of HTML5? video and audio.
HTML 5 Extensions  resources to use new HTML5? elements
HTML 5 Video  Show HTML5? Video
Html Compress  Compresses PmWiki's html output.
Html Urls  Add ".html" to the end of page urls
Htpasswd Form  Form based management of users and passwords using .htpasswd/.htgroup files
Http Variables  Access http variables in the page, such as Get variables, Post data, and Cookies.
Hyphenopoly  Use the excellent Hyphenopoly package to hyphenate text on a wiki.
I 19  Translator-oriented edit form, easing the internationalization (i18n) of a wiki
I Calendar Events  PmWiki implementation of iCalendar event RFC/standards
I Cal Export  Export wikicalender entries as ical file
I Frame Login  Demo kit for passing messages between pmwiki and an embedded iframe (see includeSite), with a simple working login demonstration.
Image Map  Directive to create image maps and image toolbars
Imagemaps  an image based summary of the visitors to your site
Images  Picture generation, smileys, thumbnails, galleries, uploading, manipulating, and displaying of images
Images Auto Resizing  Creates a small image on the page, with a link to a larger image
Image Sets  Create galleries that are not tied to a single wiki page
Img Focus  Click to view an image with a dimmed and blurred background. Support scroll to zoom.
Img Pop Up  Extension to image uploading
Import Tab Table  import and convert tab table to simple table markup quickly.
Import Text  Import text files as PmWiki pages
Inactivity Timeout  Automatically logout inactive users
In Category  Custom conditional markup to determine if a page is in a category
Include Able  How to include the current revision of a pmwiki page in another php page
Include Field Page  Extends the (:include:) directive functionality apply to pages from other fields of a wiki farm
Include File  How to include an external file (from the same file system)
Includes  List of recipes in Includes category, including other pages, files, maps etc.
Include Section  Include a section from the first available among a list of pages
Include Site  Include an entire page in a wiki page
Include Upload  Include an uploaded (attached) text or HTML file into a PmWiki page
Include Url  Include html pages into PmWiki 2.x pages
Include Wiki Page  How to syndicate wiki pages from other PmWiki 2.0 sites on your site
Include With Edit  Enable editing of included text
Include XML  Include processed XML into PmWiki 2.2 pages
Indented Page List  Sort and indent pagelist items using page text variable
Index  Alphabetical list of all recipes
Index By Rating  List of recipes ordered by user ratings (excluding the unrated ones)
Info Box  How to create Bubblehelp infoboxes, as seen in
Inline Diff  Shows the difference between 2 versions by highlighting the changes in markup on word level.
Inline RSS  Allows insertion of an RSS feed's contents into a PmWiki page.
Input Default  Demonstrates various ways to set the default values for form controls
Input Draw  InputDraw?, a Flash-based drawing tool
Input Forms And Java Script  Some ideas of combining Javascript with PmWiki Input forms
Input Select  Redirects to PmWiki.Forms
Input Star  Input control shaped like a group of 5 stars.
Install On IIS  How to install PmWiki on IIS v6 or v7
Install On IIS 10  Install PmWiki on Windows 10 and IIS 10
Install On II S7dot5plus  Install PmWiki on IIS 7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, or newer
Insta Wiki  A Bash shell script that installs a working wiki in seconds
International PT Vs  Allow international characters in the names of PageTextVariables
Ip For Authentication  Bring trusted IP's to authenticated level without password. Very useful for intranet wiki also visible to web
ISO 8859 Make Page Name Patterns  How to convert ISO 8859 character input for page names to unaccented ASCII equivalents
I Tunes Controller  Control iTunes via Web Interface
Java  Easily generates links to the Javadoc API.
Java Script  Embed (static) JavaScript? into wiki pages
Java Script-Editable  How to include JavaScript? markup in wiki pages
Java Script Helpers  Collection of simple JavaScript? tools for wikis
JITS  Issue Tracking System
JITS-Talk-Tutorial  JITS Tutorial
JJS Approve Page  Controls a page attribute "jjsApprovePageRev"
Jjs CMS  Save wiki pages as html
JJS Edit Rev  Keeps track of page text changes in page attribute "jjsEditRev"
JJS Iterator  let the browser iterate over a set of wiki pages
Journal  A lightweight calendar with navigation and daily journal entries
Jquerychat  Provide a quite simple recipe to add a robust gmail/facebook style chat, with a sql table
Jscm  Jscm (JsCookMenu? based dropdown menu)
Js Compress  javascript Compressor for recipes and skins
Js Math  Add markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages using TeX?.
Jticker  jQuery based Newsticker
Jump Box  A pull down menu that can be used for navigation
Just Hyp  Client-side multilingual text hyphenation and margin filling (full justify).
Last FM  Embed widgets
Latex Markup  Enables the usage of a subset of LaTeX? syntax as an alternative markup (except Math).
La Te X Math Jax  MathJax? support for PmWiki
La Te X Math ML  Translating LaTeX? math notation dynamically to Presentation MathML?
Layout  Layout enhancements
Layout Edit Modified  Modify the Edit page
Lazy Loading  Instruct browsers to only load pictures when they would be visible on the screen
Lazy Web Links  Cause markup text beginning with "www." to be automatically converted into a link to an external site
Lib Chart  Creating charts in PmWiki
Licenses  Markup to display licensing info on pages
Limit Diffs Per Page  Paginate the "diff" output (when viewing a page history, limit the number of displayed revisions at once)
Limit New Pages In Wiki Groups  How to limit the creation of new pages in your wiki group
Limit Wiki Groups  How to limit the names or number of groups in your wiki
Linguistic Glosses  Adds markup for entering glossed text
Link CSS Tool Tip  link markup with css popup tooltip text including styling, variables, includes, menus
Linked Resource Extras  Linked resource helper functions and scripts for recipe writers
Link Icons  Add icons to your links according to their extensions.
Link Page Create Fmt Tooltip  How to add a tooltip for a link to a non-existent page
Link Page Exists Fmt Tooltip  How to add tooltips to links
Links  Links and page handling
Links Tree Menu  A Simple Dynamic Hierarchical Tree Menu for PmWiki Groups and Pages
Link Tel  Active telephone links in wiki pages
Link Titles  Add "title" attributes to all links
Linux Tex  Enable TeX? markup
List Of Bundles  List of commonly and successfully bundled recipes
List Of Bundles-Candidates  A discussion of pre-bundled wikis
List Resume  Resume numbered lists interrupted by other markup
Lite Box  Utilizing the Moo.fx javascript library and the Litebox code to create an image gallery effect
Literal White Space  Preserve white spaces, tabs and extra lines
Live Edit  Edit blocks of wiki-text in pop-up windows right from the wiki page. Editable blocks can be automatically detected/created on existing wiki pages using a Javascript-based GUI-like tool. An authenticated user with edit permission can edit the contents inside the blocks right from the page's view in a 'pop-up' editing environment. One can now choose from different themes/skins for the LiveEdit? environment, as well as create custom themes/skins. Very useful for better organizing and maintaining contents of a wiki page, especially if the page is large.
Local CSS  Flexible CSS compilation from a wiki page
Local Times  Display RecentChanges and History timestamps in the local timezone of each visitor.
Logbook  A simple AJAXified? calendar for side bars turning your wiki into a bliki = blog + wiki
Login Logout  How to log out after logging in
Lua Execute  Lets Lua scripts dynamically generate parts of your wiki page
Mac OSX  Tips for PmWiki configuration on a MacOS? X server
Magic Menus  Use Wiki-pages for navigation, auto-create Menus from those pages ignoring decoration. RESPONSIVE DESIGN!
Mailform 2  Set up a mail form so that visitors can send comments or suggestions to a limited list of recipients
Mailform 3  A single wiki page mail form with feedback
Mailform 4  Mailform4 alias Mailform2² - A contact form module with extensible form fields
Mail List Form  Form for subscription to an email list
Mailman Auth  Use an external mailing list for PmWiki authentication
Main Group Change  How to change the Main (startup) group
Maintenance  Tasks to keep the Cookbook current and useful
Make Columns  Create columns on a page without using tables.
Make Many Columns  How to make columns on a page using CSS
Making Password Requests Explicit  How can we tell which password is requested?
Manage CSS  Use your pub/css/ directory to collect and manage multiple css files automatically
Map Adapt  Include Maps as html or Java pages into PmWiki 2.x Pages
Map Wiki  Map+Wiki Mashup; or how to make customized Google Maps using a wiki backend.
Markdown  A replacement for some of PmWiki's typographical wiki markup
Markdown Markup Extension  Use Markdown markup with PmWiki
Markdown Output  Presents a wiki page in Markdown format instead of HTML
Mark For Delete  Mark pages for delete and allow review.
Marklets  An easy-to-use, categorical, bookmark management system.
Mark Things Done  Mark Things Done! - A Comprehensive Productivity System
Markup  Markup additions
Markup Directive Functions  Simply configured custom directives
Markup Expression Samples  custom markup expression samples
Markup Expressions Extensions  Adds math, threads, captcha, group counter, random number, attr reader, CSV formatter, server variables, source reader, etc.
Markup Expr Plus  Extends {(...)} expression markups
Markup Extensions  Adds a range of character, start of line, and link markup extensions
Markup Extensions Change Log  This page contains a change log of the cookbook recipe Markup Extensions
Markup Only  Recipes that rely solely upon standard PmWiki features; server access (in most cases) not needed
Markup Only Bar Charts  Adds editable bar charts to your wiki using only core PmWiki features
Markup Ruleset Debugging  Debugging Markup Ruleset
Markup To Unstyled  Converts PmWiki markup into unstyled text
Markup Tricks  Markup tricks
Markup Writing  Functions and Recipes used in Markup Writing
Mastering Pm Wiki Pages  Consolidating documentation on making & breaking PmWiki pages for recipe authors.
Math Jax  Add markup to embed math using TeX? syntax.
Mathtex  Add markup to display and embed several lines of mathematical formulas in wiki pages
Maxi  An image viewer with inline zoom, suitable for large drawings or panoramas
Maxi 2  Inline picture zoom for modern browsers and touch-screen devices
Media  Multi media related recipes
Media Categories  Assembles all Categories in a page, alphabetizes, and appends to bottom of page--in the style similar to MediaWiki.
Meetup API Event List  Adds Meetup API to PmWiki pages
Member Mgmt  Advanced member management (using ZAP and AuthUser). Allows self registration, logins, groups, site customization, and more!
Menus  Menu and navigation tools
Merge Meta Tags  A way to merge multiple meta tags into single entries
Merge Wiki Lib Dirs  Move from standard PageStore? to another PageStore?
Mermaid Js  diagrams and visualizations for PmWiki
Message After Posting  Provide a message to users after posting and /or prompt them to notify relevant people
Messages Replacement  A drop in replacement for the PmWiki (:messages:) directive
Microdata Injection  Generate extra <meta> tags useful for Facebook, Twitter, Google...
Migrate UTF 8  Convert filenames of PmWiki pages and uploads to UTF-8
Mime Te X  Add markup to display and embed mathematical formulas in wiki pages
Mindjet Map  Embedding a Mindjet MindManager? Map
Mini  Simple, lightweight, un-bloated gallery with thumbnail generator
Mini Edit  An easy to use visual editor for Mini galleries
Mini Fancybox  Fancybox jQuery slideshow for the Mini gallery
Mini Galleria  Galleria carousel/slideshow for the Mini gallery
Mini Lightbox  Lightbox slideshow for the Mini gallery
Mini Ultralightbox  Obsolete, Mini comes now bundled with Ultralightbox
Misc MX  Implement miscellaneous PHP functions by means of Markup Expressions
Mobile Users  Accommodating visitors who use mobile devices
Modes Concept  A place to remember thoughts/ideas related to using different modes
Module Guidelines  Guidelines for creating, distributing, and maintaining a recipe for the Cookbook.
More Custom Page Variables  Additional custom page variables for use in pages, forms, includes and conditional markup.
Most Least Popular  A recipe that keeps a wiki page with information about the most/Least popular pages in a wiki
Move Copy Del Group  Move/copy/delete wiki groups
Move Page  Move and copy wiki pages
Multi Column  Allow text to flow into multiple columns
Multi Language  Display content in different languages on a page by user's choice
Multi Language Pages  Show language specific pages according to user choice
Multi Language Views  show language specific content and titles according to user choice
Multilink  How to create multilinks
Multi Upload  Upload multiple files at once by packing them in a zip archive & extracting them on the server
Music  Display music scores from various ascii notations (abc, abctab, asciitab, tab)
My DB Login  User Level Login with email verification using MySQL? Database
My DB Login-PMW  Integrated User-Level Access-Control & Login with email verification/management using MySQL? Database
My Pm Wiki  Query a MySQL database server and display the results in a wiki page
Nested If  Provide nested if / nested conditionals
Nested Markups  Allows nested (:markup ...:) ... (:markupend:)
Netstreams CMS  A CMS (Content Management System) extension for pmwiki features different page-types (article, blog, comment issues), separation of content and layout, basic workflow capabilities, content-type based authentication and wysiwyg editing.
Netstreams Menu  A desktop-application like menu for authors and admins
New Group Box  Input box to create new wiki groups from predefined template pages
New Group Warning  Display a warning when a user is creating a page in a non-existing wiki group.
New Page Box  How to provide a form or box to allow users to create new pages (deprecated in favour of NewPageBoxPlus)
New Page Box Plus  Adds customisable box plus button form for page creation
New Page Form  Adds a new page using a form
News List  Insert a list of recently changed/updated wikipages in a short form.
News Master  How to handle newsletters and other mailings
No Preformatted Text  Removes the default preformatted text rules
No Space Pre  How to get rid of the leading spaces with indented "pre" blocks
Note It  NoteIt? is a simple Windows application to create notes for PmWiki
Notify On Upload  Generates notifications also on upload events
Not Saved Warning  Warn authors when they move away from a page without saving it; optionally request an edit summary or an author name
Numbered Headers  Display numbered headers, indented paragraphs and table of contents
Numbered Sections  Add section numbers on a page
Number Of Articles  Report the number of articles in a wiki
NZ Topo  Use to display an excerpt from a New Zealand topographic map in a PmWiki website
Obfuscate Email  Prevent email addresses from being harvested from your site
Obsolete  Obsolete, superceded, and deprecated recipes
Odbc Pm Wiki  Query a odbc-SQL database server (MS-SQL) and display the results in a wiki page
One Group For All  Confine all users to one group, named other than Main
On Event  activate recipes based on group(s), name(s), cookie(s), session var(s), mark(s) in the needle page, action(s), download var(s), post var(s), get var(s) and does it all from config.php in a easy multi event match per call ?
Online Status  Display online status for AOL, Yahoo! instant messaging, Skype, or Meebo Me!
Only One Login  Only allow 1 login at the same time for a username
Open Calais  Call OpenCalais? API with the content of the current page
Open Layers API  Adds OpenLayers? API to PmWiki pages (for embedding OpenStreetMaps?)
Open Pass  Set a global password which is openly displayed to reduce spam
Open Search  Add OpenSearch? autodiscovery & suggestions to PmWiki
Open Urls  Automatically create URL Path for use with EnablePathInfo?.
Option Menu  Get page listings as an option menu selector
Other Bookmarklets  Some JavaScript? bookmarklets
Outline Lists  Deprecated, see WikiStylesPlus
Output Compression  Use zlib output compression to make pages load faster
Override CSS  How to override previously defined styles without modifying the skin
Page Action  Change the page actions on a page-by-page basis
Page Action-Icon Pack  Using SVG icons to replace text links in the Page Action menu
Page Attic  How to store backup files of deleted pages in a separate directory
Page Config  Allow basic administrative configuration from a page
Page Creator  adds page creator (original author) to be stored as a page attribute
Page Diff Size  Add an accurate count of characters added & removed to each edit summary
Page Feed  Creates RSS feeds from page histories
Page Generation Time  Display page generation time
Page Hist  View Historical Revisions of Pages
Page History Source  Disable markup in page history
Page List  List of recipes in PageList category, including other pages, files, maps etc.
Pagelist  Redirects to Cookbook.PageList
Pagelist Auth List Short  Display, in brief format, the permissions settings for pages that have permissions set.
Pagelist Calendar  Use PageTextVariables and ftime markup expression to create a calendar where each event has its own page.
Pagelist Count  Get pagelist to return a count of pages (deprecated)
Page List Extensions  Many Pagelist Enhancements
Page List Multi Targets  Enable multiple pages and wildcards in PageList
Page List Plus  Extend pagelist with various capabilities
Pagelist Random Image  Select an image randomly from all pages with images and display
Pagelist Recent Changes  A recent changes page created using Page lists
Pagelist Site Map  Create a sitemap using the page list directive
Page List Templates  Recipe deprecated, see PmWiki.PageLists
Pagelist Template Samples  Custom templates for pagelists formats
Page List Wiki Trail  Enable a WikiTrails markup to use a (:pagelist ... :) directive
Page Naming  List of page naming, URL modifying and hierarchical group recipes
Page Paths  Searching WikiWords and Links pages outside the current group
Page Pm Syntax  Highlight a full PmWiki source page
Page Rank  Vote on a page's popularity
Page Regenerate  Make PmWiki regenerate a page, as if someone had done an edit+save sequence.
