Summary: PmWikiDraw Bugs and Features - Done/Implemented
Category: Editing, Images

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List of outstanding bugs and feature requests for PmWikiDraw

These are bugs and feature requests that have been fixed/implemented for PmWikiDraw.

Pre 2.1B

vert+ horiz. lines not drawn

  • version: 20
  • by: KAL
  • error: exact horizontal and vertical lines are not drawn. If you shift the end-point just by one pixel, the line is drawn. An already drawn line can be made exact horizontal or vertical and will still be drawn
  • status: Fixed - Needed to expose a hidden method oops.

focussing diagonal lines#

  • version: 20
  • by: KAL
  • error: long diagonal lines can't be focussed on the line itself but on the horizontal line running through one of the ending points. The diagonal line in the sample can only be focussed somewhere around the red line
  • see: draw01.draw.txtΔ
  • status: Fixed - Some reason the Geom code was all of a sudden returning 'Infinity', casted a relevant int to double to get meaningful values for doing the intersection test.

multi-line-textarea can't be reread, IO-Error

  • version: 20
  • by: KAL
  • error: saving a drawing with multiple lines within a textarea can't be edited again. The load results in an IO-error.
  • info: at least in an windows-environment multiple mlines are delimited by CR+"\n"
  • try to add the suppression of \r in (like in old source of Twikidraw)
  • status: Fixed - As suggested.

Misc Usability (non-bug) Requests

  • version: Pre 2.0B
  • by: Russ Fink
  1. Applet should have a "help/about" or other version identification feature
    1. Done - In PmWikiDraw 2.0B
    • Verified (Russ)
  2. Hotkeys for Cut (ctrl-x), Copy (ctrl-c), Paste (ctrl-v), Group (ctrl-g), Ungroup (ctrl-u). Can substitute meta key for control
    1. Done - In PmWikiDraw 2.1B
    • Verified on RedHat/Firefox (Russ) - nice job, it uses ctrl keys on my system
  3. Provision for uploading an image through the images menu, to add to the publicly available "clip art" library
    1. Not Done - Not going to happen, PmWiki Admins would need to provide this functionality themselves sorry :)
  4. It would be good to put a border="0" attribute around drawings. They show up with blue borders in Firefox.
    1. Done - Now the img elements contain a class attribute which can be styled in your css.
    • Verified on RedHat/Firefox (Russ)
  5. Should permit a Save without an exit - so as not to lose work in progress
    1. Done - This is in versions 2.353 and above.

Version 2.1B

Grouped Connected Text "Orbits" Around when Moving

  • version: 2.1B
  • by: Russ Fink (
  • error: When creating a grouped object where one of the items includes connected text, moving the new group causes the connected text to "orbit" around. Steps: create an object, add connected text to it, "nudge" it to center the connected text. Create another object. Rubber-band select both objects, including the connected text (total of three objects selected). Verify that all items including the connected text are selected. Select Edit, Group. Now, try moving the group - the connected text will do what can only be described as "orbiting" as you move it. There is an example drawing (at the moment) on the WombatShare sandbox.
  • more info: you don't have to have a 3rd object, you can just rubber-band around a simple object and its connected text, group it, and get the orbit effect.
  • workaround: use normal text, not connected text.
  • status: Done - Now it no longer orbits, woot ;)

Version 2.1B Misc Usability Requests

  • version: 2.1B
  1. (Russ) Undo, Redo should be first two items in Edit menu. Also, can just be "Undo" instead of "Undo Command".
    • Done - Moved to the top and changed the names in the english property file.

Version 2.2B

Split Connection tool fails.

  • by: Ciaran
  • error: When trying to use the Split Connection tool it throws a class-cast exception.
  • status: Done - Legacy code from previous styled lines 'fix.

Version 2.21B

Version 2.24B

  • I have been using pmwikidraw successfully on my website, but now it is not working anymore. The upload (Attach) functionnality is working well. When I save a page with (:drawing xxx:), pmwikidraw applet let me draw something but when I try to "save and exit", my upload password is asked three times and nothing is saved. I am using pmwiki 2 beta 7, pmwikidraw 2.24b, hosted on unix-apache1-php5 (french "" provider), client firefox1-windowsXP-java1.4.2_06. noe December 12, 2004, at 03:34 PM
    • Do you have a url I could link to ?
    • Yes, I have just done a fresh basic install for test purpose on : ooiuu on my provider -no spam- noe December 13, 2004, at 03:34 AM
    • I've been on, but I can't seem to save at all either. Could you please follow the instructions I've left ...
    • Done, thank you for taking on your time. You are right, there is a problem with sessions on "".
      • No problem, alternatives include, settting 'no password' for uploads on pages you want drawings, or swapping to basic authentication:)
    • Fixed - There *was* a bug it is now fixed and should work for you!!!
    • arghhh, sorry ... still some troubles, I uploaded pmwiki 2 beta 8 and pmwikidraw 2.3b but it is still buggy for me. I also put now $drawingDebugEnabled=true; before the include of pmwikidraw. I'll try with no password tomorrow ! Bye.
      • I'm afraid that site is still running version 2.24B. (You can find out which version from the Drawing menu -> about) Please try version 2.3B and let me know if that helps :)
      • Yes, sorry, I must have mixed things, now it's working, great ! Thanks a lot. noe December 13, 2004, at 01:40 PM
      • No problem, incedentally upgrade to an even more recent version to get entries in your RecentChanges pages :)

Version 2.352

Can't modify text

  • by: Nate Tanner (pmwiki -at-
  • Could be just me not knowing how to do it, but there doesn't seem to be any way to change the text created by the TextArea tool, or even the Text tool. I can move the text around, but I can't add to or edit it. This is a pretty key feature that will probably cause me not to use PmWikiDraw if it is not available. If this is already available please correct me.
  • :) Of course this is possible, however it is un-intuitive and is on my [mental] list of things to fix, in the future you will just have to double click on text-area/text label type components, however currently you select a text-tool [any one will do] and click on the text-area etc you wish to edit, and it will become editable again :)