Summary: PmWikiDraw Change Log
Category: Editing, Images

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 2.362 - 2nd May 2007
- Fixed issue with Java 6 runtime [null pointers thrown when PmWikiDraw applet begins]
- Added support for PmWiki running with EnableDirectDownload=0 set.

2.361 - 14th March 2005
- Fixed fault with reading drawing files, bufferedReader.ready() is *not* reliable!

2.36 - 10th March 2005
+ Added Pen/Text/Fill colour buttons and configured system to default to the last selected one.
! Added Save + Continue menu option for long drawing sessions :)
+ Re-wired File menu options so ALT-x,  Ctrl-Q, Ctrl-S now work, when discarding + exiting and 'confirm dialog' is now presented.
- Fixed 'Select All' so cut/copy + paste now paste back in the correct [reversed] order.
+ Drag Select now ignores grid constraints making it slightly easier to select things.
- Grouping is now selection order independant, i.e. the relative depths of objects pre-grouping are retained within the new group
  please note that this new group of objects will have different layers relative to the drawing as they did prior to grouping, so un-grouping
  won't put them back in the same order... undo'ing should do however :)

2.352 - 12th February 2005
+ Support for PmWiki Farms, added new configuration parameter that can specify which 'pub' folder to use explicitly.
  Seems odd I need to do this but apparently its the 'correct' way to do things in PmWiki.
+ Modified the 'scribble' tool to have two modes, 'assisted' which respects grid settings and allows for 'elasticated' lines 
  and 'freehand' which is ideal for scribbling quick messages.

2.351B - 5th January 2005
- Modified DrawingConversion code to 'fix' Textfigures now their borders work. Version 2.35 had the effect of giving all TextFigures
  black borders on load. Now the conversion code rewrites the drawing to give TextFigures borders of colour 'none'. IFF no border
  is currently defined.
- Incremented drawing version id for above fix.
- Symbol libraries are now loaded through the drawing conversion code.
- Updated sample symbol libraries to use the new drawing version-id.

! Image resources are now 'relative' meaning that drawings can (theoretically) be moved
  between wikis.  This does of course assume that you have the same images available under
  the pub/drawing path :) - Future modification will be to provide a way to configure a 'shared'
  resource location between wikis.
+ Symbol libraries can now be added to local PmWikiDraw installations.  These contain previously
  created symbols that are imported directly into the drawing as grouped figures.
- TextFigures can now have their frame colour set independantly from their text colour. Allowing for proper
  label like behaviour

- Fixed VM compatibility bug that stopped PmWikiDraw working with 1.3 VMs.

- Bug fix
+ New Feature
! Feature request fullfillment