Page Store Plain  Store wiki pages in plain editable text
Page Table Of Contents  Adds a clickable table of contents to a page
Page Timer  A draggable countdown timer. URL redirect on timer expiration.
Page Top Store  A PageStore? alternative which doesn't mangle page contents when viewed outside PmWiki
Page Variable Extensions  Functional extensions to page variables
Parmset  Provide access to the current requests in the URL as a page variable
Parse Args  Description of ParseArgs function for parsing argument lists
Pastebin Embed  Embed Pastebin pastes in a wikipage.
Paste Img Upload  Upload an image by copying and pasting in the editing area directly.
Path History  Adds a trail of recent links visited to PmWiki
Pay Pal Buttons  Creating neat markup for otherwise sloppy PayPal? button forms
Pay Pal Buttons 2  A flexible PayPal? "Buy Now" button markup
Pay Pal Cart  Provides markup for PayPal? shopping cart buttons.
Pccf To Pcf Override  Allows existing recipes to run on PHP 7 without causing deprecated create_function() messages.
PDF Thumb  Generate thumbnail images for PDFs?
Pending Changes  Browser and desktop notifications for page changes
Performance Comparisons  Page to share site setups and performance
Per Group Customization In Config Php  Place your per-group and per-page customizations in config.php rather than in separate PHP scripts.
Per Group Sub Directories  Subdivide wiki.d into subdirectories according to page group
Persistent Login  Login form with "Remember me/Stay signed in" option
Personal Information Management  Thoughts/ideas related to using using PmWiki as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM.
Phonebook  Integrate LDAP information in the Profiles pages and use it as a corporate phonebook
PHP  PHP windows installation and configuration for PmWiki
PHP 55 Compatible  PHP 5.5 compatible and upgraded recipes
PHP Alert  use popup for debugging
Php BB 2 Integration  Integration options for PmWiki and phpBB2 forums (plus others)
PHP Execute  Lets you execute PHP-Code in any page.
PHP Files Management  PHP file manager
PHP Free Chat  Integrate phpFreeChat (PFC) ajax chat into PmWiki
PHP Images  Generate on-the-fly graphics within a PmWiki page using a PHP script.
Phplm  Phplm (Phplayersmenu based dropdown/tree menu)
PHP Script As Wiki Markup Source  let PHP scripts generate parts of you wiki page content
Picture Gallery  Picture viewer with thumbnails and comments option
PIM  List of all recipes in the PIM category, Personal Information Management
Pingback  Pingback - Pingback support for PmWiki
PITS  The PmWiki Issue Tracking System
PITS-Community  Generic PmWiki Issue Tracking System ("pits")
Pk Template  Easily create multiple pages from a user-supplied template
PL Event List  Manage event lists using native PmWiki features
Pm Calendar  Calendar designed for PmWiki where each day is a separate wiki page.
Pm Doc Convert  PmDocConvert? makes it easy to upload and display formats that can be handled by on a PmWiki page.
Pm Feed  RSS feed display for PmWiki.
Pm Form  Form processing engine for PmWiki
Pm Gallery  Display your Picasa and Google Photo albums and pictures within PmWiki.
Pm Graph Viz  Produced graphs using graphviz inside of PmWiki.
Pm Pinboard API  Provides an easy-to-use PmWiki-compatible interface to the Pinboard API.
Pm Pygment  Display code highlighting using Python pygment
Pm Reader  PmReader? (Application build on PmWiki for reading portable format of PmWiki files)
Pm Reader-spec-v 1  PmReader? specs for version 1.1
Pm Syntax  Syntax highlighting for the PmWiki documentation and edit form
PMW Compat  Allow PHP 5 commands to be used in PHP 4
Pmwiki-dt-skin  Simple div(no table) version of default PmWiki skin.
Pm Wiki 2 PDF  Generate a PDF; back up all wiki pages in PDF format
Pm Wiki 2 PDF-v 2  Generate a PDF
Pm Wiki As ACMS  How to use PmWiki as a CMS
Pm Wiki Draw  Java drawing recipe based on TWikiDraw?
Pm Wiki Draw Bugs And Features  PmWikiDraw? Bugs and Features - Reported/Proposed
Pm Wiki Draw Bugs And Features Done  PmWikiDraw? Bugs and Features - Done/Implemented
Pm Wiki Export  Exports PmWiki pages to a Git-based repository
Pm Wiki Images  PmWiki related pictures/logos
Pm Wiki Info  Display of selected PmWiki Information in a wiki page
Pmwikilib  Python API for PmWiki
Png Alpha IE  Steps for displaying PNG images with 8bit alpha transparency
Podcast Links  Enable iTunes podcast itpc: links to work
Population Counter  Produces a linear estimate of a number, for example the population of an area, when given two data points and their corresponding times.
Popup-Edit Form 2  alternative EditForm, used in FixFlow?, Gemini, Triad skins
Popup-Edit Quick Ref 2  alternative EditQuickRef?, used in FixFlow?, Gemini, Triad skins
Popup I Frame  create a modal popup iframe with dynamic content
Popup Window  create popup windows
Positioning Cursor In Edit Form  How to position the cursor at the end in the edit form
Power Tools  markup expressions for multi page processing incl. plist, pagelist, rename, pagecount, wordcount, trail, serialname, serial, newticket, sumdata, allptvs, random
PP Donate  Create links to accept donations via PayPal?
Precode  General utility block markup for displaying codes with syntax highlighting
Presence Awareness  User-based authentication, a list of online logged users, tools to register and manage users and send posts via Jabber
Prevent Hotlinking  Prevent hotlinking of uploaded files
Preview Changes  Preview highlighted changes of the wiki markup
Preview First  How to get the page preview to appear before the edit box
Preview Top  How to place the page preview above the edit box
Print Group  Export WikiGroup? pages to one large HTML file, and/or to PDF
Printing With Style  How to create a style for printing
Private Groups  How to create private groups on public wikis
Process Form  Maintain values in fields and make PVs? of the form name/values when a form is submitted
Processing  Use Processing applet in PmWiki Pages
Progress Bar  Create visual percentage indicators with (:progress xxx:) markup.
Properties  How to have your own set of properties/variables in wiki pages
Proposed Recipe Structure Change  Ideas about improving the Cookbook (page kept for historical reasons)
Protect Email  Email obfuscation
PT Viewer  how to display 360° panoramic images
PTV Link Text  Use a page text variable for link text, when available
PTV Popups  Create CSS popups over words on a page based on PTVs?
PTV Replace  Add link markup or input forms to replace values in PageTextVariables
Publish FAQ  Supplied with a raw list of Qs and As, it outputs a formatted FAQ complete with TOC
Publishing  Recipes that support publishing wiki pages in some other form, such as printed or PDF
Publish PDF  Typesets wiki page collections into PDF (finalist: New Zealand open source awards 2008)
Publish Wiki Trail  Provide the ability to publish the pages of a wiki trail as a single web page, formatted for printing
Pywe  Provides author-preferred text editor support for PmWiki page edits
Qnotes  Qnotes (general purpose short-notes application build on PmWiki)
QR Code  Create QR code.
Quick Page Table Of Contents  Adds a dropdown clickable table of contents to a page - client side processing
Quick Replace  Quickly define replacement texts in wiki pages, and use them as markup or during page save.
Quick Start For Auth User  Just a quick guide for people to set up AuthUser to lock down their site.
Quick Time  Embed QuickTime content on wiki sites.
Quiz  quiz implementation(Leitner-system)
Quote Block  Allow a small measure of nested 'wikistyles'.
Quotes  A sample quotations file for the Cookbook.RandomQuote page
Radio 3 Player  Embeds the CBC Radio 3 Media Player
Random Image From A List Of Pictures  Posting a random image from a number of pictures
Random Page  Include a random wiki page from a supplied list of pages.
Random Quote  Insert random quotes or markup into a page
Random Quote Wiki  How to display a random quote from a list stored in a PmWiki page
Random Title  How to make PmWiki have random titles in the browser title bar
Rating  A Quick and easy way for visitors to rate an item or issue.
Rating 2  Even Simpler Page Rating Counter
Rating System  Display a widget from
Rebuild RC  Rebuild (All)RecentChanges pages either after a format change, an import or to remove spam.
