administrators (advanced) Once you have a working WikiFarm there are many additional features you can add. This page describes some of them briefly and provides links to more detailed pages.

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administrators (advanced) The WikiFarm page describes only one way of configuring a wiki farm. There is no "right way" to set up a farm. Every scheme has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Answers from the pmwiki-users list

Is there a way to get the farmconfig.php to include a recipe in the local wiki and not the one in the wikifarm cookbook directory when both of the recipes have the same filename?

Yes, of course. The following are always true:

## load from local wiki
## load from farm wiki

If you want to include a recipe from the farm cookbook only if it's not in the local cookbook, you can do:

if (file_exists('cookbook/recipe.php'))


I would like to take advantage of 2.1.15 $LocalDir to use the central pergroup/perpage customisation file (without having to create one in each field) but I don't see how I can have different config.php for each field this way.

Easy...near the end of farmconfig.php:

## disable PmWiki's local/config
$EnableLocalConfig = 0;

## explicitly include wikifield's local/config.php

## change $LocalDir for the per-group/per-page customizations
## (they will appear in /soft/pmwiki/local/Group.PageName.php)
$LocalDir = '/soft/pmwiki/local';

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