Summary: An image based summary of the visitors to your site.
Version: 20090920
Maintainer: MatthiasGünther
Discussion: Clustermaps-Talk
Categories: Obsolete

This recipe will no longer maintended by the author Matthias Günther!

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Questions answered by this recipe

How can I simple add a globus-graphic which mark the points of the visitor locations.


This recipe simply add an image to your page in which the location of your users are displayed as points on a world map. The more users from a country were on your page the larger is the dot.


  • Register at with the URL of your homepage.
  • Transfer file clustermaps.phpΔ to your cookbook folder.
  • Add the following two lines to your config.php:
$url_own = "http://<URL registered with>"; # before including clustermaps.php!
  • Place wiki markup directive (:clustermaps:) wherever you want the clickable map icon to appear (and count visitors)


  • I think these delete your stats after a while but I will have to check that out.

Release Notes

see README on github

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See Clustermaps-Talk - your comments are welcome here!

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