Re Captcha  Slow down spammers with Google reCAPTCHA.
Recent Changes Deletion  Allow authors to delete RecentChanges pages, there-by making it possible for authors to delete wiki groups.
Recent Changes Excerpt  How to display a list of last n RecentChanges
Recent Uploads Log  List all uploaded files in RecentUploads? pages
Recipe Check  Check for new versions of recipes on
Recipe Info  How to create a recipeinfo box like it is used in the cookbook
Recipe Info Form  Form to change recipeinfo fields
Recipe Info Markup Expression  retrieve and print any property stored in $RecipeInfo, especially the current version of a specific recipe
Recipe List  The Cookbook RecipeList page list template
Recipe Map  Map of older recipe filenames to recipe pages
Redirect Intermap  Allows redirects to intermap and external locations & implements silent 301 redirects
Redirect Map  create short urls for redirects using mapping similar to intermap
Redirect Silent  Redirect pages without messages and without modifying links
Regular Expressions  Some basic info about PHP regular expressions.
Reindex  Force re-creation of entire .pageindex
Reindex Categories  Update link targets and page index for PmWiki 2.3.0
Relative Links  How to create links using relative urls instead of absolute urls
Relative UR Ls   Allows you to specify relative URLS inside a wiki link.
Relative Urls  How to refer to files using relative URLs?
Remember Edit Position  Return the editing textarea to the previous position when previewing a page
Reminder  Birthday, anniversary and other task reminders
Remove Question Mark  How to remove question mark beside links for non-existent pages
Removing HTML Styles  How to remove pmwiki styles from HTML head
Removing Left Content  Removing left or right part of the layout
Rename Page  Rename a wiki page from a browser
Request  Extends conditional markup to test parameters in the URL, to allow pages to pass parameters via their URL links
Require Author  Require author names when saving pages
Require Category  Require categories to be entered
Require Summary  Require a summary to be entered
Responsive Grid  A collection of CSS classes to help fast grid layouts
Responsive Slides  Simple js carroussel for pmwiki based on responsiveslides.js.
Restore Pm Wiki  Restore or move a PmWiki installation from an archive
Restrict Actions  require admin privilege for most actions (if not defined otherwise).
Reveal  How can I use reveal.js to make presentations using my PmWiki content
Reverse Headings  Reverse !'s so that more !'s are larger headings
Rich Edit  WYSIWYG editor
ROE Patterns  Replace On Edit
Rotate Markup  Insert rotating images or markup
Rotate Picture  Easy rotation of attached pictures
Router  Router allows a website's url structure to be different from PmWiki's group/page structure.
Rowspan In Simple Tables  Markup to add a rowspan attribute on a simple table cell
RSS  List of all recipes in the RSS category, RSS, webfeeds and tools
Rss Feed Display  How to add an RSS feed to a page
RSS Feed Link  How to create auto-detect RSS feed links
Rss Improved  How to get better RSS compatibility & support; how to create podcasts or audioblogs
RSS Output  RSS Output from a wikipagelist
Run CGI  Run a CGI script from a recipe illustration
Running Pmwiki On Mageia Linux  Running Pmwiki on Mageia Linux
Rye Voting  Voting with several option and graph bars
S5r  S5 Reloaded Slideshow system for PmWiki
Sage Cell  This allows you to embed an interactive SageCell? into your webpage. Sage is an open source alternative to MathLab?, Mathematica, and Maple.
Sage Pay Payment  Provides SagePay? (previously known as Protx) payment integration into PmWiki
Save The Page  Save an entire web page (the HTML) to a wiki page by using a bookmarklet to send the current page to your wiki for processing and editing.
Schroot Converter  Converter that uses Schroot to execute commands for the Content recipe
Scraper  Add a markup for retrieving a portion of the content from an external webpage (screen-scraping).
Scribd  Embed PDF files in a wiki page using Scribd
SDML  Embed UML Sequence Diagrams in your wiki pages
Seadragon  Seadragon image zoomers
Searchbox Recognition  Determine which of a page's multiple searchboxes was used
Search Cloud  Creates a list of search terms used on a PmWiki site.
Search Extensions  Ways to make searches more useful
Searching  Search related recipes
Search Patterns  Q & A's on search patterns
Search Query Variable  New {$SearchQuery} variable and what you can do with it.
Search Results  How to change the way search results are displayed
Search Terms  How to get the results of a search to highlight the search terms in a page
Search Timeout Prevention  What to do if a site has become so large that searches time out
Sec Layer  Provide a ready-made security layer (while developing recipes) for controlling page access
Section Edit  Split a wiki page into separately editable sections with an edit link for each section
Section Include  Adds a sectioninclude markup that works like include but you can click to edit the included page.
Section List  A nice way to do formatted displays of anchored sections of data on a page.
Secure Attachments  Security issues for attachments
Security  Security authentication and authorization methods and systems
See All RSS Changes  Add date to RSS feed
Select Query  Run a SQL SELECT query based on parameters submitted
Send Mail  Easily add PHPMailer? to send SMTP email from your PHP code
SEO  A set of best practices to Search Engine Optimization
Serial Page Names  Markup expressions to create serial page names
Serve Page By JSON  Serve a page by JSON (presumably for AJAX)
Server Info  Markup - Display $_SERVER Super-Global results from current Server
Session Guard  Hamper session theft (session hijacking) and session fixation attacks.
Session Page Store  Temporary/Ephemeral page storage for testing purposes
Session Security Advice  Collections of advice for securing your Wiki's sessions.
Share Buttons  Social media sharing buttons without tracking or JavaScript?
Shared Pages  Share selected pages among several wikis on a common server, as in WikiFarms
Shopping Cart Proposal  A proposal for how to develop a shopping-cart add-on for PmWiki.
Short Cuts Markup  Gives easy access to creating some types of custom markup.
Short UR Ls  shorten URLs? using, including a markup expression and a function for further coding
Shoutbox  Display sidebar shoutbox
Show Hide  Adds toggle buttons and links to show/hide sections and objects. Superseded by Toggle.
Side Bar Name Change  How to change the name of the SideBar
Side Bar Special  Customize SideBar(s) per Group or per Page, and/or auto append special SideBar ex.(Site.SideBarAdmin?)
Side Notes  Create "Side Notes" for jotting down notes
Signal When Markup  Tells you whether your markup is evaluated within (:markup:) code
Simple Ajax  Allow a simple ajax interaction within forms, usually via WikiSh
Simple Cart  integration of simple javascript shopping cart with PayPal? or Google checkout
Simple Chem  Simple markup for chemical formulas in PmWiki 2.x pages
Simple Discuss Link  Add an action (or sidebar) link that leads to and from a -Talk page.
Simple Forum  Simple and styled forum
Simple Gallery  A simple image gallery
Simple Js Math  Notes on modifying the jsMath for a skin (not a complete recipe)
Simplemachines Integration  How to use the authentification of the Simplemachines forum to control the access to a PmWiki installation
Simple MAI Nlink  Add a link to your Main Home Page
Simple Page Counter  A simple page counter of visits to each page
Simple Pie Display  Add an RSS feed to a page using SimplePie?
Simple Playlist  Simple audio player with a playlist
Simple Rating  a simple rating system
Simple Recipe Template  A Simple Recipe Template to provide a framework for PmWiki recipes
Simple Site Map  Easy site map using only core PmWiki features
Simpleviewer  Simpleviewer recipe
Simplified Advanced Table Directives  Simplify Advanced Directive Syntax
Simultaneous Edits  Enable simultaneous edits for platforms without popen or diff3
Single Sign-On  Use Windows-Logon for Authentication on pmwiki
Sisterly  Lets wikis on a farm access each other as easily as accessing other pages within a wiki
Site Dump  creates a .tar.gz file of the complete site for download
Site Information  How to quickly see the settings for a site without having to look at the contents of the local configuration file
Sitemapper  Adds a dynamically generated sitemap to PmWiki.
Site Maps With Options  Standard Site Map for websites
Skin List  List skins installed on a site
Skins  Redirects to Skins (default sidebar links to here)
Slide Show  Create slide presentations with skin support
Slideshow Refresh  slideshowRefresh creates a "slideshow" by using the 'Refresh' meta tag, coupled with pagelist in order to automatically load one-page-after-another on a wiki, at an interval specified by the visitor.
Slim Table Of Contents  Simple or Numbered Table of Contents, Compatible with SectionEdit Recipe
Small Install  Minimise the size of the PmWiki installed files
Smart Colorbox Gallery  Smart Colorbox Gallery is an easy to use gallery that creates small and large images, and makes a colorbox slideshow.
