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Hello, I'm Petko Yotov. Since January 2009, I am the PmWiki core developer, release manager, and webmaster. Since 2006 I write and maintain PmWiki recipes/modules and their documentation.
I have a passion for free software and free culture, knowledge sharing and teaching.

Experience & competence

  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Ajax, PHP
  • Servers: HTTP, FTP, DNS, e-mail
  • Website architecture, structure and navigation
  • Usability, accessibility, mobile internet
  • Online communities: PmWiki and Wikipedia
  • Languages: Bulgarian, French, English

About me

I am an individual consultant based in Paris, France, and I offer PmWiki support and training, server, domain, e-mail configuration, website installation, migration, maintenance and customization. Any recipe, skin or module can be created or adapted for your needs.

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e-mail:5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr -> mailto:5ko [snail] 5ko [period] fr?subject=Request via PmWiki [period] org
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Brief portfolio

1. Module created or adapted for the specific needs of a client or a user. Keeping the copyrights of my works allows me to release them as open source free software.

Development Checklist

Development Checklist

I was recently granted the privilege to contribute directly to the PmWiki Core development. Here are a couple of things that I consider important, and that I will respect.

  1. Follow the PmWiki Philosophy. These are the founding principles of the software, the development and the community, and new versions will follow them too.
  2. Serve the community. My work should be seen like a "tool" that does what is required and obvious. Do technical work, do not decide about major directions to be taken. I may have my opinions but I feel best decisions are taken in discussions, when possible by consensus.
  3. Be Transparent. This is Free software, transparent by definition, but if you have any questions about my actions, ask me.
  4. Delegate. It will be great if more people could help out, especially for:
  5. My personal style or philosophy, or goal, is probably summed as "Simplicity". I'll try not to complicate things more than it is absolutely required.
  6. My own cookbook recipes are switched to stand-by mode. Eventual bugs will be fixed, but expect few new features. (The recipes I use daily are more likely to evolve, if I find ways to simplify or improve them.)

Priority Checklist

Priority Checklist

  1. Security bugfixes
  2. Bugfixes
  3. Documentation updates, translations
  4. New features -- I have a conservative approach:
    • Unless a major benefit is demonstrated, don't add to core. (Cookbook recipe.)
    • OK for small and simple changes, in the spirit of the PmWiki design, history and philosophy.
    • If in doubt, don't add to core. (Cookbook recipe.)
    • Ask Pm for review.


Features started as recipes, now added to the core:

Maintenance of recipes originally written by others: