Dr. Tom Holroyd

-- the NIMH MEG Core Facility
This wiki is basically of the "living documentation" sort, with a FAQ and software downloads and a "news" page, and of course lots of documentation for the software. I have a default edit password that I only give out to a set of authors. I have my own skin, based on BeeblebroxNetGila; I have GuiEdit buttons and disabled WikiWords; I turned on $EnablePathInfo and URL rewriting (CleanUrls), I'm using RSS, MimeTeX (and probably eventually the BibtexRef stuff), MarkupExtensions, and (heh) WikiSmileys (which sometimes get confused by (: markup :) documentation, I might add). I have a InterMap and some other custom mods, too, that I did myself. I'm using the template feature, too, to help create manual pages. I also use ParseArgs(). I'm actually tempted to say it's nearly a vanilla install, though, since almost everything I use is in the core. But installing PmWiki without customizing it a little is like buying a stock Harley...