Smart Quotes  Turns straight quotes into smart quotes
SMF User Intergration  Integrates Simple Machines Users into PmWiki
SMTP Mail  Send automated e-mails via your SMTP server
Snotes  Snotes (Styles for general purpose notes/boxes)
Social Bookmark Icons  Create dynamically a list of clickable icons for social bookmarking sites.
Social Bookmarking  Adds Badges for Sending a Page to Social Bookmarking Services
Sortable Tables  Create tables which can be sorted instantly by javascript
Sort By Score  Sorts (:pagelist:) search results by number of matching words found in page + displays fragments of page near the word.
Source Block  Source code syntax highlighter for PmWiki 2.x using GeSHi?
Source Code Horizontal Lines  Allow horizontal lines made of dashes ("-------") in PMWiki page source code
Source Forge Servers  Install PmWiki in SourceForge?.net's project web space.
Source History  Web php programming abilities from computers without any editor installed
Spaced Wiki Words  Space out WikiWords? in the page presentation without requiring FreeLink? mark-up
Spam Filters  Automatic blocking of some spambots
Sparklines  Easily embed sparklines inside wiki pages
Speed Optimizations  How to tune PmWiki and its environment for speed
Spell Checker  How to enable spell-cheking on a wiki
Sphinx  How can I search my PmWiki content via the Sphinx engine?
SQ Lite  Store wiki pages in an SQLite? database file
Standalone  Allows PmWiki to run in a "standalone" mode, without needing a webserver such as Apache
Star Rater  5 star rating system
Static Pages  Allows pmwiki pages to be published as static pages
Stopwatch  Use the $StopWatch function to measure PmWiki performance.
Stored Auth Name  How to set a stored author name to an authenticated user
String Replace  link or form markup for replacing text strings in pages
Styles  Practical examples of CSS Style use (with some explanation)
Subgroup Markup  Add one level of subpage using [[,subpage]] markup
Suffr  Allows Wiki users to administer the underlying computer system democratically
Superscript Line Spacing  How to fix line spacing of superscripts and subscripts
Survey Your Access Permissions  Generates a list of wikipages with special access permissions.
Svg  Embedding Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) into PmWiki pages
Switch To And From Draft  Provide a sidebar or PageActions? link to switch to/from -Draft pages
Switch To SSL Mode  How to force PmWiki to use Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Syntaxlove  Syntax highlighting with good look and cool JavaScript?-effects
Sys Diff  Use an external "diff" program to speed saving of long pages.
System Limits  Ways to increase various memory and filesize limits for a PmWiki installation
System Tools  System tools
Table Edit  Interactive table editor
Table Of Contents Portion  Inserts a portion of external table of contents into the page
Tables  List of recipes in Tables category
Tables Plus  A simpler yet more flexible markup for tables.
Tabtable-jt  Support embedded line feeds, trim spaces and add prior patch (make first row a header)
Tabtable-raf  tabtable with RAF patch of 2007/01/23 applied
Tabulate  Handles tab-delimited tables so you can cut and paste to and from spreadsheet applications
Tagger  Easy tagging into multiple category groups.
Tag Pages  Allow categorizing/tagging of pages with an easy interface.
Tags  How to have tags (like Flickr)
Talk Pages  Talk pages, as enabled on
Tbs Dynamic Content  insert dynamic contents in your pmWiki page using TinyButStrong template engine.
Tell A Friend  Gives Form to Send Page to Friend
Template Markup Tricks  Various ways of using templates to facilitate the creation of new pages (using standard PmWiki markup)
Templates  Extend the (:include:) markup to allow passing parameters to included pages.
Text 2 Tbl  Provide a way to convert arbitrarily structured text to table markup and provide conversion of simple tables to advanced.
Textallion  Textallion markup for PmWiki
Textarea  How to create textareas pre-filled with content
Text Captcha  Small and simple text captcha that uses ascii art and no session, cookies and images
Text Extract  search, grep, and extract text from other pages or groups with search terms and regular expressions, using search form or markup expression.
Thick Box  integrate the AJAX image effect known as thickbox into a PmWiki page
Thumb List  A thumbnail picture gallery for PmWiki
Thumb List-Talk-archive  ARCHIVE Talk Page for ThumbList? recipe
Thumbnail Link To Image  Produce a thumbnail link to a full-sized uploaded image that, in turn, links back to the page.
Time Zones  Display all dates and times in user selectable timezone and format
Tiny Web Gallery  Integration in PmWiki of the refined gallery TinyWebGallery?
Title Cased  Site customizeable title case of titles.
Title Markup  setting a page title with the first title markup, subsequent titles (from included pages etc.) are ignored
Title Spaced  How to have spaces in a page title
To Do  A nice looking ToDo? list
Toggle  Adds links or buttons for toggling (hiding/showing) elements on a page
Toggle Edit  easier addition of toggle-markup.
Toggle Hide  Add links to toggle display of html block elements
Toggle Link  redirect to Cookbook:ShowHide for SiteAnalyzer click through link
Toggle Next  Unobtrusive WikiStyle-based toggle-next element
Toggler  add text/code folding, from image or text (show or hide page content)
Toolbox  Tools for recipe developers
Total Counter  A statistic counter - counts page views, users, languages, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots
Trace Trail  Trail history of the last (default=5) visited wiki pages
Trackback  Simple trackback feature
Track Changes  Ways to more easily detect and verify all recent edits
Tracking Menu  A sidebar menu tracking the current page
Trail Menu  Build an expanding menu from a trail
Trail Page Description  Create and maintain additional infos for Trailpages within the Trailindexpage
Translatelink  Insert Google translation links
Trash  "safely delete" pages so that they can be restored and listed with pagelists
Tree Menu  Provides additional markup for creating a tree-like menu
True Latex  Enables interpretation and rendering of real LaTeX? markups in PmWiki. Support for XeLaTex? included in v1.8.
Twitter  Display twitter-messages and twitpics from any member in your page.
Twitter Bootstrap  Ready-to-install pmwiki package with Twitter Bootstrap skin
Twitter Post  easily post updates to your Twitter account via PHP functions
Two Way Mirroring With Rsync  How to keep identical copies of a wiki on two systems, one hosted and the other local
Txt2tags  Txt2tags markup for PmWiki
Txtdb  Txtdb (A simple csv based database)
UBB Threads Integration  How to use the user authentification of the UBBThreads? forums to control access to a PmWiki installation
Unaccent UTF 8  Diacritics-insensitive page index and searches
Underline Text  Use HTML5? <u> tag to underline text.
Universal Edit Button  Provide support for the Universal Edit Button in PmWiki
Un Toggle  An unobtrusive show/hide toggle switch.
Update Attachments  Add "update Attachment" link to Attach: links
Update Form  Easily create forms to display, add, and update records in a MySQL? table.
Up Form  Allow use of a Site.UploadForm page to format the upload form
Upgrade Bash Script  A script that tries to automate the process of upgrading the wiki.
Upload Form  Alternative file upload form using (:input file:)
Upload Groups  Allow uploads to be associated with individual pages or the entire site
Upload Pic Compression  Compress uploaded image files
Upload Plus  Organise file uploads in Group and/or Group/Page subdirectories
Uploads  Uploading and linking to attachments
Uploads Markup  Providing an "Uploads:" markup similar to "Attach:", but with a storage-oriented way of referencing
Upload Types  Add extensions to or remove them from the list of allowed upload types
Use Alternative Configurations  Get the base URL from the server
User Admin  AuthUser account self-registration and management
User Admin-authuser  helper for recipe UserAdmin
User Admin-dbase  helper for recipe UserAdmin
User Admin-profiles  helper for recipe UserAdmin
User Admin Templates  Custom templates for use with Cookbook.UserAdmin.
User Auth  User-based authorization
User Auth 2  A user-based permission granting and authentication module
User Auth Devel  User-based authorization Development Page
User Configurations  How can users customise an edit form for their personal use, and customise other settings like access keys?
User Last Action  Record the last action for each user so that stale accounts can be detected
UTF-8  A collection of UTF-8 related tips and fixes
UTF 8 Conv  A recipe to help with the convertion of different encodings to UTF-8
Versioned Assets  Adds versions (modification timestamps) to attachment URLs?, so that browser caches invalidate properly when attachments are updated.
Very Simple To Do  A very simple ToDo? list
Video 5  HTML5? Video Support for PmWiki
Video Attach  Handles Attach: videos, provides a video directive and optional support for popular Video Upload sites.
Viet Map  Convert and view lists as simple mind maps.
View Diff  Compare arbitrary revisions and view a particular version.
