Summary: Redirect pages without messages and without modifying links
Version: 1.3
Status: Working
Maintainer: GNUZoo
Categories: Links

Questions answered by this recipe

How to get rid of the redirect message and get rid of the "?from=pagename" in links


Remove redirect message PMWiki displays in a page is easy with just setting

    $PageRedirectFmt = '';

The hard part is changing the URL so it does not show that same information

This recipe is not obsolete. It is different than the "$EnableRedirectQuiet" method in that this recipe does not require any adjustment to any redirect directive. It removes ALL "?from=pagename" in links. The newer method requires EVERY redirect directive to be modified with quiet=1. Can we make it so that if "$EnableRedirectQuiet" is set to 2 that it disables all "?from=pagename" in links so we do not have to adjust it in every redirect directive?

I fixed this plugin and a newer version is available for download.



Note: From version 2.2.1, PmWiki core's redirect markup now accepts the quiet=1 additional parameter. See $EnableRedirectQuiet.

This recipe is based on CustomRedirects. This recipe requires no custom parameters in the (:redirect:) markup like CustomRedirects does. Every link is clean and no "redirected from" message is displayed on the page.


Copy RedirectSilent.phpΔ to your cookbook directory.

In your config.php:


or in your farmconfig.php enter:



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