View Modes  show selected content according to user choice (using a cookie)
View PDF  Embed PDF files in a wiki page
Visio  Embed Visio (*.vsd) drawings into wiki pages
Visitors Logging  How to have a clean log of visitor activity for each field of a farm
Visitors Logging 1337  Log all activity on your wiki to a text file in a configurable way.
Vote Counter  Count & summarize votes
Voting  Add a form to record "votes" on a page
VR View 360  Display a 360 photo using Google VR View
Watch Lists  Track the most recent changes to a list of pages
Watch That Page  Tips for how to use with the Recent Changes page.
Wb Backup  Backup dynamic wiki data (wiki.d, cookbook, ...)
Wb FAQ  Create a "traditional" FAQ
Web Admin  PHP file manager, works without ftp client
Web Server Security  How to use ".htaccess" to make PmWiki more secure
Website Icon  Add browser website icon (favicon) from config.php
Whos Where  Show Who's Where on your wiki
Wiki Box  Allow posting to and reading from PmWiki via email
Wiki Calendar  Add support for a simple calendar. Each date becomes a wiki page.
Wiki Conversion  Recipes for converting other wikis from and to PmWiki
Wiki CVS Storage  Use CVS to backup/archive your wiki.
Wiki Farm Alternative  An efficient way to manage a wiki farm or web server.
Wiki Farm Step By Step  Step by step instructions on how to set up PmWiki as a WikiFarm? on a UNIX platform using a symlink approach
Wiki Footer  Website page footer
Wiki Forms  Use a form template to create, edit and list wiki pages
Wiki Form Sample  Defines the layout of a simple issues form to use with the WikiForms? recipe
Wiki Forms Bugs  Bug reports for the WikiForms recipe
Wiki Forms FAQ  FAQ regarding the WikiForms recipe
Wiki Forms Feature Requests  Feature requests for the WikiForms recipe
Wiki Forms Recipes  Various recipes for the WikiForms recipe
Wiki Gallery  WikiGallery? - automatic easy to use fully integrated gallery extension for PmWiki
Wiki Host  Code for your Config.php file to simplify updates/templating/migration regardless of http or https
Wiki Mail  Provide support for email for other recipes
Wiki Markup Conversion  How to convert other wiki markups for PmWiki
Wikimedia Search  Get a functional search form like on wikipedia pages
Wiki Objects  Enable Object Oriented Extensions for PmWiki
Wiki On A Stick  How to place a standalone wiki on a USB stick
Wiki On PDA  Information on creating a read-only version of a wiki for handheld devices.
Wikipath  A page text lookup grammar which attempts to understand wiki page structure
Wikipublisher Journal  A journal separating content from presentation, aimed at delivering great web and printed results
Wiki Refactoring  Steps and methods to refactor and re-organize a wiki
Wiki Root  Add Markup to insert the root path to your Wiki allowing, for example, something like a relative address for images or files in your Wiki.
Wiki Sh  Wiki-based script language roughly emulating linux shell tools - NOTE THIS RECIPE IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED AND DOES NOT WORK ON MODERN VERSIONS OF PHP
Wiki Sh CL  Provide Command Line capabilities to WikiSh
Wiki Sh Crypt  Provide encryption/decryption for WikiSh commands and in other contexts
Wiki Sh Db  An extension to WikiSh to allow database (PDO) usage
Wiki Sh Examples  Examples and Applications of the use of WikiSh
Wiki Sh Tutorial  A tutorial starting at a very basic level and exposing the user to all simple and most intermediate capabilities of WikiSh
Wiki Smileys  Add graphical smileys to the markup
Wiki Styles Plus  Lots of useful Wikistyles (rollovers, code blocks, notes, warnings, outlines)
Wiki SVN  Handle TortoiseSVN? (Subversion) via pmWiki
Wiki To Book  How to create and compile a printable book from your wiki documentation?
Wiki Trails  Ways to use and create Wiki trails along with extensions to enhance them
Wikiwyg  Integrate Wikiwyg into PmWiki for WYSIWYG editing
WM Player  Embedding a Windows Media Player
Word 2 Pm Wiki  Word macro to convert a Word document to PmWiki syntax
Word Paste  Ability to Paste Microsoft Word contents into PmWiki and retain bullet list, heading and other possible formatting.
Wordpress  Allows showing the last 5 posts from a wordpress installation.
Word Press Audio Player  Embed the WordPress? Audio Player (Standalone version), by Martin Laine, to play MP3s?.
Wordpress Import  Import entries form a Wordpress Blog into PmWiki.
Word Wrap Preformatted Text  Prevent long lines of text stretching beyond the window edge
Worse  Simple WYSIWYG editing for PmWiki
WP Categories  Mimic Wikipedia's categories behaviour -- group category-referencing links in a neat box by the bottom of a page + automatically create category-listing pages.
WYSIWYG Fund Drive  Pledge card for PmWiki WYSIWYG development
Xajax Search  Provide a better way to show search results.
Xes Auth User Dbase  Stand-Alone version of AuthUserDbase?
XES Blog  Provide blog application functionality for one point installation.
XES Blog-Use  How to blog using XesBlog? recipe
XHTML Strict  A collection of XHTML Strict tips, fixes, snippets
Xml4pmwiki  xml4pmwiki allows you to transform xml data using a xsl stylesheet in a pmwiki page
Xml Export  Simple xml export recipe for pmwiki
XML Page Store  Store pages as XML files
XMLRPC  How to communicate with PmWiki via the XML-RPC protocol
YAG  "Yet Another Gallery tool" for PmWiki - An easy-to-use tool that creates and caches thumbnails of images, and displays them in gallery. Suited for creating a thumbnail gallery distributed over multiple pages for large number of images. Images can be within the PmWiki (page attachments) or can be in WWW. Range of images can be declared in single line using wildcard-like features.
Yuml Me  Easily edit and display UML diagrams in PmWiki pages
ZAP  The ZAP forms processor handles data and file management, page insertions (forums, blogs), email & newsletters, e-commerce, and more.
ZAP Business Directory  Adventures in building a business directory
ZAP Chat  Step by step procedure for creating a chat using ZAP.
ZA Pforum  Step by step instructions for creating a forum using ZAP.
Z Code  Extract and highlight source code files from 7z, TAR, ZIP, or RAR archives
Zero Master Group  Shorter URLs? by introducing an omittable master group
Zip Export  Export the content of PmWiki-formatted page files in a zip archive

Pm Wiki (311 pages)  

Access Keys  Access keys are keyboard shortcuts for tasks that would otherwise require a mouse
Admin Task  List of PmWiki administration related tasks organized in alphabetical order
Analyze Results  Instructions and possible responses from using the Site Analyzer
AQ  Repository for questions about PmWiki that have been answered, see also FAQ
Audiences  Patrick Michaud's comments regarding the "audiences" for which PmWiki was designed
Authoring Philosophy  Patrick Michaud on the reasons behind Author variables
Auth User  Authorization system that uses usernames and passwords
Available Actions  All PmWiki page actions (?action=) and other query parameters
Backup And Restore  background information and some basic backup and restore procedures
Basic Editing  PmWiki's basic edit syntax
Basic Variables  core variables
Blocklist  Blocking IP addresses, phrases, and expressions to counteract spam and vandalism.
Block Markup  Markup resulting in paragraphs
Categories  Categories are a way to organize and find related pages
Change Log  Log of changes made to PmWiki by Release
Change Log Archive  Version 2.0.devel1 (2004-08-26) to Version 2.3.0 (2022-01-15)
Changes From Pm Wiki 1  features of PmWiki 1.0 that have been changed or eliminated in PmWiki 2.0
Character Markup  inline markup character combinations summary
Characters  Tables of special characters
Chat  IRC Channel: #pmwiki on
Comment Markup  various forms of comments and how to achieve them for wiki pages
Concept  PmWiki concepts and terms
Cond Auth  Documentation of the internal function CondAuth
Cond Expr  Details of the CondExpr? function
Conditional Markup  The if directive allows portions of a page to be included or excluded from rendering
Contact Us  How to reach the PmWiki developers and community
Contributors  A list of contributors to PmWiki development and improvement
Creating New Pages  How to create a new page
Custom Actions  Make PmWiki respond to custom values for url parameter ?action=...
Custom Markup  Using the Markup() function for custom wiki syntax; migration to PHP 5.5
Custom Markup Alt  Alternate introduction to custom markup for beginners
Custom Pagelist Sort Order  Setting custom sort order for page lists
Custom Wiki Styles  Predefined PmWiki styles & adding custom wiki styles
Debug Variables  variables useful for debugging
Deleting Pages  Removing wiki pages
Design Notes  Some of the features and notes about PmWiki's design decisions
Documentation Guidelines  Broad guidelines used for writing PmWiki documentation
Documentation Index  PmWiki documentation index
Download  Download versions of PmWiki
Drafts  Draft versions of pages
Edit Getting Started  Introduction to markup (editing for beginners)
Editing API  This page documents the API for modifying PmWiki pages via the wiki engine
Edit Variables  variables used when editing pages
Edit Variables In Text Area  Collection of some edit tricks
Error Messages  Help for specific PmWiki error messages
Failure Stories  When things don't go as planned
FAQ  List of frequently asked questions
FAQ Candidate  Frequently asked (and answered) questions that may move to the FAQ page
Features  A listing of PmWiki features
Features At A Glance  A short listing of PmWiki features
File Permissions  PmWiki's settings for file and directory permissions in a typical Unix environment
Flat File Advantages  Flat file usage by PmWiki
Fmt Page Name  Documentation for the PmWiki internal function FmtPageName()
For Hire  consultants, contractors, developers and designers for hire
Forms  How you can embed input forms into wiki pages
Function List  A simple list of the functions provided by PmWiki
Functions  How some of the functions in pmwiki.php work
Glossary  Terms related to PmWiki
Good Style  Good style guide for writing content
Group Customizations  How to customize a subset of your wiki
Group Headers  Group Header and Group Footer page usage
Hierarchical Groups  Why PmWiki doesn't use hierarchical or nested groups
How To Get Assistance  How to seek help and assistance and report PmWiki bugs
I18n Variables  variables used for internationalization (i18n)
Images  Placing images in pages
Include Other Pages  Include contents from other PmWiki pages
Initial Passwords  PmWiki's initial password settings
Initial Setup Tasks  First steps following a fresh installation
Installation  Obtaining and installing PmWiki
Inter Map  Interwiki links definition and use
Internationalizations  Language internationalisation of web pages
Introduction  Frequent questions before installing PmWiki
Layout Basics  Deprecated, see Skin Templates
Layout Variables  variables that control page layout
Line Markup  Start of Line wiki markup
Link I Map  Description PmWiki's internal function LinkIMap?()
Links  Multiple mechanisms for creating links
Link Schemes  Link schemes supported by PmWiki
Link Variables  variables that control the display of links in pages
List Styles  Styles for use in wiki lists
Local Customizations  Customize your PmWiki installation through config.php and local.css
Mailing Lists  The email discussion lists available and their archives
Mail Posts  superseded by Notify from version 2.1.7
Make Link  Describes an internal function in PmWiki's engine called MakeLink?()
Markup Characters  A list of special characters used in PmWiki markup
Markup Expressions  String and formatting operations
Markup Master Index  Tabulation of all PmWiki markup
Notify  How to receive email messages whenever pages are changed on the whole wiki site, individual groups or selected watchlists of pages
Other Languages  PmWiki internationalized in other languages
Other Variables  Variables not yet classified
Page Directives  Directives to specify page titles, descriptions, keywords, and display
Page File Format  Create wiki formatted pages in bulk and for upload to your pmwiki site
Page History  History of previous edits to a page
Page Lists  Searching and listing pages by multiple criteria with templated output
Page List Templates  Creating page list format templates
Pagelist Variables  variables used with page lists and search results
Page Locking  Exclusive author editing of a page
Page Sections  The PmWiki-internal effects of anchors: They divide a page into sections.
Page Text Variables  Page variables automatically made available through natural or explicit page markup
Page Variables  variables that are associated with pages
Passwords  General use of passwords and login
Passwords Admin  More password options for the administrator
Path Variables  variables used to specify various locations on the server
Pay For Pm Wiki  You can support future development, growth and maintenance by making a payment.
Petko  Redirects to Profiles.Petko
PL  Redirects to PmWiki.PageLists
Platforms  Browsers, Web servers, PHP versions
Pm Wiki 101  This page aims to tell you how to get started using PmWiki
Pm Wiki Philosophy  This page describes some of the ideas that guide the design and implementation of PmWiki
Pm Wiki Users  Categorised usage of PmWiki
Pm Wiki Users-Map  A world map with locations of PmWiki-driven websites. Please add yours to this page.
Questions  Ask your questions about PmWiki here, after checking the documentation index and FAQ
Questions Answered  Answers from questions organised
Ref Count  Link references counts on pages
References  References to PmWiki media coverage
Release Notes  Notes about new versions, important for upgrades
Release Notes Archive  Version 2.0.devel releases to Version 2.0.13 (2005-11-10)
Requirements  Pre-requisites for running the PmWiki wiki engine
Road Map  Possible 'future states' for the next few releases of PmWiki
Robots  Setting available to control robots
RSS  Deprecated in favour of WebFeeds
Search  Targeting and customizing search results
Search Improvements  Search improvements discussion
Security  Resources for securing your PmWiki installation
Security Variables  variables crucial for site security
Setting Audience Suggestion  Suggestions for setting Audience and Level on various Pages in PmWiki group
Setup HTTPS  Setup PmWiki for HTTP over Transport Layer Security
Simultaneous Edits  Handling multiple attempts to edit a page nearly simultaneously
Site Analyzer  Analyse PmWiki security and software versions
Site Page Actions  how site page actions work
Site Preferences  Customisable browser setting preferences: Access keys, edit form
Skins  Change the look and feel of part or all of PmWiki
Skin Templates  Skin templates (.tmpl files)
Special Characters List  Entities defined in from the rss.php script
Special Pages  Pages in PmWiki that have special meaning or are created or updated in a special manner
Subversion  How to get the latest pre-release from the version control system
Success Stories  Some of the many wonderful places where PmWiki is successfully used
Support  Get support from the PmWiki core developer
Table Directives  Directives for table processing
Table Of Contents  Basic automatic table of contents and numbered headings
Tables  Simple tables with double pipe markup, one row per line
Text Formatting Rules  A list of some of the markup sequences available
Troubleshooting  Advice for troubleshooting an installation, keywords: deprecated, preg_replace, crypt, blank pages, headers, .flock, upgrade, create_function
Update Page  Technical notes on the UpdatePage?() function. It is updated as of 2.2.0 Beta65.
Upgrades  How to upgrade an existing PmWiki installation
Upgrade To Site Admin  Description of new 2.2 SiteAdmin group
Upgrading From Pm Wiki 1  Version 1 to version 2 upgrade suggestions
Uploads  Allow authors to upload files, also known as page attachments
Uploads Admin  Administration of PmWiki uploads
Upload Variables  Variables used for uploads/attachments
Url Approvals  Require approval of Url links
Users  The three types of PmWiki users
UTF-8  Enabling UTF-8 Unicode language encoding in your wiki.
Variables  Variables available for local customisation
Version  Determining and displaying the current version of PmWiki (pmwiki-2.3.35)
Web Feeds  Web feed notification of changes
Web Hosts  feedback on PmWiki webhosting experience
Wiki Cascades  The order of usage or selection of settings and files
Wiki Elements  An introduction to PmWiki page elements and features
Wiki Farms  Running multiple wikis from a single installation
Wiki Farm Terminology  An explanation of the terminology used to describe PmWiki farms
Wiki Group  Organising pages into related groups
Wiki Group Motivation  Explanations about WikiGroups? given by Patrick R. Michaud on the [pmwiki-users] mailing-list
Wiki Groups  Redirects to Wiki Group
Wiki Page  Wiki page information
Wiki Refactoring  Do the MailingLists inhibit development of good documentation?
Wiki Structure  PmWiki structural support for page organization
Wiki Style Colors  Standard and additional wiki colour styles
Wiki Style Examples  Styling text for colour and other attributes
Wiki Styles  Modifying the style of page contents
Wiki Trails  Trails from lists items from a single page
Wiki Wiki Web  An introduction to the Wiki Wiki Web (www)
Wiki Word  Definition and usage of WikiWord
Wiki Words  Redirects to PmWiki.WikiWord
WYSIWYG  Notes about WYSIWYG support in PmWiki
XL Page Template  Page being moved to Localization.SiteMap?.

Site (56 pages)  Site Configuration

All Recent Changes Medium  The 180 most recent pages changed
All Recent Changes Mob  RecentChanges optimized for small screens and mobile devices.
All Recent Changes Per Author  All pages changed by Author
All Recent Changes Short  The 60 most recent pages changed
Auth Form  Form displayed when requesting a password or username/password
Auth List  Page list of all pages with access permissions set
Blocklist-comment  Phrases to block when using comment actions
Boira Edit Form  contains the edit page layout form
Edit Form  contains the edit page layout form
Edit Quick Reference  quick reference for editing pages
I18n Footer   Page no longer used, new languages should be added only to PmWiki.OtherLanguages.
Include Failed  Message for failure of an include from other pages
Inter Map  Custom InterMap link definition to other wikis, directories, and protocols
Local CSS  Apply CSS to pages or groups of pages
Local Templates  Add to or override PmWiki's page list templates
Page Actions  Contains the 'action' links (like Browse, Edit, History, etc.), placed at the top of the page, see site page actions
Page Elements  Page elements part of Amber skin
Page Header  Search box and logo for some skins
Page List Templates  Templates for PmWiki's Page lists directive
Page Not Found  Page displayed when PmWiki can't find the requested page
Page Not Found-Local  Page displayed when PmWiki can't find the requested page (used on
Page Top Menu  Page used by Gemini, FixFlow? and Triad skins, plus any others?
Preferences  Preferences for access keys and edit form
Search  Search wiki
Side Bar  default SideBar contents
Side Bar Footer  Use by some Skins
Site  Site Configuration
Skin Elements  Skin elements such as wiki header and wiki footer
Style Options  Style Options for Gemini and FixFlow skins
Style Sheet-CSS Popups  CSS styles used for page Cookbook.CSSPopups
Upload Form  Upload form for attach action
Upload Quick Reference  Quick reference for uploading pages
Version  Display the current version of PmWiki (pmwiki-2.3.35)

Site Admin (10 pages)  Site Administration

Auth List  Page list of all pages with access permissions set
Auth User  Configuration of identity based authorisations
Blocklist  PmWiki blocklist of spam IP addresses and phrases
Notify List  Notify email address on page changes
Site Admin  Site Administration
Status  PmWiki version pmwiki-2.3.35 (VersionNum?=2003035)

Sites (4 pages)  

  0: 00.00 00.00 config start
  1: 00.02 00.01 config end
  2: 00.22 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
  3: 00.23 00.20 MarkupToHTML begin
  4: 00.23 00.20 FPLTemplate: Chain begin
  5: 00.23 00.20 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateLoad
  6: 00.23 00.20 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateDefaults
  7: 00.23 00.20 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePageList
  8: 00.23 00.20 MakePageList pre
  9: 00.23 00.20 PageListSources begin
 10: 00.23 00.20 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 11: 00.24 00.21 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
 12: 00.24 00.21 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
 13: 00.24 00.21 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 14: 00.24 00.21 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 15: 00.24 00.21 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 16: 00.25 00.22 PageListSources end count=1583
 17: 00.25 00.22 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
 18: 00.25 00.22 MakePageList items count=1583, filters=
 19: 00.25 00.22 MakePageList post count=1583, readc=0
 20: 00.25 00.22 PageListSort begin
 21: 00.25 00.22 PageListSort sort
 22: 00.26 00.23 PageListSort end
 23: 00.26 00.23 MakePageList end
 24: 00.27 00.23 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrg
 25: 00.27 00.23 MarkupToHTML begin
 26: 00.27 00.24 MarkupToHTML end
 27: 00.27 00.24 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateSliceList
 28: 00.27 00.24 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplateFormat
 29: 03.73 03.58 MarkupToHTML begin
 30: 03.87 03.72 MakePageList pre
 31: 03.87 03.72 PageListSources begin
 32: 03.87 03.72 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 33: 03.88 03.73 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
 34: 03.89 03.74 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
 35: 03.90 03.75 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 36: 03.90 03.75 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 37: 03.90 03.75 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 38: 03.91 03.76 PageListSources end count=10364
 39: 03.91 03.76 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
 40: 03.91 03.76 MakePageList items count=10364, filters=
 41: 03.92 03.77 MakePageList post count=10364, readc=0
 42: 03.92 03.77 PageListSort begin
 43: 03.92 03.77 PageListSort sort
 44: 04.07 03.91 PageListSort end
 45: 04.07 03.91 MakePageList end
 46: 04.07 03.91 MakePageList pre
 47: 04.07 03.91 PageListSources begin
 48: 04.07 03.91 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 49: 04.07 03.92 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
 50: 04.08 03.92 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
 51: 04.08 03.92 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 52: 04.08 03.92 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 53: 04.08 03.92 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 54: 04.08 03.92 PageListSources end count=2304
 55: 04.08 03.92 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
 56: 04.08 03.92 MakePageList items count=2304, filters=
 57: 04.08 03.93 MakePageList post count=2304, readc=0
 58: 04.08 03.93 PageListSort begin
 59: 04.08 03.93 PageListSort sort
 60: 04.11 03.96 PageListSort end
 61: 04.11 03.96 MakePageList end
 62: 04.51 04.35 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls begin
 63: 04.51 04.35 ReadApprovedUrls SiteAdmin.ApprovedUrls end
 64: 05.77 05.57 MakePageList pre
 65: 05.77 05.57 PageListSources begin
 66: 05.77 05.57 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 67: 05.78 05.57 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
 68: 05.78 05.58 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
 69: 05.78 05.58 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 70: 05.78 05.58 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 71: 05.78 05.58 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 72: 05.79 05.58 PageListSources end count=311
 73: 05.79 05.58 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
 74: 05.79 05.58 MakePageList items count=311, filters=
 75: 05.79 05.58 MakePageList post count=311, readc=0
 76: 05.79 05.58 PageListSort begin
 77: 05.79 05.58 PageListSort sort
 78: 05.79 05.58 PageListSort end
 79: 05.79 05.58 MakePageList end
 80: 06.01 05.80 MakePageList pre
 81: 06.01 05.80 PageListSources begin
 82: 06.01 05.80 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 83: 06.01 05.80 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
 84: 06.02 05.81 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
 85: 06.02 05.81 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 86: 06.02 05.81 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 87: 06.02 05.81 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
 88: 06.02 05.81 PageListSources end count=56
 89: 06.02 05.81 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
 90: 06.02 05.81 MakePageList items count=56, filters=
 91: 06.02 05.81 MakePageList post count=56, readc=0
 92: 06.02 05.81 PageListSort begin
 93: 06.02 05.81 PageListSort sort
 94: 06.02 05.81 PageListSort end
 95: 06.02 05.81 MakePageList end
 96: 06.08 05.87 MakePageList pre
 97: 06.08 05.87 PageListSources begin
 98: 06.08 05.87 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
 99: 06.08 05.87 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
100: 06.09 05.88 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
101: 06.09 05.88 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
102: 06.09 05.88 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
103: 06.09 05.88 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
104: 06.09 05.88 PageListSources end count=10
105: 06.09 05.88 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
106: 06.09 05.88 MakePageList items count=10, filters=
107: 06.09 05.88 MakePageList post count=10, readc=0
108: 06.09 05.88 PageListSort begin
109: 06.09 05.88 PageListSort sort
110: 06.09 05.88 PageListSort end
111: 06.09 05.88 MakePageList end
112: 06.10 05.89 MakePageList pre
113: 06.10 05.89 PageListSources begin
114: 06.10 05.89 PageStore::ls begin wiki.d/{$FullName}
115: 06.11 05.89 PageStore::ls merge wiki.d/{$FullName}
116: 06.11 05.90 PageStore::ls end wiki.d/{$FullName}
117: 06.11 05.90 PageStore::ls begin $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
118: 06.11 05.90 PageStore::ls merge $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
119: 06.11 05.90 PageStore::ls end $FarmD/wikilib.d/{$FullName}
120: 06.11 05.90 PageListSources end count=4
121: 06.11 05.90 PageListSort pre ret=4 order=name
122: 06.11 05.90 MakePageList items count=4, filters=
123: 06.11 05.90 MakePageList post count=4, readc=0
124: 06.11 05.90 PageListSort begin
125: 06.11 05.90 PageListSort sort
126: 06.11 05.90 PageListSort end
127: 06.11 05.90 MakePageList end
128: 06.12 05.90 MarkupToHTML end
129: 06.12 05.90 FPLTemplate: FPLTemplatePmWikiOrgPostFormat
130: 06.12 05.90 FPLTemplate: Chain end
131: 06.12 05.91 MarkupToHTML end
132: 06.13 05.91 MarkupToHTML end
133: 06.13 05.92 MarkupToHTML begin
134: 06.14 05.93 MarkupToHTML end
135: 06.14 05.93 MarkupToHTML begin
136: 06.15 05.93 MarkupToHTML end
137: 06.23 05.93 now
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